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It’s been a while… Enjoy:

Ztampfever #75

with a gift and a coupon inside!

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Ztampfever No.74 has been sent out to those who subscribed!

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This is Part 1 of Ztampfever No.53. Part 2 will be released next weekend (either Sat, 27 Feb.. or Sun. 28 Feb.). Enjoy!

Life is A Constant Change…

Yes, changes are afoot and a major one is coming soon at Ztampf!Shop
But, before we go into details on that, let’s see what’s new there, shall we?

If you like the Tressa ARTiStrokes, you might like the brand new Tressa2 ARTiStrokes:

The Antique Gold and Rainbow versions here are lighter and slightly brighter than in Tressa ARTiStrokes. Tressa2 ARTiStrokes sure is a wonderful addition to your elegant flourishes and swirls collection!

Now let’s get to the changes mentioned above!
As of Monday, March 1st 2010 onwards, Ztampf! products will be exclusively available only from Studio Ztampf! at ScrapbookGraphics here: You might want to bookmark this link now. Use coupon code ZtampfWelcomeU to receive 30% Off Discount for your first Ztampf! purchase at Studio Ztampf! there.

You will still be able to access your account and download your previous purchases at Ztampf!Shop and also to continue browsing there. But, as of March 1st 2010, Ztampf! products will only be available for purchase at Studio Ztampf!. Ztampf!Shop will serve more like a ‘showroom’ or a product catalog where you can see the products but in order to purchase them, you will have to go to the shop – which is Studio Ztampf!. Although you might still be able to add products into your cart at Ztampf!Shop after February 28th 2010, you won’t be able to checkout any new orders because all the products would have been set to “For Display Purpose Only” (except for the ‘Samplers & Gifts’ category). So, from March 1st 2010 onwards, just visit Studio Ztampf! to get your usual dose of ztampfiliciousness!

And how about the new collection that I mentioned last time? Well, this newsletter is done with just a few bits and pieces from it and now I can tell you the name! It is called “Adventouriste Collection” : Adventure + Tourist + Artiste! So Jenna has guessed the word ‘Adventure’ right! Congrats! She will get to get the collection at 50% OFF when the collection is debuting at Studio Ztampf! on March 1st 2010! Watch out for the Part 2 of Ztampfever #53 next weekend when the “Adventouriste Collection” will be unveiled with a little give away for all of you. Don’t miss it!

It’s been quite a while since the last time we talked about the Z!Girls! There are two active Z!Girls at the moment, they are both very talented scrappers and such nice persons too: Tracy and Lynn. Let’s get to know them closer through a series of interviews starting this Tuesday, Feb. 23rd 2010 at Ztampfilicious Blog. You can take a look at Z!Girls Gallery now for some inspirations!

Oh and I do have a coupon for you to use at Ztampf!Shop for the last time!
This 20% OFF Discount coupon: ZtampfThxU100220krc is good for any downloadables at Ztampf!Shop except for Gift Certificates and Licenses. It is valid through Sunday, February 28th 2010.
Make good use of it!

Don’t forget to visit Ztampfilicious Blog to read about the fabulous Z!Girls this coming Tuesday, Feb. 23rd and Thursday, Feb. 25th!

That’s all for now, folks! Until next weekend :)

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