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As of 01 MARCH 2010, Ztampf! is available exclusively at ScrapbookGraphics only.
Most of the entire Ztampf!Shop product catalog will be made available at Studio Ztampf! over the time.
Some might be revamped first before being brought over there. Let me know if there are particular items you want to get which are not yet available at Studio Ztampf! so I could prioritize them.

Bookmark this URL now: http://tinyurl.com/StudioZtampf

You should still be able to access your account and download your previous purchases here at Ztampf!Shop and to continue browsing here as well. Ztampf!Shop now serves more like a 'showroom' or a product catalog where you can see the products but in order to purchase them, you will have to go to the shop - which is Studio Ztampf!

Although you might still be able to add products into your cart here at Ztampf!Shop, you won't be able to checkout any new orders because checkout for all the products have been disabled (except for the 'Samplers & Gifts' category - you should still be able to access them any time). Just visit Studio Ztampf! now to get your usual dose of ztampfiliciousness!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are available here.

Receiving corrupt file downloads? Most of the times this is a result of interrupted network/connection while downloading.

A few things worth to try:
1. Delete all the corrupt downloads and clear your browers's chache first before attempting to download again.
2. If you are on dial-up connection, please download the zips one by one.
3. Download using the 'Save Target As' or 'Save File As' option opposed to "Open".
4. Do not use a download manager if you have used one initially.
5. Do not use AOL browser. Log back to your account with another browser outside the default AOL browser and try again.

Let me know...
If you have any questions, comments or simply just want to say hi! I'd love to hear from you!

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