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Just a quick post to let you all know that Ztampfever No. 29 has been released! Have you subscribed yet? I will requeue the newsletter a few times later – so hurry up and subscribe to receive your copy of Ztampfever No. 29 before it’s too late ;).

Hint: How to get this new album set for free?

How to get this set for free?

And don’t forget: the Voting Period of Ztampfans Challenges #4 has begun! Please drop by to cast your vote. Thanks :).

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Yeah! Ztampfever #28 has finally been released earlier today! Have you subscribed yet? It’s not too late to receive the… ahemmm… tucked into the newsletter.. Subscribe now – I’ll re-queue it a few times later ;).

And yes, I did finish one new item for the shop – just in time for those Christmas projects:

Appliquettes No. 3

There are a total of 28 stitched goodies there! Use them for your layouts, Christmas cards, etc. Combined them to create holiday seasons scenes… There are just many possibilities to use these.

I actually started working on this pack waaaay…. back when I was creating the Mini Crafty Calendar Kit. Those of you who purchased it might recognize one of the Christmas Trees above. I’m glad to be able to finish this pack. I hope you like it! This nasty allergy really slows me down a lot – I just can’t keep concentrating for a long period of time whereas usually I could work non-stop for hours and hours designing things. I’m still itching…. It’s been going on for 1.5 months now. Crazy! I’m going to see a supposedly very good specialist this Monday, though. Keep your fingers crossed that this time I would get at least some relief from the itch if not the cure. I can’t wait to get back to normal… I have a long to do list and ideas for new stuff that I want to make! So wish me lots and lots of luck :).

Have you been to the Ztampfest Gallery these past few days? Something is up! The Ztampfans Challenges has been moved from Facebook to Ztampfest Gallery as many of you have requested. So go check it out! The current challenge runs through Nov. 21st and the prize is $20 PayPal Cash!

Ztampfans Challenges

That’s it for now! Enjoy :)