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Edition No. 74  |  April 2013

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The Metalese One PaperPack is inspired by my current art projects involving oxidizing sheets of copper and 'painting' them with soldering melts, this set of 16 rich background papers is born. They are full of intriguing depths and nuances of colors, with a generous dash of grunginess. I can see them used for expressive and quirky art journaling pages, as well as layouts on urban life, men and boys in your life, and hey, about your own life!

And I have just the right elements to use them with: Elemental 101 AccentPack! It is a set of versatile elements you will need and will continue to dip into again and again to create your various projects! Great for any themes, they will certainly add that certain touch to your projects. Work well with many other Ztampf!'s PaperPacks as well!

Elemental 101 AccentPack

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Need some inspirations?

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Last February, I visited my aging parents in Jakarta, Indonesia. They have grown even more forgetful than they were last time I saw them. They have also became skinnier. Partly it's caused by the big flood happened in January when they had to evacuate, and then had the home renovated. I arrived just in time to help them re-organize everything and helping taking care the last bits of renovation job. I spent most of my time while in Jakarta with them. I am glad that I was able to do so. They were so happy to have me there and I resolved to stay longer when I visit them next! Here they are, on the left was on their joint birthday celebration.


Of course, I spent a lot of time playing with my super cute nephews too! I was pleasantly surprised when little Gael suddenly called out for me out of the blue: "U-huuu..." (that means Auntie - from the father side, in Chinese!). Lance talked a lot now, constantly asking "Keapa?" - the correct word would be "Kenapa", he missed out the letter n in the middle but it makes a very charming sound! The word means "Why?" in case you wonder!



The sunset on my last day in Jakarta was gorgeous. I took the midnight flight back to Hong Kong and was greeted with a fabulous sunrise upon arrival! Lucky!


Once back in Hong Kong, tons of work awaited me - especially at the gallery I am working part time for. I have also been busy in my own studio! This is my current art project, entitled "Life Force", made with porcelain - perching on twisted copper wire with rough solder. It's going to be an installation with many of them inside either an all-white or all-black room. Can't decide which one yet. Well, eventually I am going to show both versions - at different venues. But can't decide which version I should show first: black or white? White or black? What do YOU think?



Last Friday, March 29th my husband and I went to see a screening of a very controversial documentary at the Hong Kong International Film Festival. "Jagal" (or "The Act of Killing" in its English distribution, although the literal translation would be "Slaughter") brings to the fore the horrific reality that happened in the black history of the Republic of Indonesia back in the 60's during the brutal military coup that was then called 'revolution' in the history books taught in schools. This documentary is very disturbing, scary, infuriating - just to put it mildly. I can't stop thinking about it, and about my duty to not be silence about it. It pokes at my conscience in a very pertinent way. If this film is playing where you live, please, do see it. To quote Catherine Shoard from her review at the Guardian, "It's often said of documentaries that they deserve to have as wide an audience as possible. This doesn't deserve; it demands – not for what it says about present-day Indonesia or even about its former horrors. But because almost every frame is astonishing." Watch the trailer here, and read the review here.

The following day, I was really glad for a chance to take my mind off the frustrating issue above. Last Saturday, March 30th we celebrated HK InstaYay 2nd Anniversary with our 20th photowalk. We explored North Point area, where one of HK InstaYay founding fathers, Tyson Wheatley lives. We managed to have a lot of fun despite the almost constant heavy rain. A couple of pictures I took:


In closing, let me share with you an uplifting image I took out of chance. It's been a blustery rainy day, and I noticed the reflection of my new work on the window when the sky cleared up a bit between the rains:

"Life Force" - the primal drive to live, to survive, to grow, to flourish... Life is beautiful despite all the horrific sad things happening around the world every day. Seize the day!

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Wishing you an inspired ztampfabulous week!

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