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So what’s new, you ask? Here they are!

Spring Festival Kit:

See the papers a bit better here:

Spring Festival Album Set is available too:

Don’t forget the Spring Festival QuickCards Set and Hong Bao Envelope Templates Set:

And rejoice to romance and the romantic:

Of course… La Durelle Package Saving is also available! But better yet… read Ztampfever #41 just released today for the benefits ;). Yes, I said benefitS ;).

Not subscribed yet? Not too late to subscribe now – the newsletter will be requequed several times within the next few days so you can enjoy the benefits right away! Go ahead!

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Have you received it? Have you subscribed yet?

To subscribe, just go to: http://ztampf.com/ztampfever/?p=subscribe&id=1. If you’re subscribed but haven’t got the newsletter:
* Check your junk mail folder – it might got strayed there
* Make sure to put my email address ‘fhung[at]ztampf.com’ in your WhiteList
* Double check your registered email address in your Subscription Page to make sure it is correct and valid
* Email me if you still haven’t received it

Just don’t miss it if you want an even more saving to get the brand new all exciting Ghostown Series:

It all started with the Ghost Overlays… I wanted something a bit more sophisticated – not too cute ghosts for my Halloween pages. I think most teenagers and some adults would appreciate something like that too! And the series grew from there… with inspirations ranging from Tim Burton to The Great Expectation’s Miss Havisham to my own wardrobe and my beautiful teen-age step-daughters who loves ‘Twilights’ and vampire stories. Think romantic, dark and mysterious. Think luscious. Gothic. Baroque decadence… Some people might find some elements in this series a bit too strong, too dark and a bit frightening – but these elements can also be used in playful ways – which would transform their darkness to something lighter and fun.

Anyway, it was impossible to use just one small preview image to show the ghost overlays as most of them span page wide so I made extra preview images providing closer views of the luminous translucent ghost overlays (also available as a separate pack):

And here is the Ghostown PaperPack – a few of them made use of some of the overlays and 3 solid parchment papers are included (not shown in the preview):

And the Ghostown Accent Pack is so full of unique beautiful things I was so excited creating them! Some of my most favorites are:

– The shredded lacy tulle draperies (they are in jet black, pearl grey and ghost white – each in slightly different arrangement)

– The ‘mirror’ Gothic frames with scratched old surface. Place a photo behind it, especially those with dark background – it will look like a reflection from the distant past! There is the Oval and the Rectangular. A separate cobweb overlay is included. It was designed for the Rectangular one but you can crop parts of it to be used anywhere!

– The Jewel Spider – it’s so pretty! Its mechanical-looking legs gives it a modern touch. Provided as a brooch and hanging from a string of garnet.

– The blood stained polaroids… I think they are cool. I realize that it might seem a bit gory but you can use it for photo about your son scrapping his knee or something like that too! Not just for vampires… :).

– The corsages, the dark and yet vibrant big roses… and more!

The best part is that most of them can be used for scrapping various other themes beside Halloween. I like versatile stuff!

You will appreciate the rich details in them all! Check out the Ensembles and the QuickPage Album too:

Layouts I did with this series (click for larger view to see more details of the papers and elements from the series:

Get them and discover all the delightful fright of the bewitching Ghostown!

Have a wonderful weekend :)

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Do you like butterfly? Do you like lace?
Well then you’re gonna love this new ButterfLace series:

Ztampf! ButterfLace Package Saving

Take a closer look:

Ztampf! ButterfLace Milbert

Ztampf! ButterfLace Swallowtails

Ztampf! ButterfLace Viceroy

Discover 36 beautiful butterflies (12 each of Milbert, Swallowtails and Viceroy) made out of delicate lace subtly adorned with sequins. Any of the butterfly in this ButterfLace Package Saving will definitely add grace and riches to your pages. Unique and highly detailed, they come in so many fabulous colors, versatile and timeless for various themes and projects (romance and weddings, anniversaries, spring, babies, dance/ballet, vintage, heritage, etc.). They are large at approx. between 4.7″-5.6″ but easily resized smaller to fit your purpose.

This ButterfLace Package Saving includes the following which also available separately:
ButterfLace Milbert
ButterfLace Swallowtails
ButterfLace Viceroy

All individual PNG files created at 300dpi for optimum print out result.

Available right now at Ztampf!Shop :).


Thanks to all who responded to my previous post about Cicadas. I’ve heard so much about cicadas but always pictured them as common-looking brown creatures – not like the gorgeous green creature with interesting details I saw! Surprise surprise! Do you think I should make Cicadas accents pack too?

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Today I had the chance to play with my new ztampfilicious stuff – just click the image for larger view and detailed info:

BohemianRhapsody & Lacealogy

BohemianRhapsody & Lacealogy

And don’t forget that you can always use the “View Latest Updates” feature from the left navigation bar under the << Album Actions >> in the Ztampfest Gallery.

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Yes, and there are 3 brand new ztampfilicious goodies too:



Lacealogy Ensembles

All 100% digitally made using my own hand-drawn motifs, these lace series are especially fabulous for those romantic layouts. As with most Ztampf! stuff, these are versatile enough for various other themes and projects as well :).

If you haven’t subscribed to Ztampfever, you would want to ;). Just click here to subscribe. Enjoy and have a wonderful Sunday!

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Yay! First off, I have started scrapping my Artist Residency trip – I have 2 pages done so far; just click to see larger versions with detailed info:

And… I am oh so very excited with this newest series that I have just completed called “Bohemian Rhapsody“:

The kit is big with 18 background papers and a generous amount of unique elements – most of them are very labor-intensive and really trying my patience at times! But I am so pleased with the result when it’s all done :). I hope you all will like it too!

But before you run to the shop, take note of this coupon code: ztampfiliciousborhap0806 to enjoy $2.00 OFF when you purchase the Bohemian Rhapsody Package Saving. That’s right, you will save a total of $5.00 (if you purchase the series separately the combined cost is $20.55 while when you get the Package Saving it is just $17.55; with the further the $2.00 off coupon you pay just $15.55 for the entire series!). Oh and of course you will also receive the Bonus Pack with it! Sweet hmmm… ;)

Now go take a look and let me know which part is your favorite!

Have a ztampfilicious weekend :).

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