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I’ve decided to move the Tips’n Tricks Section on Ztampf.com here over the next few days.
Below is a tutorial I did upon customer requests to use with my The Ultimate Torn Pack, can also be used for similar products.

For using the Cropping Templates with Torn Overlays
based on Photoshop CS

• Choose the paper you want to ‘tear’, open it in your graphic software.
• Choose the style of ‘tear’ you want, noting the name i.e. Circle.
• Open the CroppingTemplates folder and find the cropping template for Circle.
• Open it and copy the layer on top of the paper layer.

• Open the the Circle torn overlay file and copy it on top of the cropping template layer.

• Link or group the Cropping Template layer with the torn overlay layer, they should be automatically aligned when you copy them. Otherwise make sure they are perfectly aligned before you link/group them together.

• Position them where you want the ‘tear’ to be done.

Placing the Cropping Template Onto the Paper

• Use your Select Tool with Color Range or Magic Wand Tool (set the tolerance level to Zero) to select the area, a marquee should appear.

Placing the Cropping Template Onto the Paper

• Now hide the Cropping Template layer and Un-hide the paper layer.

• If your paper layer is a background layer, turn it into a layer (Layer 0 in PSCS).

• Hide all layers except the Cropping Template layer.

Placing the Cropping Template Onto the Paper

• Select the paper layer, then cut/crop (Command X or Control X). Another way to do this is using the Create Clipping Mask under the Layer Menu (Opt+Cmd+G in Mac). This way your paper is not actually being cropped/cut.

Placing the Cropping Template Onto the Paper

• Un-hide the torn overlay layer.
• Remove the remaining unwanted portion of the paper using cropping tool.
• Delete the Cropping Template layer.
• Merge the torn overlay layer with the paper.
• If you want to add drop shadow to the paper, do this before merging it with the torn overlay layer.

Placing the Cropping Template Onto the Paper

Placing the Cropping Template Onto the Paper

• See the samples given to see how they look like.

• Compare the ZtampfTornThings_FloralDelight07.png with the ZtampfTornThings_FloralDelight08.png. The first one used the Framed Circle, while the latter one used the Circle.

• You can combine the tear overlays on 1 paper as shown in the ZtampfTornThings_ChatreuseBloom.png in The Ultimate Torn Pack.

Hope you will find this useful!

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