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Exactly 5 years ago I sent out Ztampfever Newsletter No.2, introducing my first ever digital scrapbooking kits and the opening of Ztampf!Shop, where I first started offering my digital scrapbooking products for sale. I was a total newbie then, and the digital scrapbooking world was still very young. There was no place to announce the opening of Ztampf! and so it went without fanfare. I still remember the giddy excitement and wonderment when I got my first order! I had no idea how this person found my shop! So… if you are reading this, please check your mailbox shortly for a $50 Gift Certificate good for any Ztampf! goodies at Studio Ztampf! as a token of my gratitude.

I would also like to thank all my customers whose continuous support and patronage keep Ztampf! in business all these years! Please enjoy this 50% OFF Coupon, valid on anything at Studio Ztampf! for 25 hours only – starting NOW: ztampfifthbd. Have fun with it! But wait before you jump into the shop! We have so many fun planned to celebrate Ztampf! 5th Anniversary!

To start with, I have revamped and re-released my first ever digikits, the Floralique Classic and Floralique Autumnz as the Floralique Package! The Package includes both Floralique Classic and Floralique Autumnz with some new papers and elements added, plus the Ruzty AlphaSets (Ruzty, Ruzty Ovals and Ruzty Tiles) and newly created Floralique Ensembles Set and QuickPage Album. All of this for just $2.99 from now through September 30th! A truly ztampfantastic deal as Floralique is timeless and versatile!

Are you ready for the party now? Join us for the Ztampf! 5th Anniversary Chat at SBG Chat Room:

You wouldn’t want to miss this chat: there will be fun games hosted by our very own Kate with special prizes for 5 lucky winners: a unique necklace with ceramic and silver beads and leather string handmade by me + 25% Discount Coupon for 2 winners and a $5 Coupon for 3 winners. So mark the date now: Thursday, September 16th at 9 PM US EST (in different time zone? Just use Time Zone Converter!).

Love challenges? Well, this one provides you with a template created by the wonderful Z!Girl, Lynn Zant! The Prizes are really ztampfuntastic too – plus, all participants will get a Posting Bonus Pack! Surely you wouldn’t want to miss any of these! The exact URL for the Challenge will be announced through Ztampf! Facebook, Twitter and Blog as soon as it is posted. Hint: it will be in SBG Challenges Forum.

We also have a fun game at SBG Contests Forum where a lot of people can get a lot of chances to win. The exact URL for the post will be announced through Ztampf! Facebook, Twitter and Blog as soon as it goes live.

Now please welcome the brand new magical ztampfuntabulous dreamy Nocturn Delights Series:

Luscious, opulent and gorgeous, this dreamy series is filled with imaginative luminous things you will find to be versatile for various themes from fantasy to summer garden parties to autumn evening gatherings to celebrations, birthdays and romance. Take a closer look and get your creative sparks ignited!

Also available as separate packs:
Nocturn Delights Kit, Nocturn Delights Ensembles Set and Nocturn Delights QuickPage Album.

Don’t forget your 50% OFF Coupon, valid on anything at Studio Ztampf! for 25 hours only – starting NOW: ztampfifthbd. Make good use of it!

Aaand… Remember to tell all your fellow Ztampf! lovers to join Ztampf!@ Facebook. When we reach 500 fans, every single member of Ztampf! @Facebook will receive an Exclusive Mini Kit not available anywhere else! We are getting closer so go on and invite your fellow Ztampf!lovers to hit this Like Button   and bring them all to Ztampf! @Facebook.

Hope to see you all at the Ztampf! 5th Anniversary Chat at SBG Chat Room this Thursday, September 16th at 9 PM US EST (in different time zone? Just use Time Zone Converter!). Don’t miss it!

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A while ago, KOLO USA asked me to use their albums as a way to show some creative uses of KOLO versatile albums. I have four albums shown in a KOLO event at C!ty’Super, Hong Kong in October 2008. I really enjoyed working with KOLO Albums – creating mixed-media and hybrid pages. What I love most about it is how versatile KOLO Albums are. Their post-bound system enables me to rearrange my pages quickly. Also, I can easily add more pages as I created more.

And these albums have been featured in KOLOIST, the KOLO official blog! Check them out:

I have also uploaded photos of the albums’ content to the Ztampfest Gallery here where you can browse most of the pages I did. I try to give as detailed supply info when possible, along with some technical notes. While ordering photobooks online is fast and easy, creating your own hybrid albums is so much more fun and personal, I think! Plus, you have the flexibility to re-arrange your pages and let your album grow as you created more pages. Oh and I personally think they will make gorgeous holiday gifts ;).

– “Childhood Memories” – a Hybrid album in KOLO Newbury with Chartreuse cover

– “Soar” – another Hybrid album in KOLO Noci with Cobalt cover

– “Artisting” – a mixed-media art album in KOLO Noci with Mango cover

– “Flight” – a straight forward printed digital layouts in KOLO Newport with Chocolate cover

Enjoy! Hope they will inspire you to create your own!

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