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Edition No. 67  |  Sep 9th 2011

Yes, you see it correctly! A special perk for subscribers to receive 30% OFF of your next purchase at Studio Ztampf! with coupon code ZTAMPFSIX30 - valid through 30 Sep. 2011 on anything in my shop (including Licenses). And there are many new goodies to use it for too ;)

To start with: the much awaited CraftyCalendar 2012 Kit is HERE!


Fran├žaise and Scandinavians Versions are coming up soon! See what you'll be getting from the CraftyCalendar 2012 Kit:



Now, no party is complete without the Merry Banner! Spruce up your celebration pages with it!

Of course, we all love some pretty flowers to adorn our parties and pages, and Floribelle ARTiStrokes is just so pretty and versatile:

These were released last month - have you checked them out yet? They are inspired by my collaboration with Tangie on her Art Journal Caravan Parcels. These are ztampfiliciously unique and artsy, they will ignite your creative sparks and expand your digital artisting adventure!


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Well, you've got the special coupon just for Ztampfever subscribers, which is the ZTAMPFSIX30 to receive 30% OFF your next purchase at Studio Ztampf! Valid for one use person on anything there including Licenses. But that's not all - this being a Birthday Party!

You are getting a FREE GIFT! Yes! The Brand New Sixth Anniversary ARTiculate Set:

And mark your calendar now for the fun Birthday Chat with Free Gift & Prizes next week on Thu, 15 Sep. 2011 - 9 p.m. US EST:

Make sure you either followZtampf! on Twitter, or are a fan of Ztampf! on Facebook or are subscribed to Ztampfilicious Blog feed so you will get reminders for it! Trust me, you just wouldn't want to miss it ;)

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Still with me? As we are in party mood, let's see what we've got for various celebration projects!

First of is the Birthday Bliss Series:

The Birthday Bliss Series is also available as separate packs - but for the best deal, just get the Birthday Bliss Package Saving!

And for those fabulous dreamy soirees, we have the Nocturn Delights!

Fancy a mask party? Then you'll need Masqeuradia!

Fireworks always fun for any celebration and FireWorks Paper Pack is ready for you:

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I know, Ztampf-wise, I haven't been around much lately. In case you've been wondering where have I been the past few months, I have been traveling to my hometown Jakarta in Indonesia to see my old folks. This time my husband joined me for a short while and we got to visit Yogyakarta with its magnificent Borobudur and Prambanan temples - which was wonderful! Watch out for photos from this trip on my blog later.

Another highlight of my visit was my brand new nephew Gael who was just 2 weeks old when I got there. His older brother, Lance - yes, the very Lance in my Lil' Lance Kit - is now 2 years old and he is super adorable. We got to spent a lot of time together and we miss each other now that I am back in Hong Kong. Thanks to FaceTime, we can still see each other although of course it's not the same with actually being there. You'll see them featured a lot in my CraftyCalendar previews!

The final highlight is my participation in a group art exhibition in Jakarta, featuring my latest work "Freedom is A Collaborative Effort" - an interactive art installation piece. To learn more about this and to see the wings flap, see here.

So there - a little update from my personal life. Visit the Ztampfilicious Blog for more immediate postings on what's going on at Studio Ztampf! and with yours truly.

Remember to enjoy your special 30% OFF Coupon: ZTAMPFSIX30 before it expires on Sat, 01 Oct. 2011.

And I look forward to see your layouts in the SIXTH Anniversary Challenge and to 'see' you in the Birthday Chat next Thursday, 15 Sep. 2011 at 9 p.m. US EST! Have a ztampfilicious weekend, Everyone! I hope you'll enjoy all the goodies!

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