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Regeneration Bloom


Perfect to illustrate projects about growth, development, regeneration, cycle of life - or simply spring and romantic! Provided large for optimal usage, you can easily re-size them down to fit your needs. Combine two or more to create a richer bouquet. Use the Photo Cards as ephemera to illustrate your projects.

12 stages of Ornithogalum flower (showed and no shadow versions) + 13 Photo Cards (6.5"x6.5"). 300dpi for optimum print out results.
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Inspirations can be found anywhere, and it could motivate us in our daily life. A day after the tsunami that has smashed Japan, I bought a stem of flower. It has white small blossoms with very faint fragrance – barely registered. It looked so pretty and dainty on its thick sturdy green stem. I just fell in love with it.

Watching the buds growing and blossoming somehow gives me hopes for Japan. Somehow, this little flower became a symbol of hope for Japan for me. It is called Ornithogalum. Every day, I watched the little buds getting bigger and then blossomed into pretty little white flowers. When I first got it, there was just one full blossom with another one was in progress. The following days, more buds were blossoming. It keeps on blossoming for the following 30 days! Pretty amazing! And it’s so pretty too. Notice how the buds on the top were growing and then blossoming while the first blooms are now withered away. Regeneration. Life prevails. Life goes on. There is hope. Always.

A small thing of beauty can be so meaningful. Do you have similar experience? What inspires you?

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