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Samplers & Gifts

New to digital scrapbooking? Use these samplers to try without risk! Enjoy your samplers. If you like what you download here, please consider getting the full-blown kits which will give you even more ztampfuntastic papers and elements!

To download these samplers you have to be a registered user. When you have registered, log in and start putting the samplers you want into your shopping cart by clicking the "Add To Cart" button available on the items description page. When you finish, go to "Checkout" and follow the instructions. You will not be charged for the downloads.

Please remember that all items at Ztampf! including these samplers are subject to my Terms of Use. They are for personal use only. You can point your friends to download these samplers here at Ztampf! site. Sharing/re-distributing them in any other way is prohibited. Please contact me if you are unsure. Thank you for your compliance, it is sincerely appreciated.

Some of you might wonder WHY does it matter so much if something that is given away for free anyway is being shared/redistributed elsewhere as surely, the Designers wouldn't suffer any financial lost? Well, there are many Valid Reasons as to why it DOES matter. Care to learn about the reasons why? Just click HERE! I applaude your effort to understand more :). Thank You!

And now... go ahead and download these samplers - have fun playing with them! I'd appreciate any comments and feedback from you - just contact me!