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Edition No. 71  |  Jun 21st 2012

Finally! After months of hiatus caused by too many happenings in my personal life, I am very happy to get back to designing ztampfilicious stuff again!

Welcome the latest set in the popular Hipstagramix Line.:

Here comes Hipstagramix Painted, the third set in the Hipstagramix Series! A perfect companion to the Hipstagramix Grunge and Hipstagramix Dreamy, makes creating artistic, painterly looking photos so quick and easy.

This Hipstagramix provides you with 6 photo-edges/frames + 6 photo overlays + 6 drop shadows + a square clipping mask for the photo (6"x6"). Mix and match these elements and you will get a variety of awesome 'filters'. Combine two or more overlays with two or more borders, you'll get even more! Play with the opacity levels and layer blending mode - the possibilities are endless! You'll have fun using this set and you'll love how it transform your photos!

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Look at how the Z! Girls and SBG Crew used the Hipstagramix Painted in their awesome layouts done with various Ztampf! stuff:

by Melinda

by Anna

by Lynn

by Flor

by Ann

And I got to play too... with photos I took during my trip to Bali with my youngest brother and his cute family back in February this year:

Besides the Hipstagramix Painted, I also used Balinesia Series, with the water overlay from Liquid Kit

Besides Hipstagramix Painted,I also used Treasures Accents Pack, with Water Babies background paper

Besides Hipstagramix Painted, I also used Balinesia Series

All the layouts above are done with various Ztampf! stuff available from Studio Ztampf!

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Enjoy this EXCLUSIVE GIFT free for you to use on your personal projects:

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It's been a crazy busy period right from the beginning of this year, which hasn't left me much time to work on my Ztampf! stuff. I did and am, however, continue to participating in the Studio Mix kits with my fellow Studio Girls :). Have you checked out the one we did last month? It's called Grow Green and it is very fresh and relevant with what we are facing in our daily life.

Since March this year, I have been extremely busy with my art stuff: fitting up my new studio space at the JCCAC which is a government-subsidized artist village, working for a local Art Gallery and participating in an important group art exhibition to coincide with the huge ARTHK12. Click on the images below to find our more if you are curious :)

The good news is that my studio is almost ready so I can start actually creating there, and then I have gotten more used to my new work rhytm at the art gallery so I can manage my time better and make time to create more ztampfilicious stuff very soon! Yay!!!

That's all for now, folks! Remember to enjoy your SPECIAL 20% OFF DISCOUNT COUPON : paintedhipz before it expires on June 29th (good to use through Thu, June 28th 2012). Have fun with it!

Wishing you a lovely ztampfabulous weekend!

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