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Layered & Shape Templates

What are Layered Templates?
They are like QuickPages with separate editable layers without the actual papers/elements. They are like Sketches on steroid! Create layouts and albums quickly using these Layered Templates with any papers and elements you have. Layered Templates make it very easy for you to crop and position the papers/photos. Add your own title, journaling and embellish further to make them your own. You can even re-position or add/remove the elements provided in the Layered Templates for a more personalized look. Test drive my Layered Templates on the Samplers section. Also available below. Check back often for new paks to be added! Enjoy!

How about Shape Templates? What are they?
They are shapes in PNG format with which you can recreate the shapes in any papers you wish! You can also add further Photoshop styles to your shape to create a varieties of embellishments uniquely yours! They are truly versatile and fun to use!

To accommodate users with dial-up and broadband/cable connection, most kits are now available in both MULTIPLE ZIP-FILE DOWNLOADS and SINGLE ZIP-FILE DOWNLOAD.

Each Zip-File Download is approx. 30-40 MB.

The size varies around 125-450 MB, might be larger in some rare cases. Make sure you SELECT the SINGLE ZIP-FILE DOWNLOAD when Adding to Cart. In your Download page,when there are multiple download links appear for a Kit, just download the file(s) with the largest file size in your list of Download Links.

Let me know should you have any question.