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Just click the image below to read it!

Ztampfever No.66

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Ztampfever No.65 has just been sent out to all subscribers so watch out your mailbox for it!

Now, I usually would also post the newsletter on this blog. However, for some mysterious reason that I just can’t fathom – and believe me, I tried – the formatting just gone all wonky all of a sudden! It’s just a simple html with tables and some css which I have done all the time but somehow this time something went wrong and I can’t figure it out! Very frustrating! So, just click here to read the newsletter! I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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In a perfect world, I would be unveiling the new CraftyCalendar 2011 Kit here today! Alas, time flies faster than I expected it to so you’ll have to wait until the Part 2 of the Ztampfever #58 for it (and for the Special Coupon for it!). Most probably by next weekend! Meanwhile…

Have you heard about the GOLDEN OLDIES Sale at SBG running from Aug. 13th to Aug. 19th? I have released the revamped and improved Antiquest Series at 70% OFF and the mega bundle Tiny Ensembles Galore at 65% OFF – and put together a special FabulousFour Bundle at 50% OFF for you there! These are Super Saving Offers you wouldn’t want to miss:

Be sure to check them out now while the Super Saving Offer is still valid. The FabulousFOUR Bundle comes with a gift of 20% OFF Discount Coupon too! What a deal eh! Enjoy!

Do you love challenges? Have fun mix’n matching stuff from various designers with this new fun Challenge at SBG – and get a ztampfilicious Posting Bonus while at it too:

Have you seen the cool new product – Fly Rebel Fly Mini Kit?
You will get a 20% OFF coupon for the matching Template Set from Studio Dutchie with this Kit!

If you haven’t visited Ztampfilicious Blog lately, you might want to drop by to this post where I have a free QuickPage for you done with the Fly Rebel Fly Mini Kit!

Get inspired by these gorgeous layouts done by the Z!Girls – they never cease to amaze me with their creativity! Do you have layouts done exclusively with Ztampf! products that you particularly love? I would love to see them! Email me and I’ll feature them in the Ztampfilicious Blog!

Visit SBG Blog on Monday, August 16th (US Time) – it is Studio Ztampf! Play Day over there and you will get to play with a little something I have prepared for you! So be sure to visit it and enjoy the small but ztampfilicious gift :).

Aaand… Remember to tell all your fellow Ztampf! lovers to join Ztampf!@ Facebook. When we reach 500 fans, every single member of Ztampf! @Facebook will receive an Exclusive Mini Kit not available anywhere else! We are getting closer so go on and invite your fellow Ztampf!lovers to Ztampf! @Facebook.

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Finally the Ztampfever #51 is here for your perusal! There have been a lot of changes at Ztampf! recently, which I will reveal to you one by one… Let’s begin with the Ztampfever Newsletter: I’m experimenting with a new format, displayed on Ztampfilicious Blog. This is just a start – I will continue to improve it along the way.

One of the main reasons for this format change is because there are too many subscribers who didn’t receive their Ztampfever and this appears to be random. With the blog format, you can choose to subscribe via RSS. You can choose just Ztampfever under the Categories, or you can also choose other categories that interest you. Please let me know how do you like this new format by commenting on the blog under the Ztampfever #51 posting. Thanks in advance!

Thank you very much for your continuing support which enables Ztampf! to continue to grow. And now… the Ztampfever #51:


Let’s welcome the New Year 2010 with a Shuffle Sale!
15 – 18 January 2010

For those of you who are not familiar with Shuffle Sale, it is a Sale when various random products are randomly marked down. The products that are marked down are changing too – so come back often to see if the products you’ve been coveting are in the Shuffle at any given time! But wait before you jump into the shop…

I have a Special Offer just for you – pick one:

  • • Spend a total of $8 or more in one order,
    you will get this new Soul Searching Ensembles for free!
    That is a $4.50 value.
  • • Spend a total of $15 or more in one order,
    you will get the new Soul Searching QuickPage Album for free!
    A sweet $7 value!
  • • Spend a total of $20 or more in one order,
    you will get BOTH the new Soul Searching Ensembles AND
    the Soul Searching QuickPage Album for free! A sweeping $12.50 value!
  • Just shop the Shuffle Sale – you will receive a coupon code for your free deal accordingly by e-mail within 1 x 24 hours of upon your order completion.

    FYI, the Soul Searching Kit and Soul Searching ARTiculate Set are also available at Ztampf!Shop.

    In case you’re wondering, yes, I do have a brand new series in the work – which I am quite excited about! But. It’s not ready yet because it’s evolving into a collection so I simply can’t finish it this weekend. Watch out for it though – hopefully I will be able to release it next weekend!

    For this weekend, please enjoy the Shuffle Sale!
    Until next weekend!

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    My apology that Ztampfever #50 comes in a very simple form of an email sent to subscribers which I copied here for the rest of you (or those who missed the email). This is because I have been crazy busy with the preparation for my upcoming solo art exhibition ‘Corporeal Dream‘ which was plagued with various kinds of complications and problems. Now finally all the works are ready to be displayed in the gallery and I am here in Jakarta where the exhibition will run. If you are on Facebook, you can RSVP here, otherwise you can follow the progress here.

    Now, Ztampf-wise, I’ve only managed to release the CD Calendar Plus 2010 Kit in this period. Available in US English (weeks start on Sunday) and Global English (weeks start on Monday). Check them out!

    And yes, I have a special coupon for you! Just use this coupon code “enjoyfall” (without the quotes) to receive 25% OFF DISCOUNT when you spend $10 or more at ZtampfShop between today through 30 Nov. 2009. This coupon code is valid for one time use per person. Valid on any downloadable products except for Gift Certificates and Licenses.

    That’s it for now! I promise that I’ll get back creating more ztampfilicious products as soon as I can :). Have a wonderful week ahead,

    Ztampfiliciously Yours,


    { ~ digiscraptistry at its finest }

    Ztampfilicious digital elements for scrapbooking,
    card-making, journaling and other crafthings!

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    It’s being sent in batches so it might take some time to reach you. You could also read the Ztampfever #49 here.

    For those been waiting for the Ztampf! MINI CraftyCalendar 2010 Kit, it is here: Global English Version and US English Version. UPDATED: Deutsche Version is now available too!

    And there is a brand new little thing for your Halloween projects too:

    Now get your discount coupon from the Ztampfever #49 ;).

    Have a wonderful week ahead!

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    It is here!

    In case you’re wondering why I’m making it available here:

    Looks like sometimes some subscribers didn’t receive the Ztampfever in their inbox although they have subscribed, have had my email address in their White List and Address Book and they even have been receiving many issues of Ztampfever before! As this seems to happen at random and caused by too many possible factors beyond my control, I decided to always post the direct link to the new Ztampfever on my Ztampfilicious Blog and on the Ztampf!Shop front so those who missed it could just get it anytime. Those who subscribed and been receiving it can keep enjoying it.

    So what are you waiting for? Go enjoy all the ztampfiliciousness in Ztampfever #47 now!

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    As many subscribers reported that Ztampfever#46 didn’t reach them, I have extended the Coupon Expiry Date to through Sunday, Aug. 9th (US EST) – and you can read the Newsletter (with the Coupon Code) HERE!
    The coupon is applicable for getting the Seashore Package Saving below with a further discount ;)

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    Yay! The Ztampfever Newsletter #45 is currently being sent out to all subscribers. It will take a while as it is being sent in batches. If you are subscribed and still haven’t received it until Monday, check your junk mail folder. Make sure my email address is in your White List.

    Not subscribed yet? Don’t worry. It’s not too late to subscribe now as I will requeue the newsletter several times in the next couple of days so you can enjoy the benefit straight away :).

    Want a sneak peek of what’s new in the shop? Ready?

    And yes, Circusoiree Package Saving is also available. But before you run to get it, please wait until you receive the Ztampfever #45. You’ll be glad you did ;). I’m just saying…

    Have a wonderful weekend! Mine is ending already!

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    Email me if you’re subscribed but haven’t received it. Not subscribed yet? It’s not too late to subscribe now to enjoy the benefit straight away! I will requeque the newsletter a few times – so go ahead and subscribe now.

    Of course, there are some new stuff waiting for you in Ztampf!Shop:

    Burnin’ Love Album: my first 8.5 x 11 QuickPage Album made mostly from the Burnin’ Love Kit.

    GelloGlass AlphaSet – it’s cool, it’s fun, it’s versatile!

    And… for all your sewing needs, a colorful sets of Haberdasherie Packs which are also available as a single Haberdasherie Package Saving! Automatically save yourself $6.00 with this Package Saving – and get a cool Bonus Pack too!

    The separate Color Packs:

    From each Color Pack you’ll get 29 unique, highly detailed elements:
    – 4 Various Stitches, a little over 12″ long
    – 4 Various Stitched Buttons
    – 1 Frayed Piece (can be used for journaling note or photo mat)
    – 4 Various Pinked Pieces (1 is Tulle, provided with and without drop shadow)
    – 4 Various Lace
    – 1 Inserted Needle
    – 3 Inserted Needle with Thread in various positions
    – 3 Various Pins
    – 2 Various Wavy Ribbons (1 is Shimmering Semi-Sheer)
    – 2 Various Bows
    – 1 Twill Tape

    Get all the colors in the Haberdasherie Package Saving they will come in handy :). Enjoy!

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    Not subscribed yet?

    Not too late to subscribe now – the newsletter will be requequed several times within the next few days so you can enjoy the benefits right away! Go ahead!

    So… I’ve got quite a few new stuff up now… as usual, better wait until you’ve got the newsletter before shopping ;). Here are the previews:

    This luscious Burnin’Love Kit is perfect to scrap your Valentine’s Day photos!

    The Heavenly Series is appropriate to scrap about loss and grief, but it is so versatile you can use it to scrap babies and children photos, love and spring themes, magical moments and more:

    Heavenly Package Saving is also available: automatically save $6.00 and get a cool Bonus Pack:

    Enjoy :)

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    Ztampfever #37 – Part 2 has just been released. Have you subscribed yet?

    • Make sure to put my email address ‘fhung[at]’ in your White List
    • Double check your registered email address in your Subscription Page to make sure it is correct and valid

    I will requeque the newsletter several times today and tomorrow so you will be able to enjoy the benefit straight away ;). Yes, the benefit that has something to do with this latest release from Ztampf! Digiscraptistry:

    Dreamy, delightful and enchanting – full of festive sparkles, this series is perfect to scrap birthday and anniversary themed pictures. Hey, even weddings and other memorably blissful occasions!

    With 16 background papers from the dark to pale blues, from the gentle golden to the peach to the dark burgundies along with a plethora of unique elements, you can use this kit for scrapping children’s and adults’ pictures alike. There are plenty of frames in various styles, gorgeous rainbow ribbons, sparkling jewels and the versatile Birth Date Sets consists of Date Strips, Date Markers, Month Tags and Strings. Along with the 6 large ztampfabulous Ensembles, 30 artistically crafted ARTiculate word art pieces, 14 gorgeous QuickPages and 9 fun Layered Shape Templates included in this Package Saving you are spoilt for choices and supplies to create fantastic pages, cards, etc.

    Included in this Package Saving:
    Birthday Bliss Kit
    Birthday Bliss ARTiculate
    Birthday Bliss Ensembles
    Birthday Bliss Album
    Birthday Bliss Layered Shape Templates

    Some layouts I did with this Birthday Bliss Series:

    Check it out now HERE! I hope you’ll like it! Have a wonderful weekend!

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