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In the previous post we have learned a bit more about Tracy and Lynn – the fabulous Z!Girls. Today, they will talk about their scrapping time and share with you some of their favorite techniques! Starting in March, you can hear more from them as they will post here at Ztampfilicious Blog themselves!

Q: How/where did you learn digital scrapbooking? Best way/place to hone in your digi-skills?
Tracy: Trial and Error has been a huge part of my learning Digital Scrapbooking. When I first started Doin It Digi, I purchased a scrapbook program from our local computer store, it was fun and easy to use, but it was too restricting. A friend of mine then sent me Photoshop CS, I struggled with it at first but then started doing tutorials and ended up buying Scrapbook Secrets Revealed at Scrap Girls. Over the years I have become a bit of a course junkie and have done quiet a few classes at Jessica Sprague, Renee Pearson and Lynda.com. I love to learn and when it comes to this art it continuously evolves so there is more and more to learn.
Lynn: I read and tried a lot of tutorials at Scrapbook-bytes when I first started, but they were mostly for making your own elements. I pretty much just played around until I liked what I saw.

Q: What program do you use to scrap with? Is there any certain scrapping tools that you found yourself using again and again?
Tracy: When I first started Doin It Digi, I used a HP Laptop with Adobe PSCS, I ended up purchasing Adobe Photoshop CS2 and have since upgraded to CS4. I also loved ACDSee for organising my Digital Supplies and Photographs. I had a 500GB EHD to house my supplies and photos. In September 2009 I purchased an 27 inch iMac – Adobe thankfully did a platform swap of my Photoshop CS4 but unfortunately ACDSee is still in BETA format for Macs so I am using Finder for sorting my digital supplies and photographs.
Lynn: I started scrapping with PSPX, but I later bought PSE5 so that I could run actions. The clipping masks on PSE5 make scrapping with templates a breeze, and I use Atomic Cupcake actions on my alphas again and again.

Q: What is your ideal scrapping time/space would be? Any certain gadgets/programs you are coveting right now?
Tracy: When I was using the laptop to create my art, I could do it anywhere, it was awesome and portable and is the only drawback of buying an iMac. Now I have a large “L” shaped desk set up in the back of our lounge. The desk houses all my gadgets for creating – my latest toy is my Wacom Touch Tablet, I also have a Scanner, Printer, and 2 EHDS. My Camera is normally sitting on my desk somewhere. I don’t have a particular time set aside for creating, I just go with the flow.
Lynn: I like to scrap while my DDs are at school. I can actually get some things done.  :) I’m not fond of change, so I’ve stuck with my programs for years now. I really should put a printer on my wish list because I can longer print in color on mine. There are so many hybrid projects that I would love to try, but I just can’t print any of them at home.

Q: What is the single most useful scrapping technique you found so far?
Tracy: Extraction.


Spider by Tracy


Water Boy by Tracy


Rugby by Tracy

Lynn: I have found clustering to be my most useful technique. My elements were scattered all over my pages when I first started scrapping until I saw layouts in the galleries that had everything clustered around the photos. It gave the layouts such a beautiful look and really drew the eye to the photo.


Asia @ Disney by Lynn


Sledding by Lynn


Tigers by Lynn

Q: What do you love most about Ztampf! products?
Tracy: ARTiStitches & ARTiStrokesBoth are practical and can be used over and over again.
Phrench Phoebe – One of my absolute favourite kits, as I love the colours and elements.
Compilation One – I tend to reach for this all the time as it has a great selection.
Soaring – I adore the gold and the accents are multifunctional.
Whimzy Overlays – I just can’t resist using these to make more magical art.


Phrench Phoebe


Compilation One




Whimzy Overlays

Lynn : The unique designs and classic elegance of Ztampf! products kept me coming back again and again.  They layouts that I did three years ago with Ztampf! products do not look dated to me (except that maybe my scrapping has improved), and the designs work well with almost any scrapping subject from wedding to heritage to everyday life. Two products that I’ve used repeatedly are the staples in Soul Searching and the Alphas in Phrench Phoebe.  I just adore those and can’t stop using them.


Soul Searching


Phrench Phoebe Alpha 1


Phrench Phoebe Alpha 2


Phrench Phoebe

I hope you enjoy reading this post! If you have any questions you want to ask Tracy and Lynn or me, please do not hesitate! Just submit them to the comment field below!

And don’t forget that the Second Part of Ztampfever #53 is coming up this Sunday, Feb. 28th when I will reveal all about the exciting brand new “Adventouriste Collection“! Until then!

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Yes, Version Française of Ztampf! CraftyCalendar 2010 Kit is now available at Ztampf!Shop:


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Yay! Today Ztampf! Digiscraptistry is 3 years old! Let’s start the celebration with Shuffle Sale and Treasure Hunt:

What is Shuffle Sale?

  • The Products put on Special Sale Pricing are shuffled randomly several times during the day.
  • The Sale Prices are also being randomly shuffled for extra excitement!
  • The Shuffle Sale runs from 15 Sep. to midnight of 18 Sep. 2008 – US EST.
  • Contact me if you have any questions.

How to play the Treasure Hunt?

  • Look for this sparkling Sequin Treasure!across the website, including the gallery and other non-shop pages.
  • Run over your mouse or click on it to get the Coupon Code. There are 8 to 12 different Coupons each day, ranging from $5 to $20 Coupons to 3-month unlimited use 15% Off Discount Coupons.
  • Each Coupon Code is valid for 3 to 10 persons, the person who used it first won the claim of the coupon so if you found one, use it immediately to prevent others from using it.
  • The Coupons will be replenished daily from 15 Sep. to 18 Sep. 2008.
  • Contact me if you have any questions.

Ztampfever #37 will released later today. If you are a Ztampfever subscriber:

  • Make sure to put my email address ‘fhung[at]ztampf.com’ in your White List.
  • Double check your registered email address in your Subscription Page to make sure it is correct and valid.

Meanwhile, fly to Ztampf!Shop to enjoy the Shuffle Sale and Treasure Hunt! Watch out for more fun stuff this weekend ;).


Yes, of course I have a brand new series coming ;).

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Do you like butterfly? Do you like lace?
Well then you’re gonna love this new ButterfLace series:

Ztampf! ButterfLace Package Saving

Take a closer look:

Ztampf! ButterfLace Milbert

Ztampf! ButterfLace Swallowtails

Ztampf! ButterfLace Viceroy

Discover 36 beautiful butterflies (12 each of Milbert, Swallowtails and Viceroy) made out of delicate lace subtly adorned with sequins. Any of the butterfly in this ButterfLace Package Saving will definitely add grace and riches to your pages. Unique and highly detailed, they come in so many fabulous colors, versatile and timeless for various themes and projects (romance and weddings, anniversaries, spring, babies, dance/ballet, vintage, heritage, etc.). They are large at approx. between 4.7″-5.6″ but easily resized smaller to fit your purpose.

This ButterfLace Package Saving includes the following which also available separately:
ButterfLace Milbert
ButterfLace Swallowtails
ButterfLace Viceroy

All individual PNG files created at 300dpi for optimum print out result.

Available right now at Ztampf!Shop :).


Thanks to all who responded to my previous post about Cicadas. I’ve heard so much about cicadas but always pictured them as common-looking brown creatures – not like the gorgeous green creature with interesting details I saw! Surprise surprise! Do you think I should make Cicadas accents pack too?

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These days I’ve been spending more time on Facebook than I used to be. I reconnected with so many old school friends through it and I discovered some new friends through which I got introduced to new music that became my favorite – among other interesting things.

Now, did you know that fans of Ztampf! can join Ztampf! Digital Artistry on Facebook to discuss all things ztampfilicious; post comments, requests, suggestions, questions, projects, or share Ztampf! Previews and get surprise coupons, etc. I see a lot of fun potentials on these. But I need your participation to make it more so! Just click here to join us and enjoy the benefits :).

Oh and if want to add me to your Facebook friends, click here for my profile page.

Thanks and hope to see bunches of you there ;).

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So… what are tiny and versatile and timeless and useful?

Tiny QuickPages and Tiny Ensembles! Yes, these are provided as part of each Ztampf! CraftyCalendar Kit ever released. Some of you who are relatively new to Ztampf! never got a chance to enjoy how versatile these tiny things to create custom greeting cards, mini albums and hybrid crafthings. Upon request, I made them all available separate from the CraftyCalendar Kits as the CraftyCalendar Kits are currently no longer available in the shop – that is, until I release the new ones for 2009!

Check them out…

This one is from the first CraftyCalendar Kit, released end of 2005 for the year 2006:

Ztampf! Tiny QuickPages Set 06

And this one is from the CraftyCalendar Kit released in 2006 for the year 2007:

Ztampf! Tiny QuickPages Set 07

And these are from CraftyCalendar Kits released in 2007 for the year 2008:

Ztampf! Tiny QuickPages Set 08

Ztampf! Tiny QuickPages Set 08 MV

Enjoy :).

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Yay! First off, I have started scrapping my Artist Residency trip – I have 2 pages done so far; just click to see larger versions with detailed info:

And… I am oh so very excited with this newest series that I have just completed called “Bohemian Rhapsody“:

The kit is big with 18 background papers and a generous amount of unique elements – most of them are very labor-intensive and really trying my patience at times! But I am so pleased with the result when it’s all done :). I hope you all will like it too!

But before you run to the shop, take note of this coupon code: ztampfiliciousborhap0806 to enjoy $2.00 OFF when you purchase the Bohemian Rhapsody Package Saving. That’s right, you will save a total of $5.00 (if you purchase the series separately the combined cost is $20.55 while when you get the Package Saving it is just $17.55; with the further the $2.00 off coupon you pay just $15.55 for the entire series!). Oh and of course you will also receive the Bonus Pack with it! Sweet hmmm… ;)

Now go take a look and let me know which part is your favorite!

Have a ztampfilicious weekend :).

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