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Did you know that the Horse Sign in Chinese Zodiac is the 7th Element? Well, guess what! Ztampfever #77 to welcome the Year of The Horse has been released!

Ztampfever Newsletter No.77 : http://ymlp.com/zu4sU7

read it here : http://ymlp.com/zu4sU7

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Take a dip:

Ztampfever #76

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It’s been a while… Enjoy:

Ztampfever #75

with a gift and a coupon inside!

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for Ztampfever Subscribers

clicking the image will initiate the download. enjoy!

Click To Download Ztampfever 75 Gift

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Ztampfever #75

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Ztampfever No.74 has been sent out to those who subscribed!

 photo Ztampfever-74.jpg

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Have you received it?

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For now though, I’ll let you cheat…

Ztampfever No.73

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Thanks for supporting Ztampf!

Enjoy this gift to create ztampfilicious Chinese New Year greeting cards:

Click To Download Charming Snake Gift

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Yes, Ztampfever newsletter is back after months of hiatus! Edition #71 has been sent out.
If you are subscribed and yet didn’t see it in your Mail Box, please check your Spam folder and make sure you add ztampfever[@]ztampf.com to your address book.

In any case, you can view it here as well:

Ztampfever No.71

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Enjoy this exclusive gift especially prepared for Ztampfever subscribers:

Click To Download Ztampfever 71 Gift

Have fun with it! It works well with various Ztampf! stuff :) I’d love to see how you used this set, please feel free to share with me!

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If you have subscribed for Ztampfever and yet for some reasons you didn’t receive it in your mailbox, please access it from here:

Enjoy it ;)

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Ztampfever No.69

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Ztampfever No.68 has been sent out! Check your mailbox, subscribers!

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