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The Wandering Souls - AccentPack


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Created from my original porcelain artwork, this unique accent pack gives you tons of delicate winged hearts in stick pins (already in inserted mode, complete with the erased part and natural looking shadow) and pendants/charms. An array of fun extras to use with them is provided too!

These versatile pins and pendants can be used on their own as they are or combined with the looped strings, pendant toppers, chains, etc. to create endless varieties of embellishments to decorate your pages.

This Wandering Souls AccentPack is sure to add that unique finish to your layouts and cards. Perfect for various themes from romantic, family to holiday seasons!

Please refer to the sample layout below for the size of these elements (layout is 12x12 inches - paper, wavy photo edge, staples, tag, stamp and file tab are from Cloud 9 Kit).

What you'll get from this pack:
5 styles of Pins in inserted mode; each style is provided in 6 different finish = 30 Pins
5 styles of Pendants; each style is provided in 6 different finish = 30 Pendants
Fine Golden Chain provided in 3 lengths
2 Pendant Toppers
Various Looped Strings
2 usable samples of assembled Pendants

E-mail me for any question, comment or suggestion. I love to receive any input from you :).

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 20 December, 2006.