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Learn something new every day: be curious. That’s the theme of the essays that I was assigned to illustrate for Patti Digh’s latest book: “What I Wish For You“. I used my own ceramic work from the Dream Archives series, combined with my digital Ztampf! works to create the illustration. Can you tell just from the photo below from which kits are they? The elements I used here came from 2 obvious kits. The first 3 persons who got it right will receive $3 coupon to Studio Ztampf! Shop ;). Post your answer in the Comment field of this blog post. You have until noon time of Monday, 25 April 2011 (US EST/ New York Time Zone) to post in your answer!

What I Wish For You - Patti Digh

Now, the wonderful little book itself is filled with heartfelt insights for any age, old and young, at any stage in their life. As her older daughter prepared to graduate from high school and fly away to lead a new life as a college student Patti reached out to readers of her popular blog, 37days.com to gather wisdom from the far corners of the earth to help guide her. She asked: “What advice do you wish you had heard – really heard – when you were graduating from high school or college? What words could you benefit from hearing again?“. The result is this book, an invaluable collection of poignant wisdom from regular people from all walks of life for every one. Get yours now!

I have also been one of the contributing artists for two of her previous books:

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