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Some fun new stuff have just been added to Studio Ztampf! Check them out and remember you can use the ZTAMPFDOTW 25% OFF Coupon on these too!

The new Bookmark Calendar Kits make it so easy to create unique, personalized holiday gifts quickly right at your own home! Each is available in both Letter and A4 Size Paper:

The Letter Size Version is here.

The A4 Size Version is here.

This new inspirational and motivational Inspire ARTiculate WordArt Set is especially perfect for end of the year and start of the new year projects. You can use them on the Calendar Kits too – just resize them to fit your needs!

Visit! now!

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Chinese New Year is just around the corner at February 3rd!

Send beautiful Chinese New Year cards uniquely personalized with your own photos and message to your friends and relatives! It is easy with this CNY 2011 QuickCards Set from Studio Ztampf!: 3 Designs (Cover+Inner) plus a Postcard Back. These are 2-sided tent-fold cards which you can either print on both sides of your paper, or print the inner part on a thinner fine paper then glue the spine to the fold of the front part! You can also use these cards as postcards with the included Postcard Back (just crop the front part). You can choose to have the inner part with or without photos too. Of course, you can also use these to create eCards to send online :).

The size of the cards is 5″x7″ – folded. 2 in landscape, 1 in portrait. 3 front designs: 2 in landscape, 1 in portrait – with matching inner designs, plus 2 extra options. A Postcard Back is also provided. JPG and PNG format. All created at 300dpi for optimum print out result. Questions? Comments? Just contact me anytime!

P.S. Now I am working on a set of unique, personalizable Hong Bao Set like this one – for the Year of The Rabbit!

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December 2005. It was winter in Hong Kong and I was home alone as my husband was away and wouldn’t be back until the first week of January 2006. I was into my third month of designing digital scrapbooking and Ztampf! was basically all I spent my time on then – it was my baby!

My husband and I didn’t exactly do Christmas then, we exchanged New Year’s gifts instead. So I wanted to gift him something handmade that is not only nice and unique but also useful and practical. Then I got this bright idea of making him a desk calendar that can be collapsed into a flat booklet which he can carry with him whenever he travels – which he does quite a lot. I started to make some sketches to design the look and to work out the construction part of it. After some experimentation, I arrived at what would become the basic of all the Ztampf! CraftyCalendar Kits that came after that.

Then the digital works begun: creating the tabbed pages, the dates and months, the backgrounds, etc. Being totally immersed in digital scrapbooking, of course I made use of my own designs. I used my own personal layouts that I have made since I first started digiscrapping in August 2005 to decorate the calendar pages. I loved how it looked like as if they were actual mini pages stapled or stitched onto the calendars pages! And I was so pleased with myself to come up with the idea of unique Date Markers to mark the important dates in a way that is fun, special and practical! But most of all, I couldn’t wait to see my husband’s face when he saw it later! (Yes, he loved his New Year’s gift; it was such a super special and thoughtful gift. A total surprise too!)

The finished calendar, the first ever calendar I have ever made up to that point – turned out very well! Once I figured out the construction, it was so easy to put together I decided to make another calendar to gift to my parents back in Jakarta. And then it dawn on me that anyone would be able to make their own Crafty Calendars like the ones I just did, totally personalized with their own photos and important dates marked. I just need to provide the materials and the instructions!

So I worked on it, thinking up ways to provide my customers with as many options as possible to create the most personalized, customized calendars while keeping things easy to put together. I photographed the process of making the calendar so I can show how things are done better. The most challenging part for me at that time was to put together a comprehensive instructions, when English is not my first language and I couldn’t ask my husband (who is a native speaker) to help proof-read it as he wasn’t supposed to know about the calendar yet! But I managed to pull it off! The Instructions is in PDF format so people could print it and refer to it easily while creating the calendars. And so the Ztampf! CraftyCalendar Kit was born. It appeared on the first time on Ztampf!Shop on January 5th 2006. Obviously a bit late but perhaps because there was nothing in the market like the Ztampf! CraftyCalendar Kit, people loved it and bought it. Well, it makes a great Valentine’s Day gift… and Anniversary and Birthday – if those happened to be early in the year! So the first ever Ztampf! CraftyCalendar Kit did very well despite its late release!

This is how the first ever Ztampf! CraftyCalendar looks like.

And here is how the first Ztampf! CraftyCalendar appeared in the shops!

The following year in 2006, I made some improvements for the Ztampf! CraftyCalendar 2007 Kit, incorporating some customer inputs. For example, adjusting the size to use Legal size papers instead of A4 size because it is very hard for US customers to find A4 size papers, especially for digital prints while on the other hand, it is easy to re-size down from Legal size to A4. Another thing is to provide two versions: US English with weeks start on Sunday and Global English with weeks start on Monday. Started from this year onward, individual date layers in PNG are also provided to give people greater flexibility in creating their very own calendar pages. I also improved the Folder/Stand part of the calendar; to use thicker material so it is sturdier, and to use the then new Basic Grey magnetic discs for the closure.

Beside the more paper-crafty CraftyCalendars, I also released the Poster Calendar and the QuickCard Calendars that year!

>> To Be Continued

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Yup! Ztampf! CraftyCalendar 2011 Kit is now also available in
Global English, Deutsch and Française – with weeks start on Monday!

You can start early creating your super special holiday gifts for those special people in your life now. This is a gift that will last a whole year and then get treasured for years to come!

See what’s included in the kit:

Remember that the 30% OFF Discount Coupon given in the Ztampfever #58.2 is valid for all versions of the Ztampf! CraftyCalendar 2011 Kit! The coupon is good through end of this month, so don’t miss out! Get yours now.

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It’s being sent in batches so it might take some time to reach you. You could also read the Ztampfever #49 here.

For those been waiting for the Ztampf! MINI CraftyCalendar 2010 Kit, it is here: Global English Version and US English Version. UPDATED: Deutsche Version is now available too!

And there is a brand new little thing for your Halloween projects too:

Now get your discount coupon from the Ztampfever #49 ;).

Have a wonderful week ahead!

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Have you seen it?

Start creating your extra special and unique Christmas/New Year gifts now! Ztampf! CraftyCalendars make fabulous gifts that last for a whole year and then some! I know many customers whose loved ones have came to expect a Ztampf! CraftyCalendars every year now! Just like my own family members :). Fully customizable with your very own photographs, date markers, notes and more, Ztampf! CraftyCalendars are made with loving attention to be collect, cherished and treasured year after year.

Currently Ztampf! CraftyCalendars is available in US English (weeks start on Sunday) and Global English (weeks start on Monday). Deutsche Version and Version Française are coming up next! Don’t forget to make use of the coupons in the Ztampfever #47 before you go purchasing the Ztampf! CraftyCalendars!


ZtampfCraftyCal2010L_DemoZtampfCraftyCal2010L_ContentEnjoy creating your super special Ztampf! CraftyCalendars! Email me should you need any help with it :). Happy scrafting!

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Need help making special Valentine’s Cards for those special people in your life?

There are 3 sets of Mini AlbuMail included. What is Mini AlbuMail? It is a unique mini album (and a card too!) designed to be easily folded for mailing which can then be hung on the wall for display by the recipient! Each Mini AlbuMail fits 3 photos with your own title/notes plus a short letter/message on the other side. It’s as easy to use as QuickPages. The unfolded size is half A4 (vertically divided). Can be printed on A4 size or US Legal size papers. Easily re-sized down to fit the size of your paper. Full Instructions is included with the pack.

See more detailed preview of each set below:

And there’s more… You’d love this set ;)
Yup,  plant some passionate kisses on your projects with this “Been Kissed” ARTiStrokes Set! Just perfect for Valentine’s Day, Engagements and Weddings themed projects! There are a total of 24 kisses in this set: 6 Kiss Overlays – each provided in 4 luscious colors of Deep Red, Deep Peach, Bold Pink and Bold Red. Get yours now!


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Need help to create unique Valentine’s Cards for your loved ones? Enters Amore TentFold Cards Set:

This Amore TentFold Cards Kit contains 3 sets of tent-fold cards, the finished card is 5″x7″ folded. Each set has Outer Side and Inner Side parts that you can use together or separately or mix and match as you like. Personalize with your own photos and message. Use them as TwoFold cards, Doubled-Sided Cards, Postcards, Mini Albums, etc. Instruction is provided with the kit.

The variety offered in this set makes it perfect for Valentine’s Day, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Thank You notes… and more.

The structure of the finished cards look like the ones shown  here.
If you have any questions, just e-mail me!

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So what’s new, you ask? Here they are!

Spring Festival Kit:

See the papers a bit better here:

Spring Festival Album Set is available too:

Don’t forget the Spring Festival QuickCards Set and Hong Bao Envelope Templates Set:

And rejoice to romance and the romantic:

Of course… La Durelle Package Saving is also available! But better yet… read Ztampfever #41 just released today for the benefits ;). Yes, I said benefitS ;).

Not subscribed yet? Not too late to subscribe now – the newsletter will be requequed several times within the next few days so you can enjoy the benefits right away! Go ahead!

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For this coming Chinese New Year, why not creating your very own Hong Bao to give to your kids and family members? They are easy and fun to make with this new set:

This HongBao One Envelopes Set contains 6 ‘Hong Bao’ (‘Red Pockets’ for Chinese New Year) to help you create beautifully unique ‘Hong Bao’ this coming Chinese New Year! The finished size of each pocket is 3.5″ wide x 6.5″ tall. PNG format created at 300dpi, just insert your photos/add your own greetings, then print, trim and glue together (or use double-sided sticky tape or tape gun) – quick and easy with gorgeous results that sure to impress everyone who receive them! Simple Instruction is provided with the kit. Warning: the actual set shows so much more ztampfilicious details than the preview image shown above!

The Chinese Greetings on the pockets read:
– “Gong Xi Fa Cai” means: “Congratulations and be prosperous” – the most common greetings used for Chinese New Year
– “Xinnian Kuaile” means: “Happy New Year”
– “Niannian Youyu” means: “Wishing you bountiful surpluses year after year” (it’s a word play involving the word “yu”: fish which sounds like “you”: bountiful – hence the symbolic use of fish)

Hope you’ll find them useful :). Let me know if you have any questions.

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Chinese New Year is just around the corner! Here’s a kit to help you create your very own Chinese New Year Greeting Cards. It’s versatile because versions without the Chinese Greeting are also provided so you can use these cards for various other occasions from Weddings to Birthdays to Anniversary to Babies and more! These cards were created using mostly the brand new upcoming Spring Festival Kit! So watch out for it ;).

And don’t forget… The Calendar SALE is ON!


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A while ago, KOLO USA asked me to use their albums as a way to show some creative uses of KOLO versatile albums. I have four albums shown in a KOLO event at C!ty’Super, Hong Kong in October 2008. I really enjoyed working with KOLO Albums – creating mixed-media and hybrid pages. What I love most about it is how versatile KOLO Albums are. Their post-bound system enables me to rearrange my pages quickly. Also, I can easily add more pages as I created more.

And these albums have been featured in KOLOIST, the KOLO official blog! Check them out:

I have also uploaded photos of the albums’ content to the Ztampfest Gallery here where you can browse most of the pages I did. I try to give as detailed supply info when possible, along with some technical notes. While ordering photobooks online is fast and easy, creating your own hybrid albums is so much more fun and personal, I think! Plus, you have the flexibility to re-arrange your pages and let your album grow as you created more pages. Oh and I personally think they will make gorgeous holiday gifts ;).

– “Childhood Memories” – a Hybrid album in KOLO Newbury with Chartreuse cover

– “Soar” – another Hybrid album in KOLO Noci with Cobalt cover

– “Artisting” – a mixed-media art album in KOLO Noci with Mango cover

– “Flight” – a straight forward printed digital layouts in KOLO Newport with Chocolate cover

Enjoy! Hope they will inspire you to create your own!

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Have you seen this latest addition to Ztampf! Shop?

Available in US English and Global English Versions

Use them to make Postcards, Tent-Fold Greeting Cards, Two-Fold Greeting Cards, Fridge Magnet Cards… The QuickCards can be used to make a mini album too! These make great gifts and keepsakes for your loved ones and yourself :).

What’s included in the pack:
• 3 5×7 inches Card Calendar pages in PNG format and transparent windows for your photos
• 3 5×7 inches QuickCards in PNG format and transparent windows for your photos
• 3 Styles of Dates Overlay (2009) in PNG format with transparent background for you to use with any papers/kits you want to create your calendars from scratch.
• 6 Unique Date Markers in PNG format as reminders for those important dates!
• 3 sets of matching Card Covers (spread, 10×7 inches)
• 1 Postcard Back
• 1 Tent-Fold Card Template
• Instructions with Illustrations

Created using various recent Ztampf! kits at 300dpi for optimum print out result. These are designed to fit into an A3 size paper to result in 5×7 cards but can be easily re-size down to fit into Letter Size, Legal Size, and other paper sizes. For Tips and Tutorials on resizing, click here.

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