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A traveling edition – published early while I have a reliable internet connection:

What’s Up?

I’m having an adventure on a 6-week journey so this would be a very brief edition. But guess what: I have something for you! Just click on the image below to download it! It is a “Bon Voyage” stamps in three finishes:

In case you haven’t noticed it, the Paper Park Series is now available at Studio Ztampf! in SBG. It consists of the Paper Park Kit, Paper Park Ensembles, Paper Park QuickPage Album and Paper Pack Package Saving which wil give you all three packs above plus a BONUS. If you have never seen this series before, check it out now!

If I could get a good internet connection next week, you can expect to see Structure Kit and Structure Add-On Pack available at Studio Ztampf! in SBG. So please wish me luck with it *smile*.

Coming up on the following week afterwards would be the Robokit Series – I know many of you have been expecting it for sometimes now *wink*.

That’s all for now! I hope you’ll enjoy using the “Bon Voyage” stamps!

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Now available at Ztampf!Shop and soon at my SBB Store as well:

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I created this set a while ago but haven’t made the preview and then forgot all about it, can you believe it!!!

Anyway… here it is… hope you like it!

Frame your photos and pages with this set of delightfully detailed hand-drawn corner stamps. 36 individual PNG files, ready to use stamps: 12 different corners in 3 finish each (Flat Black, Golden Embossed and Full Color). Shown in the preview are the full color version – sizes are not to scaled with each other.

Easily re-size to fit your needs. Can be recolored or converted into brushes using your digital imaging program. Created at 300 dpi resolution for optimum print out result. Email me for any questions or comments you might have. I would love to hear from you!

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my strawberry skinIt’s been over a week since my last entry; my allergy (or whatever that is) really slows me down a lot. The medication doesn’t give me any relief from the itch and now the skin on my arms and parts of my legs and body are textured like orange peel or strawberry skin. I love textures, but not on my skin! To make matters worse, it looks like I’m allergic to the medication too! Aaargh!!! So for the past couple of days I got swollen eyelids and face – they’re still swollen now :(.

So I’ve decided to stop all medications. They are not addressing the cause as the doctors don’t know it themselves. The function of the treatment is to repress the itch and it is not working for me. They’re giving me new problems instead! On top of everything else, my skin now has become hyper sensitive. It’s a real challenge to find clothing that won’t irritate it. Any slightest roughness i.e. on the inner seams would make my condition worse. Perhaps I should shop for all things silk with impeccably soft inner seams and replace my entire wardrobe with them! Anyone willing to fund me for this? LOL

Anyhow, last Wednesday I had some blood test done; since my itch is all over the body it might be caused by something internal/systemic disease i.e. liver malfunction or anything that causes toxins to build up in the body. It is possible that it’s not allergic at all, which might explain why the medications didn’t work. The blood test result won’t be ready until this coming Thursday. They took 6 ampules of blood – they’d better be able to tell me something definite about my ailment.

For now I just drink plenty of water, have a lot of fruits, restrain myself from having any coffee and chocolate (tough!), keeping cool (temperature wise, that is!) and try not to scratch so much…

In case anybody is wondering, the medications are Semprex and Hydroxyzine. I googled Semprex and found out that it is known to have side effects and might cause allergic reaction! I was flabbergasted! How come any of the doctors (or the dermatologist) didn’t warn me of this possibility while they very well knew that I develop this new allergy – that we don’t even know what caused it. It could be anything. At the very least, they should have told me… Oh well! That’s what Google is for, I guess – among many other things!

Anyway! Thanks for those sending me get well emails, much appreciated :). Lynn, I hope your allergy has gone. Yulia, how’s your allergy now – have they pinned point the exact allergen? 3/4 of 30 is a lot! Depending on my blood test on Thursday, I might get a skin prick test. Wish us both luck! Gayle, thanks for the link. I’ve checked my mattress and beddings – and found nothing like described as bedbugs… So at least we know that it’s not bedbugs.

Enough about this wretched topic. I wanted to share these with you – they are my designs produced by Inque Boutique. They basically purchased my designs straight up. If you’re into stamping and paper-crafting, do check the stamps out! They are available both online and off line across the US. I have to admit that I like their system: combining the best features of rubber stamps and clear stamps. You can click on the images to visit the Inque Boutique website.

What A Feeling Set

Journalia Set

And guess what! Did you notice any changes at Ztampfest Gallery recently? Check out the links on the right here on the blog… Under the Z!Girls Galleries… Yes! We have a new Z!Girl! She is Donna, whose gorgeous works most of you have seen during the Ztampf! 2nd Weekly Challenges. We’re all very excited to have her as part of the Z!Team.

Well, I haven’t been designing at all for the past weeks because of the allergy. I do have a few new things in progress – I hope to be able to finish them within the next few days. Thank you for your patience :).

Now please wish me well a.s.a.p. This has been going on for too long…