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This is my latest favorite book! I regretted when I finished reading it because I wanted to read more! It is full of little stories about all those fonts whose name and look are so familiar and yet I didn’t know much if at all about their designer or how they came about into being. It is like reading about your dear old friends – so familiar – that you are so fond of, and yet knew very little about their life and history. It’s like getting to know your friends – that is, your favorite fonts – better. There are struggles, impressive feats and funny bits. You’d respect real font designers even more.

Simply put, it is entertaining and informative, a delight to behold too – set in beautiful fonts! If you like fonts, enjoy working with them, then get this book. You won’t regret it.

(Thanks to my thoughtful husband who gifted this book to me :). He definitely knows me very well!).

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