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Take a dip:

Ztampfever #76

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So I have been busy in my art studio at JCCA working on my art projects. I have been experimenting with copper sheets a lot, developing a method to ‘paint’ it using heating/cooling process combined with ‘directed’ oxidation using my own organic mixtures. I have been photographing the pieces at various stages and the results form the base for my new Metalese Paper Pack Series. I have two packs at Studio Ztampf! right now, the newest was just released several hours ago it is so fresh! Take a look:

 photo Ztampf-SBG_MetaleseTwo_PaperPack1.jpg photo Ztampf-SBG_MetaleseTwo_PaperPack2.jpg

 photo Ztampf-SBG_MetaleseOne_PaperPack1.jpg
 photo Ztampf-SBG_MetaleseOne_PaperPack2.jpg

I created the Elemental 101 Accents Pack as a basic element kit with assorted items that you would need in creating layouts. Basic as these items are, they are uniquely Ztampf! with a masculine/feminine blend and of course, they work well with the Metalese Paper Packs (and most others Ztampf! kits). It is currently on SPECIAL  at 25% OFF Discount for a limited time. So grab it when you are getting the Metalese Packs!

 photo ZtampfAccents_Elemental101.jpg

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Have you seen the latest set in the popular Hipstagramix Line? Well, take a look now, if you haven’t!

Here comes Hipstagramix Painted, the third set in the Hipstagramix Series! A perfect companion to the Hipstagramix Grunge and Hipstagramix Dreamy, makes creating artistic, painterly looking photos so quick and easy.

This Hipstagramix provides you with 6 photo-edges/frames + 6 photo overlays + 6 drop shadows + a square clipping mask for the photo (6″x6″). Mix and match these elements and you will get a variety of awesome ‘filters’. Combine two or more overlays with two or more borders, you’ll get even more! Play with the opacity levels and layer blending mode – the possibilities are endless! You’ll have fun using this set and you’ll love how it transform your photos!

Let’s see at how the Z! Girls and SBG Crew are using the Hipstagramix Painted in their awesome layouts done with various Ztampf! stuff:

by Melinda

by Anna

by Lynn

by Flor

by Ann

And I got to play too… with photos I took during my trip to Bali with my youngest brother and his cute family back in February this year:

Besides the Hipstagramix Painted, I also used Balinesia Series, with the water overlay from Liquid Kit

Besides Hipstagramix Painted,I also used Treasures Accents Pack, with Water Babies background paper

Besides Hipstagramix Painted, I also used Balinesia Series

All the layouts above are done with various Ztampf! stuff available from Studio Ztampf!

In case you missed them, here are the first two sets from the Hipstagramix Line:

Hipstagramix Dreamy

Hipstagramix Grunge

See more ztampfilicious things at Studio Ztampf! now!

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If you have subscribed for Ztampfever and yet for some reasons you didn’t receive it in your mailbox, please access it from here:

Enjoy it ;)

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Once Upon A Time…

Studio Girls at SBG gathered around in the magical maya world and together they created a Creative Fusion: a plethora of small packets filled with all sorts of wondrous beautiful things, ready for you to pick and formulate your very own mixture of Creative Fusion! Take a look at my whimsical packets – there are 6 total and they work fabulously well together of course!

You can download the Free Creative Fusion – Once Upon A Time Catalog. It makes a really interesting reading while providing some indepth information about this Creative Fusion Project! Now, I also have a little gift for you to download: A Magical Water Garden QuickPage, created with my Creative Fusion – Once Upon A Time packets, Baubblettes and Dainty Blooms! Enjoy!

Take delight at these fabulous imaginative layouts done with my magic packets by the creative Z!Girls – I hope you’ll get inspired! Just click on the pictures to see their larger version complete with the full list of supplies used:

All Creative Fusion Products are currently set at 20% OFF through Wednesday, June 24th only! A good opportunity to get as many magical packets as you can at discounted pricing!

I also have a few new released products that will go well with my whimsical packets above:

Remember to help spread the word to have all Ztampf!lovers to join Ztampf! @Facebook! When we reach 500 fans, every single member of Ztampf! @Facebook will receive an Exclusive Mini Kit not available anywhere else! So go on and invite your fellow Ztampf!lovers to Ztampf! @Facebook. The Exclusive Mini Kit itself will be revealed next month!

I hope you will enjoy the little gift from me, created with my Creative Fusion – Once Upon A Time packets, Baubblettes and Dainty Blooms!

This concludes the Ztampfever #56! Don’t forget that you can get immediate updates by following @Ztampf on Twitter too!

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If you haven’t subscribed yet, it’s not too late to subscribe now as I will requeque the newsletter several times in the next few days so you can enjoy the benefit straight away :).

So what new ztampfilicious stuff have been added to the shop just hours ago? Do you like them? Wait for the newsletter before purchase them ;). I’m just sayin’.

And of course, Seashore Package Saving is also available! But yeah, I’d definitely wait for Ztampfever #46 first ;).

Happy Scrapping!

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Yay! The Ztampfever Newsletter #45 is currently being sent out to all subscribers. It will take a while as it is being sent in batches. If you are subscribed and still haven’t received it until Monday, check your junk mail folder. Make sure my email address is in your White List.

Not subscribed yet? Don’t worry. It’s not too late to subscribe now as I will requeue the newsletter several times in the next couple of days so you can enjoy the benefit straight away :).

Want a sneak peek of what’s new in the shop? Ready?

And yes, Circusoiree Package Saving is also available. But before you run to get it, please wait until you receive the Ztampfever #45. You’ll be glad you did ;). I’m just saying…

Have a wonderful weekend! Mine is ending already!

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is being sent right now! It might take a while for it to get to your inbox as it’s being processed in batches. Not subscribed yet? It’s not too late to subscribe now to enjoy the benefit straight away!

Here is a peek into the latest releases now available at Ztampf!Shop:


Enjoy your weekend and treat yourself with the versatile and beautiful Paper Park once you got  Ztampfever #44!

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Need help making special Valentine’s Cards for those special people in your life?

There are 3 sets of Mini AlbuMail included. What is Mini AlbuMail? It is a unique mini album (and a card too!) designed to be easily folded for mailing which can then be hung on the wall for display by the recipient! Each Mini AlbuMail fits 3 photos with your own title/notes plus a short letter/message on the other side. It’s as easy to use as QuickPages. The unfolded size is half A4 (vertically divided). Can be printed on A4 size or US Legal size papers. Easily re-sized down to fit the size of your paper. Full Instructions is included with the pack.

See more detailed preview of each set below:

And there’s more… You’d love this set ;)
Yup,  plant some passionate kisses on your projects with this “Been Kissed” ARTiStrokes Set! Just perfect for Valentine’s Day, Engagements and Weddings themed projects! There are a total of 24 kisses in this set: 6 Kiss Overlays – each provided in 4 luscious colors of Deep Red, Deep Peach, Bold Pink and Bold Red. Get yours now!


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So what’s new, you ask? Here they are!

Spring Festival Kit:

See the papers a bit better here:

Spring Festival Album Set is available too:

Don’t forget the Spring Festival QuickCards Set and Hong Bao Envelope Templates Set:

And rejoice to romance and the romantic:

Of course… La Durelle Package Saving is also available! But better yet… read Ztampfever #41 just released today for the benefits ;). Yes, I said benefitS ;).

Not subscribed yet? Not too late to subscribe now – the newsletter will be requequed several times within the next few days so you can enjoy the benefits right away! Go ahead!

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For this coming Chinese New Year, why not creating your very own Hong Bao to give to your kids and family members? They are easy and fun to make with this new set:

This HongBao One Envelopes Set contains 6 ‘Hong Bao’ (‘Red Pockets’ for Chinese New Year) to help you create beautifully unique ‘Hong Bao’ this coming Chinese New Year! The finished size of each pocket is 3.5″ wide x 6.5″ tall. PNG format created at 300dpi, just insert your photos/add your own greetings, then print, trim and glue together (or use double-sided sticky tape or tape gun) – quick and easy with gorgeous results that sure to impress everyone who receive them! Simple Instruction is provided with the kit. Warning: the actual set shows so much more ztampfilicious details than the preview image shown above!

The Chinese Greetings on the pockets read:
– “Gong Xi Fa Cai” means: “Congratulations and be prosperous” – the most common greetings used for Chinese New Year
– “Xinnian Kuaile” means: “Happy New Year”
– “Niannian Youyu” means: “Wishing you bountiful surpluses year after year” (it’s a word play involving the word “yu”: fish which sounds like “you”: bountiful – hence the symbolic use of fish)

Hope you’ll find them useful :). Let me know if you have any questions.

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Don’t you just love fireworks?

Isn’t now is that time of the year when soon sparkling fireworks will grace our dark evening sky? So… are you ready to welcome 2009?

Ztampf! FireWorks Paper Pack

Here is a pack of 12 fantastic FireWorks Papers to scrap the memories! They are delightfully rich, festive and elegant! Great to scrap various special occasions with fireworks in the picture: New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year, 4th of July, Disneyland visits – to name a few. Now you are ready to scrap those new year’s eve party pictures ;)

If you need some quiet solid backgrounds to work with these, you’ll find them in the BackDrops Paper Pack (only $2.50 for 16 solid background papers with subtle texture!) and in the new Shades of Black (only $1.85 for 9 textured solids in various shades of black).

Ztampf! Shades of Black Paper Pack

An indispensable pack of 9 black papers in various textures and shades for whenever you need a black paper!

Blacks… true black, blacks with a faint hint of navy blue, reddish brown, olive green, and more! With slightly grungy textures you want to touch. Get this pack today!

Hope you like them :).

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