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The Great Expectations CD - A Collection


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The Great Expectations Collection PURCHASE THIS COLLECTION AS A CD.
(from Hong Kong) AND HANDLING FEE ($33 for the collection + $13 for the CD + CD burning, international shipping and handling fee).

Click HERE for the downloadable version and to see more preview and detail images of the Collection.

The Great Expectations Collection is not your ordinary pregnancy digiscrap kit. In fact, it's not an ordinary kit at all...

It all started back in 2005 with my art project 'To Breed Or Not To Breed' which eventually brought me to the world of digital scrapbooking. And now it is here... developed into a very special collection as I continue to work on the art project itself.

This is the mega kit to scrap and journal about your pregnancy and beyond. Nothing is too dark or too sorrowful to be scrapped with this kit. Nothing is too blissful or too enlightening either. This is for those times of deep fears and worries and tragedies. This is for those moments of happiness, joy and relief. And anything else in between.

Each pack in this collection is available as separate products as well. Read more details about each pack in the individual product pages. Original total value of the separate packs is $38.00; you'll save $5 when you purchase the entire collection. Plus... there are a few additional items not available in any of the separate packs :).

   'To Breed Or Not To Breed ARTiStitches'
   'To Breed Or Not To Breed Accent Pack'
   'To Breed Or Not To Breed Paper Pack'
   'To Breed Or Not To Breed ARTiculate WordArt Set'

   'The Gift Of Life ARTiStrokes'
   'The Gift Of Life Accent Pack'
   'The Gift Of Life Paper Pack'

   'A Perfect Blend ARTiculate'
   'A Perfect Blend ARTiStrokes'
   'A Perfect Blend Accent Pack'
   'A Perfect Blend Paper Pack'

You can participate in my art project through a Questionnaire here.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 08 February, 2007.

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