Ztampf! by Lie Fhung unique clear-stamps for your art & craft projects
Ztampf! by Lie Fhung

[re]-Introducing... Ztampf! Clear-Stamps!

It's been quite a long while but finally they are here!
A lot of you might be wondering... what is this clear-stamps business?
What does it have to do with Fhung and Ztampf!?

Well, Ztampf! actually started out with home-made Clear-Stamps.
That's the origin of the name Ztampf!: I wanted a name that is short, related to stamping and is unique.
So I changed the letter s with z (I like the letter z anyway!) and added the letter f (taken from my name: Fhung) and exclamation mark as that's how I pictured an action of stamping would be!

But then producing the clear-stamps manually on my own became quite tedious and very time-consuming. So I had to find a better way to do this. After much planning, considerations, failures and distractions, etc. etc., I finally managed to once again offer Ztampf! Clear-Stamps to scrapbookers and crafters around the world :).

Still using original designs by me, Lie Fhung, Ztampf! Clear-Stamps are now manufactured by the best
clear-stamps manufactory in the U.S.A.

These ztampfilicious clear-stamps are now available for purchase at ScrapSupply.com.

Here are the first 8 products from Ztampf! Clear-Stamps range:

The Floralique series is the signature of Ztampf! - the first motif that I created for Ztampf! which later on I used for my digital scrapbooking products as well. They are very versatile for various uses and styles.

With the ARTiStitches series, I want to introduce a more realistic and detailed look for stitching stamps - similar to I have done with digital stitching. The stitching consists of solid stamp for the thread, and then the outline stamp for beveling and shadowing the thread and finally the stitching holes.

The ARTiStrokes series also derived from my digital ARTiStrokes although these are completely new designs. The expressive brush strokes with various thickness give subtle details that make the difference.

I hope you like them! You are more than welcome to spread the word to your friends who do paper scrapping, make cards and other craft projects. Thank you and come back later for more exciting developments in the Clear-Stamps department :).

Meanwhile, take a look at a couple of projects I did with Ztampf! Clear-Stamps here.

Ztampfiliciously Yours,

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