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Edition No. 66  |  May 31st 2011

Unveiling... The Danceologie Series!

I've been dancing almost all my life! From traditional Balinese dance to classical Ballet to contemporary Disco dance (remember Disco?). Perhaps it's no wonder since my mother is a dancer herself! In my adult life though, I found myself dancing less and less. However, I recently discovered NIA Dance - which incorporates various aspects from 9 disciplines (3 dances, 3 healing practices and 3 martial arts). It is so rejuvenating and exhilarating - I am now doing it twice a week! It just feels so good to move my body in this way! How about you?

All this has inspired me to create this Danceologie Series! It is filled with delightful things that you will need to scrap about all sort of dances: from graceful dancing silhouettes that covers various movements from classical ballet to modern jazz to free style dances to gymnastic - to versatile backdrop curtains to fun spot light overlays... Of course, you can use the Danceologie Series to scrap for other themes too - after all, didn't someone famous say that "Life is a Dance"?

Also available as separate packs:

When you purchase the Danceologie Package Saving, receive this exclusive Bonus Pack:

See what the Z!Girls have made with it:







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Another oldies but goodies have been brought to Studio Ztampf!! You'll love this versatile Big Wide Bows Package Saving!

Brace yourself for this Big Wide Bows Extravaganza! Contains all of 6 packs of the Big Wide Bows Accents Packs for just as little as $0.99 each! Save $5.97 (50% OFF) when you purchase this Package Saving!

Because adding drop shadow to sheer elements could be a hassle, three separate hand-drawn shadow files are provided for when you need an extra depth. Drop shadows for all the other bows are also provided!

And the super versatile Satinne Ribbons Pack which includes the popular half-bows: 2 sets of versatile satin ribbons to add that perfect finishing touches to your projects in 16 ztampfilicious colors. Trust me, you'll find many uses for these charming ribbons and bows again and again! A must-have for your digital ribbon supplies box!

Check these out too to complete your digital ribbon stash:

These pretty tulle overlays and lace sets are also perfect for dance layouts:

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Now, of course I have a special coupon just for you, Ztampfever subscribers! Use coupon code DANZE20 to receive 20% OFF your next purchase at Studio Ztampf! Valid for one use person on anything there including Licenses. Be sure to make good use of this special perk :)

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That's about it, folks! Visit the Ztampfilicious Blog for more immediate postings on what's going on at Studio Ztampf! I sometimes host a fun contest there too!

And don't forget to make a good use of your special 20% OFF Coupon: DANZE20 before it expires on Monday, June 13th. Have a ztampfilicious weekend, Everyone!

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