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Old T-Shirt Shrug

Another simple and easy upcycling sewing project! Found the inspiration and instructions on via Pinterest and I have been looking for a little cover-up garment like this for a while now without much success and here it is… Looks like it could be just the thing and it’s something that I can make myself without costing me anything! I thought I really ought to give it a try since I have quite a few very old T-Shirts anyway.

I chose this pale grey t-shirt from U2, my favorite local brand that sadly is no longer around anymore. They produced simple and versatile clothing articles, very affordable (read: cheap!) with good quality. I am still wearing a lot of mine that I bought in 2000-2002. The one that I turned into a shrug is one of these! The pale grey color is neutral to be worn over dark or light colored dresses.

And look… Now it has been reincarnated into something much prettier with a new function and look! It is perfect to cover up some of my dresses that are showing too much cleavage. I think it looks best with empire line dresses like the one I wore here. The best part is that it is so easy that even a beginner seamstress like me can do it! Since the end result is to be gathered with a ribbon, any not-so neat sewing wouldn’t be visible. Great for an inexperience seamstress like me *grin*.

Tips: Cut the decolette/neck area into a smooth curve instead of corners like in the instructions. This would make sewing the casing much easier!

So… go look into your wardrobe and find those old t-shirts to transform into pretty shrugs! You can hem the edges with lace or ribbons if you wish too! I have a feeling that another old t-shirt will be given a new life soon :).





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I relocated to Hong Kong in January 2001 and in March 2001, I moved to a studio apartment in North Point. It’s a tiny apartment with awkward nooks but I love it! I furnished it 99% with stuff from IKEA – some of which I am still using in my current home in Discovery Bay, a decade later. This is how my studio apartment looked like on March 12th 2001. If you are an IKEA fan, you would recognize most of the things here:

The Wilma Curtains from IKEA was used to divide the bedroom from the rest of the apartment. March 2001.

I packed the Wilma Curtains and kept it in the storage when I moved in to a bigger apartment with my then fiancé (now belovedst husband). Recently, we decided that we need a curtain in our living room to provide more privacy. We wanted something light and airy and my thoughts went to the Wilma Curtains. I took them out from the storage and washed them. Then I went to Sham Shui Po to get a selection of pretty lace. And here’s what I did with them:

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The ‘new’ Belaced Wilma on our window now:

Sewn with different colored threads. I need to practise more to sew in perfect straight lines...

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Do you like to sew? I do! But I discovered that I am better at it digital-way! My first digital stitching was released in January 2006 – when ARTiStitches product line was first introduced at Ztampf! You can find unique stitching in many of my kits too! The most recent one is the Stitched AlphaSet – which reminded me of how much I love digital sewing. So… plenty more stitching packs will come! Watch out for the brand new ‘Gone Stitching’ sometimes soon!

Now, while I’m ‘gone stitching’ let’s check out what stitching goodness available to date at Studio Ztampf! Did you know that you can find all ztampfilicious stitching here through the drop-down menu when you visit Studio Ztampf!? Of course, no talks about ztampfilicious digital stitching and sewing is complete without mentioning the Syrin Seamstress Kit. It was first released in May 2006 and now have been revamped and brought over to Studio Ztampf! at SBG. I have added plenty of new, fun stitching so from a total of 25 stitching there is now a total of 45 stitching – all ready to use straight away! I have also added a new button, provided in 5 different colors. A safety pin has been added in closed/secured position and opened position – both are in ‘inserted’ look. A semi transparent linen scrap for journaling mat has also been added! Finally, some papers and elements have received some minor improvements as well! What’s more… it is now 40% OFF! But you’d better be hurry… this 40% OFF offer only lasts through this Sunday, June 13th!

I have also re-released the popular Frayed Folds and Pinked’n Frayed Folds Layered Templates – they are perfect to use with Syrin Seamstress Kit! They are currently on Special Pricing too. Each is available in Layered PSD, Layered TIFF and PNG formats so you should be able to have fun with them no matter what program you are using.

Aside from my ARTiStitches line and Syrin Seamstress Kit, Bohemian Rhapsody Series also got tons of stitching and unique stitched appliques, lace, ribbons and various haberdashery goodness.

Check out the Stitched Tape AlphaSet and Stitched Buttons packs too:

Happy digi-sewing!

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Email me if you’re subscribed but haven’t received it. Not subscribed yet? It’s not too late to subscribe now to enjoy the benefit straight away! I will requeque the newsletter a few times – so go ahead and subscribe now.

Of course, there are some new stuff waiting for you in Ztampf!Shop:

Burnin’ Love Album: my first 8.5 x 11 QuickPage Album made mostly from the Burnin’ Love Kit.

GelloGlass AlphaSet – it’s cool, it’s fun, it’s versatile!

And… for all your sewing needs, a colorful sets of Haberdasherie Packs which are also available as a single Haberdasherie Package Saving! Automatically save yourself $6.00 with this Package Saving – and get a cool Bonus Pack too!

The separate Color Packs:

From each Color Pack you’ll get 29 unique, highly detailed elements:
– 4 Various Stitches, a little over 12″ long
– 4 Various Stitched Buttons
– 1 Frayed Piece (can be used for journaling note or photo mat)
– 4 Various Pinked Pieces (1 is Tulle, provided with and without drop shadow)
– 4 Various Lace
– 1 Inserted Needle
– 3 Inserted Needle with Thread in various positions
– 3 Various Pins
– 2 Various Wavy Ribbons (1 is Shimmering Semi-Sheer)
– 2 Various Bows
– 1 Twill Tape

Get all the colors in the Haberdasherie Package Saving they will come in handy :). Enjoy!

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Recently I have been spending more time in my studio which is very good for my mental health :). No, I haven’t been working on any of my art projects just yet. I’ve been crafting. I’m just glad to have some opportunities to use my own Ztampf! Clear-Stamps to prettify stuff we use daily.

Here I used the Floralique Series to customize my Black CIAK Sketch Book. I also inserted a length of gross grain ribbon stitched with a pretty button to make a shoulder-length strap. A pretty cool and practical way of carrying a sketch book, don’t you think :).

And yesterday I improved an old cushion cover that I made a few years ago. Yes, using yet another piece of leftover IKEA curtain! It was hand-sewn and the color is a bit faded now. I have been using a couple of big safety pins for the closure – and now finally it got proper buttons!  I stamped the front side with Ztampf! Clear-Stamps (Floralique #2) using pigment ink (Inkredible!). Since the stamps are modular based, you can build your own patterns by combining them. The possibilities are endless! And because they are clear, you can see them as you creating the pattern. I didn’t make any sketch for this project – just stamp it along. Next I should try colorful ink on light colored fabric!

Closer looks:

Ztampf! Clear-Stamps are available from

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This  is my new sewing machine, a new year’s gift from my belovedst man. It’s Janome 419S. It can sew denim and canvas – an important feature for me as I plan to use it to create some soft-sculptures with canvases. I hope it is capable of sewing into book’s binder board too! We’ll see.

The first projects I did were very simple. A table cloth and a cushion cover, both made with leftover IKEA curtain. We have plenty of it because in our previous apartment we used IKEA curtain as dividers in hallways. I also use IKEA curtain to cover my open shelving unit to keep things looking neat regardless of the fact behind the curtain ;).

For the table cloth, we have been using it as it was until one of the edges got frayed. I was happy for a chance to learn to use the ‘Over Casting Stitch’ to hem the edges. Then I impulsively played with one of the decorative stitches – so now the table cloth looks a little bit prettier :).

For the cushion cover, I made various folds then stitched over them with various stitches. I used very pale blue thread for this. I wish I had colorful thread, it would have looked much prettier. Now it looks very subtle, which is not bad, actually. I need to go shopping for more thread one of these days! Right now I only have Black, Dark Brown, Broken White, Stark White, Navy, Pale Beige, Pale Grey, and Very Pale Blue. Just the most basic, you know.

I think I do love sewing! The mistake I made most often so far is forgetting to lower the presser foot before starting to sew! So silly! Oh I have also tried to stitch buttons (and button holes!) with the machine. Pretty cool!

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