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Structure Accents - AddOn Pack


Do you love the new Structure Kit? Yes? Get ready for this!
This Structure Accent Pack gives you tons of additional unique elements that you will want to use on your many projects to come! The ztampfiastic things in it are just so versatile and fun to use - find endless ways of using them!

This pack includes:
•  a little wax paper envelope provided as a complete envelope and as top and base parts
•  2 different kinds of antique magnifying glasses
•  raw leather mats, labels and label holders - each provided in 2 colors
•  a clear pocket/card holder
•  3 different antique keys
•  4 different wooden sticks
•  3 different wooden branch frames
•  thick, worn out string in 3 colors
•  thin leather strings
•  frayed edge fabric mat - in 2 colors
•  ripped masking tapes - in 3 length, each provided in 3 colors
•  various fun 'dirts' and stain overlays
•  a clear resealable pocket - provided as a whole and in 2 parts: top and base
•  3 different pebbles
•  distressed metal fasteners
•  photo corners
•  large, 'messy' staplers
•  wrinkled tags - plus 2 different overlays
•  measuring element

Individual PNG files. All created at 300 dpi. Have fun playing with them!
Questions? Just e-mail me!

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 12 January, 2007.