March 26th, 2010 | 3 Comments »

For those who have been waiting patiently for the release of RoboKit Series at Studio Ztampf! @ SBG, here it comes! The new RoboKit AlphaSet is freshly made for this release – I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

And here is a Free Gift for you – a cool 12″x12″ QuickPage created with the RoboKit Series. Click the sample layout made with the QuickPage below to download the PNG QuickPage and enjoy!

July 16th, 2008 | 1 Comment »

Yeah! And it’s created using my latest series called the RoboKit. I’m really excited about this new kit because I’ve been releasing very feminine stuff recently and this one is for the boys! Well, and for their mothers, sisters and girl-friends too :).

The RoboKit is inspired by my all time favorite movies like “Delicatessen” and “The City of Lost Children” by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro (who also made the popular “Amélie”). I saw these movies ages ago but the inspiration remains. And then a few months ago I watched a teaser for “Wall-E” and I really liked the colors and feel of the movie as well. I haven’t seen the new trailer nor the movie, but what little I glimpsed then has prompted an idea to create a kit with a robot-related theme. While there is no actual robot element in the RoboKit, you will find plenty of things that would make up a robot in it :).

Let me tell you that the preview images just don’t do justice to the rich details and variety of the papers and elements in the kit. I’ve used some of the QuickPages to create layouts and uploaded them as additional preview images – so you will get to see more of the details this way :). Anyway, I really hope you all will like the kit as much as I do (or close enough! haha!). Actually, I like it so much I’m considering to create an Add-On Pack for it already! In any case, please do let me know how do you like it, ok! Thanks!!!

Ztampf! RoboKit Kit
Ztampf! RoboKit Ensembles Set
Ztampf! RoboKit Album Set

Of course… a RoboKit Package Saving is also available which will give you a $3.00 saving! You could have a double saving – at $6.00 saving total if you have the ztampfilicious coupon code given in the Ztampfever #35 ;). Have you subscribed yet? It’s not too late to enjoy the benefit as I will re-queue the newsletter a few times today and tomorrow. Subscribe here.

Oh and here are the layouts I mentioned above:

If you like the last layout above, you can download the QuickPage for free at the Samplers and Gifts Section at Ztampf!Shop. Just click the layout above to get there :).

Well, that’s it for now… Enjoy :)