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+ Clear-Stamps

Ztampf! Clear-Stamps are original designs by Lie Fhung. They are designed for optimum mix-n match to create endless possibilities for creative outputs. Ztampf! Clear-Stamps are manufactured in the U.S.A.

What are Clear-Stamps?

Clear-stamps are just like rubber-stamps except that of course, they are transparent. The texture is similar to rubber-stamps too and they make as good impressions as rubber-stamps do.

Clear-stamps are made from photopolymer which is a kind of polymer that is sensitive to light which hardens into transparent substance with consistency similar to that of rubber. They are non-toxic and conform to the international industry standard.

Clear-stamps are self-clinging to be used with clear acrylic blocks (also referred to as 'mounts' or 'handles' in assorted size. Usually, one set is enough for all clear-stamps you'll ever have.

Because they are crystal clear, you can get precise placement every time! Also perfect for multiple-stamping technique. They're just so versatile.

Please note that Ztampf! Clear-Stamps are NOT digital products; these are actual physical products.

Unfortunately, due to lack of continuous financial back up and human resources I was unable to continue developing
Ztampf! Clear-Stamps. But I hope one day I will be able to revive the dream and bring Ztampf! Clear-Stamps to their full potentials. E-mail me should you have any inquiries.

Thank You.