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The “Cool” Ztampf! Bookmark Calendar is now available: Letter and A4 Paper Size!

Currently they are at a Special Pricing:

 photo Ztampf-SBG_BookmarkCalendar2014_Cool_LT_2.jpg

 photo Ztampf-SBG_BookmarkCalendar2014_Cool_A4_1.jpg

Hope you like it!

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The Black Water Snake is lurking, ready to glide over to you – are you ready?

Have you seen this Charming Snake HongBao set to create your very own personalized hong bao AKA lai see AKA red pockets this Chinese New Year? Well, take a look:

 photo ZtampfEnvelopes_CharmingSnakeHB.jpg

Need to scrap your Chinese New Year events or your trips to China?
Well, the Charming Snake Kit is here to help you!

Charming Snake Kit at

Or just get the Charming Snake Package Saving for the best deal:

Save 39% OFF when you get the Charming Snake Package Saving.
Head over to now!

See some layouts done with it:

 photo Amson_CharmingSnake02_CNYS.jpg

by Carolyn

 photo Lynn_CharmingSnake_Slither.jpg

by Lynn

 photo Tracy_CharmingSnake_ChineseNY.jpg

by Tracy

 photo Fhung_ZtampfQP_CharmingSnake09_PM01_zps890ca945.jpg

by Fhung

 photo Fhung_ZtampfQP_CharmingSnake02_Fam01_zps264da44d.jpg

by Fhung

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A quick and super easy way to create special holiday gifts for your loved ones:

Available in US English (weeks start on Sunday) and Global English (weeks start on Monday).
Get yours now at Ztampf!Shop.

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Just a quick post… (my mother is visiting me in Hong Kong at the moment!)

The Ztampf! CD Calendar Plus 2009 Kit is available in US English Version (Weeks start on Sunday) and in Global English Version (Weeks start on Monday). Also available now:

And better yet…

Also available in US English Version and Global English Version. Enjoy :).

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Brighten Up! It’s not all doom and gloom…

Although the global economy is indeed full of doom and gloom
your Thanksgiving and Halloween don’t have to!
Unusual situation calls for unusual relief:

Get 35% OFF Discount with this coupon code:

Good from Friday, 24 October through Friday, 31 October 2008
for any digital download products at Ztampf!Shop
except for Package Saving, Gift Certificates and Licenses.
Valid for One Use Per Person.
No minimum purchase is necessary.
For help using the Coupon Code, just click here.

Some new ztampfabulous goodies to use your precious coupon code for:

Have a ztampfabulous weekend :)

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Yeah! I’m writing this from Shanghai – we got here in the evening of Thursday, Oct. 2nd and we’ll stay here for 4 nights. More on Shanghai later. Now I’d like to let you know that the Mini-Vertical CraftyCalendar 2009 Kit has been released:

There are more preview pictures available at the shop! Oh and the kit is available in US English Version (Weeks start on Sunday) and in Global English Version (Weeks start on Monday). Let me know if you want it in your own language :).

Bye for now! More later!

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Many of you have asked me to release Ztampf! CraftyCalendar Kit early this year to give you more time to create more CraftyCalendar gifts for your loved ones for Christmas and New Year. Some of you told me how it has now become a tradition to gift CraftyCalendar for Christmas and how it’s always such a hit with the recipients. I am so happy to hear all these :). Please do share your experience with making and gifting Ztampf! CraftyCalendar with us here – I’d love to hear more!

And guess what?

The Ztampf! CraftyCalendar 2009 Kit is here! Now. Yes! It now comes with even more goodies to provide you with even more options in creating your very own CraftyCalendars. Check out the list of content:

Currently it is available in these languages:

Email me if you want to have the Calendar in your own language. Please note that only the name of days and months on the PreMade Calendar Pages and the 2×13-Month Date Overlays are in specific language. All the instructions will still be in English.

The finish, display size of the Calendar is approx. 8.5 x 7 inches. To see the content of the kit at a glance:

Some sample pages that I did for my husband’s calendar:

I hope you like it! If you haven’t subscribed to Ztampfever Newsletter, make sure you do! Here is the page to subscribe:

Enjoy :)

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So… what are tiny and versatile and timeless and useful?

Tiny QuickPages and Tiny Ensembles! Yes, these are provided as part of each Ztampf! CraftyCalendar Kit ever released. Some of you who are relatively new to Ztampf! never got a chance to enjoy how versatile these tiny things to create custom greeting cards, mini albums and hybrid crafthings. Upon request, I made them all available separate from the CraftyCalendar Kits as the CraftyCalendar Kits are currently no longer available in the shop – that is, until I release the new ones for 2009!

Check them out…

This one is from the first CraftyCalendar Kit, released end of 2005 for the year 2006:

Ztampf! Tiny QuickPages Set 06

And this one is from the CraftyCalendar Kit released in 2006 for the year 2007:

Ztampf! Tiny QuickPages Set 07

And these are from CraftyCalendar Kits released in 2007 for the year 2008:

Ztampf! Tiny QuickPages Set 08

Ztampf! Tiny QuickPages Set 08 MV

Enjoy :).

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