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If you have subscribed for Ztampfever and yet for some reasons you didn’t receive it in your mailbox, please access it from here:

Enjoy it ;)

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I am still amazed that another year has passed by! And the new year is now already a week old! How time flies!

How did you spend your new year’s eve? We hosted a small dinner at our place with some friends, my husband cooked – as usual – and it was good! We were fortunate to catch the ferry to town just in time to watch the fireworks at the pier. Actually, we didn’t know that it was one of the venues to watch the fireworks but when we arrived we saw many people have gathered there so we stayed put. I didn’t bring my camera with me, but I managed to tried the video feature on my iPhone (thanks to my younger brother who gifted me this nifty gadget!). Enjoy:

To see the complete firework display from across the harbor, check this out – it’s pretty impressive!

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Brand New Ztampf! CraftyCalendar 2011 Kit is finally here!

Start early in preparing super special gifts for your loved ones this holiday season with Ztampf! CraftyCalendar 2011 Kit! Currently availabe in US English with weeks start on Sunday. Global English and other languages with weeks start on Sunday will be available very soon – so make sure you follow Ztampf! on Twitter or Facebook to find out about firsthand!

Of course I have a special Discount Coupon for you! Use this code CraftyCalEarlies to receive 30% OFF when you purchase the Ztampf! CraftyCalendar 2011 Kit before this month is ended. Enjoy this benefit!

Aaand… Remember to tell all your fellow Ztampf! lovers to join Ztampf!@ Facebook. When we reach 500 fans, every single member of Ztampf! @Facebook will receive an Exclusive Mini Kit not available anywhere else! We are getting closer so go on and invite your fellow Ztampf!lovers to Ztampf! @Facebook.

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Welcoming 2009…

Over 200 items are generously marked down!
You wouldn’t want to miss this!

So hop into Ztampf!Shop now and enjoy the NEW YEAR SPECIALS while you can!

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Don’t you just love fireworks?

Isn’t now is that time of the year when soon sparkling fireworks will grace our dark evening sky? So… are you ready to welcome 2009?

Ztampf! FireWorks Paper Pack

Here is a pack of 12 fantastic FireWorks Papers to scrap the memories! They are delightfully rich, festive and elegant! Great to scrap various special occasions with fireworks in the picture: New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year, 4th of July, Disneyland visits – to name a few. Now you are ready to scrap those new year’s eve party pictures ;)

If you need some quiet solid backgrounds to work with these, you’ll find them in the BackDrops Paper Pack (only $2.50 for 16 solid background papers with subtle texture!) and in the new Shades of Black (only $1.85 for 9 textured solids in various shades of black).

Ztampf! Shades of Black Paper Pack

An indispensable pack of 9 black papers in various textures and shades for whenever you need a black paper!

Blacks… true black, blacks with a faint hint of navy blue, reddish brown, olive green, and more! With slightly grungy textures you want to touch. Get this pack today!

Hope you like them :).

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Just a quick post… (my mother is visiting me in Hong Kong at the moment!)

The Ztampf! CD Calendar Plus 2009 Kit is available in US English Version (Weeks start on Sunday) and in Global English Version (Weeks start on Monday). Also available now:

And better yet…

Also available in US English Version and Global English Version. Enjoy :).

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