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So I have been cooking, and discovered that I enjoy it! I don’t really follow any recipe, I would make up my own whenever I feel inspired – usually just putting things I love together, prepared in a simple way. I have always loved baked or grilled dishes, so cooking with an oven is my go to method. This one here is my newest and most successful one so far.

I came up with this chicken dish to provide a healthy, well balanced meal that is bursting with various flavours that I love: spicy, tangy, zingy, herby, with a hint of sweetness. It might be too strong for some people, so you can reduce some ingredients according to your personal taste. In fact, I can’t tell you exactly the amount of each ingredient I use because I just play it by the ear – or by my taste buds, to be more precise ;). You can prepare the seasoning paste in bulk and store it in an airtight jar in the fridge, ready to use any time. This way, you can prepare your meal very quickly!

You will need an oven for this dish.

Fhung's Garlic Chicken Recipe Layout

This layout is done with Ztampf! Metalese Two Paper Pack and elements from the Holiday Recipe Set.

Fhung’s Garlichicken


Paste à la LF
Minced Garlic
Grated Ginger
Fresh Lemon Juice
Chopped Red Chilli
Palm Sugar
Olive Oil

• Chicken Breast Fillet
– skinned, boneless
• Fresh Basil Leaves
• Prosciutto Slices
• Potatoes
• Pumpkin
• Broccoli
• Semi-dried Tomatoes


Mix in all the ingredients of the Paste in a jar with wide opening. Stir well until you reach an even blend.

Heat the oven to reach 140ºC/ 284ºF.

Get your roasting pan ready. Brush the surface lightly with olive oil.

Slice the chicken breast from the side, leaving the other side intact. Open it so it lays flat. Apply the paste generously – or to taste, interleaving with prosciutto slices and basil leaves on both sides. Close it. Apply some more paste on top of the closed chicken piece. Do this to each chicken breast piece.

Put into the roasting pan together with the potatoes, pumpkin and broccoli. You may brush them all lightly with the paste. Leave it in the oven until the outer part of the chicken starts to brown a bit. Add in the semi-dried tomatoes. Increase the heat to 180ºC/ 392ºF and leave it until the chicken surface looks deliciously brown. Turn off the oven. Serve.

That’s it! Very simple, isn’t it? I hope you’ll enjoy it! If you tried this out, please share with me :)

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I really like how Kate The Amazing One used my Another Day Kit to create this wonderful reminder:

Another Day

For those in the path of storms – literally or metaphorically, be still in the center; stay safe and come out stronger another day!

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I’ve been sooo… behind schedule in the Art Journal Caravan but I have every intention to catch up…

So here is my 3rd page – done late last night:

Credits and description could be found here:
@ Studio Ztampf! Gallery
@ Ztampfest Gallery

The verb for next one is Travel! So many possibilities to ponder with it! But at least I know that I have just the perfect kit to work with it ;).

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My stay as an Artist in Residence at Vermont Studio Center back in 2008 is still one of the most exciting, most memorable time in my life so far. Here are two photographs that always make me smile and transport me back to the unforgettable Open Studio Night… My new Fly Rebel Fly is just perfect to scrap them with!

VSC is situated in a charming small town on Johnson in Vermont. It was such an elating experience, so different from my life in metropolis Hong Kong…

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Have an especially lovely one! Enjoy 20% Off Discount @ StudioZtampf! from now thru Wed, May 12th with this coupon code: happymommaz. Have fun with it!

Share your ztampfilicious mother-related layouts with us at Ztampf! on Facebook to win a $15 StudioZtampf! Coupon! The layout could be about anything related to motherhood: about your mother, about being a mother, thoughts about motherhood, a mother’s wishes, anything at all that has anything to do with mother as long as they are created mostly with Ztampf! products. Post them here to the Fans Photos Section before Sat, May 15th 2010. Good luck!

Some layouts I did about my own mother:

I look forward to see yours :)

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Blowin’ Baubbles has just arrived at Studio Ztampf! in SBG:

I’ve made a layout with it! The AlphaSet used in the layout comes from the GelloGlass AlphaSet, which has also just been made available at Studio Ztampf!!

Now the layout:

There are two things to point out in the layout:
1. How to make the bubbles look more realistic on the photo itself
2. How to make the bubble spray appear so seamlessly floating out from the photo

Now, the keyword to question No.1 is ‘blending mode’. I use Photoshop, but I am sure that many other software have similar feature. For the bubbles that I placed on the photo, I just set the blending mode of the bubble spray layer to ‘Pin Light’: voila! The bubbles now look like an original part of the photo!

Next, but then the part of the bubbles spray outside the photo now looks funny! There is a very easy trick to fix this:
– Copy the bubbles spray layer
– Change the blending mode to ‘Normal’
– Crop the part that is overlaid on the photo (use your Lasso Tool)
Now the bubbles spray pop up even more!
Easy peasy :)

Actually, I have another version of this layout done with a different background paper! Which one you like best? The peach one above or the aqua one below?

For complete credit list of other products used in the layouts above, just click on each of the layouts above.

Well, I hope you will find this little trick useful!

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Hello readers!  Z!Girl Lynn here with my first ever blog post anywhere!  I’d like to share some exciting news with you.  One of my layouts featuring the Ztampf! Adventouriste Collection was chosen as layout of the week at Scrapbookgraphics.  My layout Paternal Heritage features just that.  I’ve highlighted my grandfather with the unique magnifying glass element found in Adventouriste Trinkets.

Here is my page:

This collection has provided me so much inspiration for my scrapping.  I hope that you find inspiration also!  Until next time, happy scrapping!

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Here are some layouts that I did using the new Adventouriste Collection:

The Old Lady of Paris

in Paris with friends

We'll Get There


Enjoy :)

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I have a new layout done, click for the detail :)

Have a nice day/night :)

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I’ve added a Closer Look Preview for the new Haberdasherie Package Saving – and also made a layout with it!

The photos of the layout below were taken on Christmas Eve of 2001, my first year in Hong Kong in my bachelorette pad. A good friend visited me with a Christmas gift – how sweet! And I still miss my tiny bachelorette pad sometimes…

Don’t forget to make use of the 25% Off Coupon from the Ztampfever #43 ;). It is valid through Mon, 23 March 2009. Don’t miss it!

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One of my early layouts got published in Somerset Memories Magazine – Dec/Jan 2009 Issue, page 55. Cool eh!

Imagine… how many women now have looked at his face! Well, at least the top half of it! Hahaha!

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The Shuffle Sale and Treasure Hunt have ended but the celebration is still on!

Let’s play the ‘Ztampfavorite Game‘! How to?

  • Post a link/url of your favorite ztampfilicious layout on the web (i.e. on online galleries) to the comment section of this blog post along with a short note on why it is your favorite.
  • The layout(s) have to be made with mostly Ztampf! products.
  • For every 10 links posted, we will randomly pick The Lucky One.
  • Both the url poster and the owner of the layout will get a Surprise Gift from Ztampf!
  • The Surprise Gift could be anything from discount coupons to gift certificates to free products to physical goods!
  • You may post your own favorite ztampfilicious layouts too – but the gift wouldn’t be doubled :).

Well, I hope you will enjoy this game! So let’s start looking and posting! Have fun :).

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To build a ROBOT using the RoboKit! Yes! This is going to be fun!

Build A Robot using the elements (and papers) in the RoboKit! You can place your Robot in a layout – as long as all the stuff you are using to build the Robot come from the RoboKit! You may recolor or crop them if necessary to build your Robot. You may also use elements from the RoboKit Ensembles. Anyone is welcome to play. Each participant can submit up to 3 Robots but only can only win 1 Prize.

Three Winners will be chosen through Voting, so make sure to get your friends to vote for your Robot! The Prize is a $20 worth of Gift Certificate for each winner. Some entries will receive Random Lucky Credits too! The values vary from $1 to $3 each! Isn’t it fun?

So go build your own Robots and upload to this album no later than the end of Thursday, Aug. 7th, 2008. (You have to be a registered user to be able to upload pictures there).

Votes are accepted until midnight of Wednesday, Aug. 13th. Vote by typing “Voted!” in the Comments (Item Actions >> Add Comment). You may vote up to three entries, but can only vote once on each entry.

Winners will be announced on the Ztampfilicious Blog and in the Ztampfever Newsletter #36 on Friday, Aug. 15th.

The RoboKit can be found HERE.

Have fun and good luck!