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It’s new year again! So what has happened since the last Ztampfever that was released back in December? Feels like ages ago, doesn’t it?

Well, there are some changes to the Ztampfever! Many of you might already have noticed the fresh, different format and look of this issue. Yup, this is the new format that I’m going to use from now on. The RoundUp section is basically a summary of all ztampfilicious things happened since the previous Ztampfever: mostly shortcuts to related blog posts for quick catch-up. The FreshlyBrewed section shows you all the new products added to Studio Ztampf! since the previous Ztampfever, listed from the newest ones. The Inspirations features ztampfilicious layouts, projects or things that I hope you will find inspiring! Pssst…It may or may not related to digital scrapbooking… Hidden Gems will help you find certain Ztampf products released in previous years: oldies but oh so goodies stuff! Finally, you will get your special Coupons, Gifts or Freebies in The Loot section!

And, you can jump to any sections from the ‘labels’ on the top left of the Ztampfever – see them up there? I hope you will enjoy these changes! Do let me know what you think of the new Ztampfever and if you have any suggestions to improve it! Thank you!

So here’s the RoundUp from the Ztampfilicious Blog:

Ztampf! on-the-go for your iPhone!

Joining the Caravan!

Ztampfilicious make-over… finally!

Check out the latest addition to Studio Ztampf! – just in time for the Chinese New Year Celebration:

It is the Year of The Rabbit and here comes the perfect package to scrap the event! This Year of The Rabbit Series is luscious and elegant with a touch of light-hearted whimsy, filled with various beautiful and versatile elements that are perfect for Chinese New Year, but also work wonderfully well for other occasions!

Instantly save yourself $4.1 with the Package Saving! That is 23% OFF compared if you purchased each pack separately! PLUS… you’ll get an exclusive BONUS Pack too :).

Now,are you ready to impress your relatives and friends with unique Hong Bao this Chinese New Year?

HongBao Rabbit Envelopes Set contains 6 ‘Hong Bao’ (‘Red Pockets’ or ‘Lai See’ for Chinese New Year) to help you create beautifully unique ‘Hong Bao’. This set is created mostly with the new Year of The Rabbit Kit above.

Send beautiful Chinese New Year Cards uniquely personalized with your own photos and message to your friends and relatives!

The size of the cards is 5″x7″ – folded. 2 in landscape, 1 in portrait. 3 front designs: 2 in landscape, 1 in portrait – with matching inner designs, plus 2 extra options. A Postcard Back is also provided. Print or use as eCards! Find the set here!

Have you seen these fun pack released earlier this month?

Look at how cute these worn out, patterned Pretty Tapes are! They come in ztampfilicious pastel colors and patterns – lovely for any spring, Valentine’s, summer – and beyond!

Use them for fastening your photos, papers and elements. You can also use them simply to prettify your projects just because they are so pretty :). Combine and mix’n match them, create borders, photo frames, photo corners, write notes or title on them… They are *that* versatile! And FUN! Yes, of course you want these 24 pieces of Pretty Tapes are in individual PNG files! Get them here!

Many of you have asked me, where do I get my inspirations for my products. Well, the true answer would be: “Everywhere, Anywhere!”. That’s right, inspirations often come to me in a sudden. It could be something that I saw at a glance – which somehow sparked an idea for a new kit. This might be just a certain color combination, or a shape, or a certain feel/style. Inspirations could also come from intentional brainstorming – by talking about it with people or more often than not, with myself.

As often the case is, the resulting works might differ quite a bit from their inspirations. Which is fine with me. Inspirations should serve more as a starting point, not a set goal. Just let loose and create whatever the process takes you to! That goes for creating layouts too. I sometimes got so taken with certain layouts I wanted to scrap something similar. But because the materials are usually quite different, it often ended up totally different. But that’s not a problem! It has inspired me to scrap and I got the result!

Now, how about some inspirations for creating layouts? Below are some of my personal favorites from the Z!Girls which I hope you will find inspiring as well:

by Carolyn

by Tracy

by Lynn

Fly with your inspirations!

Let’s see what else we have in Studio Ztampf! for the Chinese New Year:

Spring Festival Kit and Album, fresh and versatile for any Chinese New Year and Spring projects. And of course, the classic China Red and China Blue Series – both available in Package Saving as well as individual packs.

No Chinese New Year celebration is complete without fireworks! And we got you covered as well:

You can find more Chinese/Oriental-related things at the shop by entering the keyword “china” in the Search field there! Have fun finding your gems!

Do you want a free, exclusive kit not available anywhere else? This kit is inspired by Facebook – obviously, but it is also versatile for many other ocassions.

Well, if you are a fan of Ztampf! Digital Artistry at Facebook, you should have received the Update Message with the coupon to download this fun Socialite Kit for free – the only way to get this kit because it is not for sale! So just hit the Like Button to become a fan and get the Socialite Kit (plus some more goodies!).

If you haven’t heard about it, then grab some really pretty gifts at Santa Brings Goodies Blog Train!

If you are a new subscriber to Ztampfever, you might want to grab the gift from the previous Ztampfever here:

Now, last but not least… Your Special Coupon to get 20% OFF on your next purchase at Studio Ztampf! It is valid for anything in the shop, including Professional Use Licenses – through Sunday, February 13th 2011. Don’t miss it! Use Code: rabbityear20. Have a wonderful Chinese New Year! May the Year of The Rabbit bring you a happy peaceful year!

That’s it for now, folks! I hope you enjoy the new Ztampfever so far! If you have any comments, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to let me know by e-mail, or Ztampf! Facebook Page. Thank you!

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This HongBao Rabbit Envelopes Set contains 6 designs/templates for ‘Hong Bao’ (‘Red Pockets’ or ‘Lai See’ for Chinese New Year) to help you create beautiful and totally unique ‘Hong Bao’ this coming Chinese New Year! This set is created mostly with the new Year of The Rabbit Kit (coming soon!). The preview just doesn’t do justice to the rich fine details and colors of the actual files. You can see the larger, Zoomify preview at Studio Ztampf! to better glimpse how ztampfilicious they are! And I’ve decided to run the Early Birds Special a bit longer – so go ahead at grab this set now at 20% OFF!

The finished size of each pocket is 3.5″ wide x 6.5″ tall. Just insert your photos/add your own greetings, then print, trim and glue together (or use double-sided sticky tape or tape gun) – quick and easy with gorgeous results that sure to impress everyone who receive them! Simple Instruction is provided with the kit. Tips: You can also crop the front part and use it as a mini card/pages!

Warning: the actual set shows so much more ztampfilicious details than the preview images shown above!

The Chinese Greetings on the pockets read:
– “Gong Xi Fat Chai” means: “Congratulations and be prosperous” the most common greetings used for Chinese New Year (also known as Spring Festival).
– “Xinnian Kuaile” means: “Happy New Year”

All PNG format created at 300dpi for optimum print out quality.
Comments? Questions? Just contact me anytime!

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Chinese New Year is just around the corner at February 3rd!

Send beautiful Chinese New Year cards uniquely personalized with your own photos and message to your friends and relatives! It is easy with this CNY 2011 QuickCards Set from Studio Ztampf!: 3 Designs (Cover+Inner) plus a Postcard Back. These are 2-sided tent-fold cards which you can either print on both sides of your paper, or print the inner part on a thinner fine paper then glue the spine to the fold of the front part! You can also use these cards as postcards with the included Postcard Back (just crop the front part). You can choose to have the inner part with or without photos too. Of course, you can also use these to create eCards to send online :).

The size of the cards is 5″x7″ – folded. 2 in landscape, 1 in portrait. 3 front designs: 2 in landscape, 1 in portrait – with matching inner designs, plus 2 extra options. A Postcard Back is also provided. JPG and PNG format. All created at 300dpi for optimum print out result. Questions? Comments? Just contact me anytime!

P.S. Now I am working on a set of unique, personalizable Hong Bao Set like this one – for the Year of The Rabbit!

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