Ztampf! Clear-Stamps

Here you can see projects done with Ztampf! Clear-Stamps.
Do you have any? Share with us here - you might receive a surprise gift!

First of all, you have to be a registered user here at Ztampfest and the size of your file should not exceed 125KB, nor larger than 600x600 dpi. Ready? Then make sure you are logged in and follow these steps:

1. Locate the Album where you wish to upload your layouts to (i.e. Ztampfellas Album
or the Weekly Challenges' Albums).
2. On the Album page, under <> on the left bar click 'Add Items'.
3. In the page that appears, under the tab 'From Web Browser' click 'Choose File' and locate the file you wish to upload from your hard-drive.
4. Type in the title of your layout in the 'Caption' field.
5. Add more files as you wish.
6. Scroll down until you find: Set item titles from:___ please choose 'Caption'
7. Leave the 'Create Thumbnails Now' Checked as it is.
8. Click the'Add Items' button.
9. On the following page that appears, click on the title of the layout you want to add detailed information to.
10 Click 'Edit Photo' under the 'Item Action' drop-down menu.
11. You should be on the 'General' tab now, if you are not, then click on the 'General' tab (on the far left).
12. Type Your User Name in the 'Summary' field.
13. Type related search words in the 'Keywords' field if you wish.
14. Type in whatever you want to share about your creation in the 'Description' field but first, type in your User Name here as well.
15. Type the Credits of product(s) used, including the Fonts name here as well, below your description.
16. To Edit your description later or re-upload your layout, just click on the 'Edit Photo' under 'item actions' in the menu on the left or below your image.

You're done! I know this seems to be lengthy and it's not very commonly used in the digiscrapping sites/forums but once you got the hang of it, you'll love it! Remember that you have to be logged in in order to do any of the above steps.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to receiving your ztampfabulous creations here!

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