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An Exclusive Gift for Ztampfever Subscribers!

Just click the image below to download your gift… Enjoy!

Click To Download A QuickPage Gift - 6 April 2013

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Click To Download Fhung's Roman Teal Paris ClockFace

Inspired by a couple of Pinterest finds:
1. Use an embroidery hoop to make a clock. This is such a brilliant idea!
2. The right look and colors for a clock face.

So I combined those two ideas and went on designing my own clock face, printed it on a canvas (with my Canon Pro9500 Mark II printer at home), coated it with acrylic medium for protection, and then mounted in on a 10 inches diam. embroidery hoop. The pretty clock hands are from Etsy. This clock (the large pic on the right above) is now hanging on the wall in my computer room!

Then I just to make some more… I happened to have these little circle canvases stretch over a wooden frame: one is 10 cm diam., the other is 8 cm. So they are pretty small. For these two, I used copper sheets to create the rim, held in place with several nails. The 10 cm diam. can be displayed just as is, or perched on a candle holder like a mini clock tower. It is now sitting on a shelf in our dining/living room while the 8 cm diam. one is hung on a cabinet door in my art studio.

I can’t wait to get more embroidery hoops and to design some new clock faces!

You can download the clock faces pictured above to make your own clocks if you want: just click the image above! The zipped folder contains the clock face in 8 cm diam., 10 cm diam. and 10 inches diam. – all in high resolution JPG format. Enjoy!

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It is the twelfth day of the twelfth month and see what this ‘Santa Ztampf!‘ brings for you!

Click To Download Ztampf! Santa Brings Goodies
Ztampf! Santa Brings Goodies

There is another goodies today brought to you by one of our own SBG Crew, Floh so visit her blog now!
And don’t forget to visitTangie tomorrow to help yourself to her wondrous goodies!

Before you go, if you haven’t subscribed to Ztampfever Newsletter, do so now as the next one will be released on Dec. 15th and you wouldn’t want to miss it ;)

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Lookie here… this cute little rebel of a nephew! If you like this layout, you can download it as a QuickPage here and use your own photo and write your own notes there. It is created with the brand new Fly Rebel Fly Mini Kit available at Studio Ztampf! Enjoy!

Free Fly Rebel Fly QuickPage

P.S. Did you know that there are many free samplers that you can download from Ztampf! site? You can no longer shop there but you can still download the free samplers and gifts :). To shop for ztampfilicious goodness, just head over to Studio Ztampf!

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Have you seen the Creative Fusion – Once Upon A Time at SBG? There are tons of gorgeous products there and everything is 20% OFF through June 24th only! So hurry up and make good of this opportunity!

But before you go, just in case you haven’t downloaded A Magical Water Garden QuickPage that I created with some of my Creative Fusion – Once Upon A Time products: Water Babies PaperPack, Treasure Elements and Ocean Swirls ARTiStrokes – plus Baubblettes and Dainty Blooms – here is the preview! Just click on it to download it. It is a 12″x12″ QuickPage in PNG format, 300dpi. Enjoy!

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Once Upon A Time…

Studio Girls at SBG gathered around in the magical maya world and together they created a Creative Fusion: a plethora of small packets filled with all sorts of wondrous beautiful things, ready for you to pick and formulate your very own mixture of Creative Fusion! Take a look at my whimsical packets – there are 6 total and they work fabulously well together of course!

You can download the Free Creative Fusion – Once Upon A Time Catalog. It makes a really interesting reading while providing some indepth information about this Creative Fusion Project! Now, I also have a little gift for you to download: A Magical Water Garden QuickPage, created with my Creative Fusion – Once Upon A Time packets, Baubblettes and Dainty Blooms! Enjoy!

Take delight at these fabulous imaginative layouts done with my magic packets by the creative Z!Girls – I hope you’ll get inspired! Just click on the pictures to see their larger version complete with the full list of supplies used:

All Creative Fusion Products are currently set at 20% OFF through Wednesday, June 24th only! A good opportunity to get as many magical packets as you can at discounted pricing!

I also have a few new released products that will go well with my whimsical packets above:

Remember to help spread the word to have all Ztampf!lovers to join Ztampf! @Facebook! When we reach 500 fans, every single member of Ztampf! @Facebook will receive an Exclusive Mini Kit not available anywhere else! So go on and invite your fellow Ztampf!lovers to Ztampf! @Facebook. The Exclusive Mini Kit itself will be revealed next month!

I hope you will enjoy the little gift from me, created with my Creative Fusion – Once Upon A Time packets, Baubblettes and Dainty Blooms!

This concludes the Ztampfever #56! Don’t forget that you can get immediate updates by following @Ztampf on Twitter too!

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For those who have been waiting patiently for the release of RoboKit Series at Studio Ztampf! @ SBG, here it comes! The new RoboKit AlphaSet is freshly made for this release – I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

And here is a Free Gift for you – a cool 12″x12″ QuickPage created with the RoboKit Series. Click the sample layout made with the QuickPage below to download the PNG QuickPage and enjoy!

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A traveling edition – published early while I have a reliable internet connection:

What’s Up?

I’m having an adventure on a 6-week journey so this would be a very brief edition. But guess what: I have something for you! Just click on the image below to download it! It is a “Bon Voyage” stamps in three finishes:

In case you haven’t noticed it, the Paper Park Series is now available at Studio Ztampf! in SBG. It consists of the Paper Park Kit, Paper Park Ensembles, Paper Park QuickPage Album and Paper Pack Package Saving which wil give you all three packs above plus a BONUS. If you have never seen this series before, check it out now!

If I could get a good internet connection next week, you can expect to see Structure Kit and Structure Add-On Pack available at Studio Ztampf! in SBG. So please wish me luck with it *smile*.

Coming up on the following week afterwards would be the Robokit Series – I know many of you have been expecting it for sometimes now *wink*.

That’s all for now! I hope you’ll enjoy using the “Bon Voyage” stamps!

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Enjoy this second serving of Ztampfever #53:

Ztampf! AdventouristeCollection

Adventouriste = Adventure + Tourist + Artiste.
Adventure: an exciting or remarkable experience, an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks.
Tourist: one that makes a tour for pleasure or culture.
Artiste: an artistic or creative person.

It all started out with wings. I wanted to create an accents pack filled with various kinds of wings. I have always loved wings. Some people said I am obsessed with wings. They could be right. After all, I did created many wings for my many art projects, started with flight and continued on to my latest, the ‘Dream Archives Projects’. The wings got me thinking about time and so I created the ‘Pieces Of Time’. Then I thought why not creating some papers to go with them? Next it got me thinking about steampunk – which I have always had an affinity with, and then I was thinking about travels too as I’m going on a 6-week trip very soon – and finally, about adventure! To close down Ztampf!Shop and go totally exclusive at SBG is definitely a new adventure to me! So, it is more than appropriate that this Adventouriste Collection should be debuting at Studio Ztampf! along with my exclusive debut at SBG.

And let me tell you that I am truly excited about this massive Collection! It has taken me countless intensive hours to complete it. I honestly think this is a truly ztampfilicious collection! It is super versatile for various projects, filled with scrumptiously unique elements you won’t find anywhere else which you will find yourself reaching for – time and again.

The Adventouriste Collection – Package Saving is now available at Studio Ztampf!. Individual packs from the collection will be released over the next following days. Save a huge $40.65 when you purchase the Adventouriste Collection – Package Saving. Remember that you can also use the special coupon given in the Part 1 of Ztampfever No.53 to get this ztampfabulous Adventouriste Collection to get an ever bigger saving if you wish!

Here are a few layouts done by the fabulous Z!Girls with the Adventouriste Collection – more will be posted in the next following days in Ztampfilicious Blog:

by Tracy

by Tracy

by Lynn

by Lynn

by Amson

by Amson

Now, to celebrate the Grand Opening of Studio Ztampf! @ SBG, I have a Free Gift with any purchase! You will get this delicate nano kit when you make any purchase at Studio Ztampf! between Mon, March 1st – Wed, March 3rd 2010 (US EST). So act fast!
Ztampf! NOW Exclusively @ SBG
Within 2 x 24 hours of completing your order, you will receive an email with the special coupon code to get the “Exclusive @ SBG” nano kit for free. So please make sure to add [email protected] and [email protected] to your address book/white list to prevent the email with the coupon code from being dumped into your junk mail folder.

And then of course you can also use the 20% OFF Discount Coupon given to the wider public.
This coupon is valid through Friday, March 5th (US EST).

That’s not all! I have a little gift for you right now – just click on the preview image below to download it. It is a 12″x12″ QuickPage created with the Adventouriste Collection:
ZtampfGift Adventouriste

Watch out for more behind-the-scenes stories on the Adventouriste Collection at Ztampfilicious Blog in the next following days. I will be posting previews of individual packs of the Adventouriste Collection as they are made available at Studio Ztampf! @ SBG.

That’s all for now, folks! Enjoy all the coupons and goodies!
Until next Ztampfever!

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