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Ztampf! is entering its 11th year this year, and it is quite a long time! With what’s been going on in my life the past few years, I haven’t been designing much for Ztampf! I need a fresh change to re-charge and rejuvenate my Ztampfiliciousness. Hence, after much considerations I have concluded that an official hiatus is in order. During my hiatus, my studio at SBG would be temporarily closed, to be re-opened after my hiatus ended. I can’t tell yet how long it will be, but I will be back one day – sooner or later!

Meanwhile… Enjoy Ztampf! HIATUS SALE from now through 3 April 2016! 30% Off Discount will be automatically applied to your shopping cart! But scroll down first before you head off to Studio Ztampf! :

Ztampf! HIATUS SALE - 30% OFF through 3 April 2016

If you are a Ztampfever subscriber, you are entitled to a special discount coupon which would give you an even more discount on top of the 30% off HIATUS SALE – bringing it to a total of 46% Off Discount! A great opportunity to fulfill your ztampfilicious wish list and stock up!  Check your mailbox for an email with: { Ztampfever } SALE ALERT on the subject to get the Exclusive Coupon Code! Enjoy!

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Lookie here – a Discount Coupon for you!

20% OFF Discount Coupon @ Studio Ztampf! -

Use Coupon Code ZTAMPFRIGHT20 to receive 20% OFF Discount on your next purchase at Studio Ztampf! from now through October 29th, 2012. Valid for anything there! Do not miss this ;)

Just in time for Halloween, here comes Hipstagramix Halloween!

Hipstagramix Halloween at
Hipstagramix Halloween at
Hipstagramix Halloween at

Here comes the fourth set in the Hipstagramix Series! Just in time for a ztampfrightastic Halloween, now in larger size at 9 x 9 inches! A perfect companion to the Hipstagramix Grunge, Hipstagramix Dreamy and Hipstagramix Painted, makes creating artistic, painterly looking photos so quick and easy.

My dear brother gifted me an iPhone and two of the apps that I most often use are Hipstamatic and Instagram. They make taking cool looking photos very easy and fun with their arrays of photo edges and filters. This has inspired me to create this set that I named Hipstagramix in homage to the source of the inspiration. Your photos will look instantly hip with Hipstagramix!

This Hipstagramix provides you with 6 photo-edges/frames + 6 photo overlays + 6 drop shadows + a square clipping mask for the photo (9″x9″). Mix and match these elements and you will get a variety of awesome ‘filters’. Combine two or more overlays with two or more borders, you’ll get even more! Play with the opacity levels and layer blending mode – the possibilities are endless! You’ll have fun using this set and you’ll love how it transform your photos!

See how it’s being used in layouts – mostly done with Haunting Pirates and Ghostown Series:

Find more ztampfrightastic Halloween stuff here at

Now don’t forget to make use of your Discount Coupon above ;). Have a wonderful weekend!

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It’s the end of September and autumn is coming in some parts of the world! 30th of September is the expiry date of the ZTAMPF7TH 30% OFF Discount Coupon! Have you used yours yet? If not, here are some suggestions on what to use it for! Some of my personal favorites for autumn:

The Floralique Collection is a timeless series filled with unique elements, great for autumn projects and beyond. Also available as separate packs, but you will save big with the Collection – especially when combined with the ZTAMPF7TH 30% OFF Discount Coupon!

The Nocturn Delights Series evokes magical atmosphere filled with imaginative joyful things, wonderful for various projects. I was thinking of dreamy mid-summer night parties with dancing children and fairies…

And now, for the excitingly spookilicious selection for your Halloween projects!

I created this Ghostown Series back in 2008 and it remains one of my most favorite kits I ever made. I still remember the moment I got the inspiration to create the luminous, wispy ghost overlays and how it then developed into a full grown kit filled with ztampfilicious gothic decadence crafted in fine details. The Ghostown proved to be a versatile series too – great for projects beyond Halloween!

Ghostown Package Saving

If you’re into pirates… Well, this one is just for you! I vividly recall the joyful thrill I felt when working on this Haunting Pirates Series… drawing the wispy cobweb strands one by one, painting in details unto the gleaming skulls, putting together the floating, ghostly skeletons, forging the swords, dabbing the blood stains… Well… see them for yourself:

The Masqueradia Set is just awesome for costume parties, it is easy to make with fabulous results! I’ve used them myself for a few Halloween parties :)

There are more to choose from, just don’t forget to make use of your 30% Discount Coupon which valid through September 30th only! Hurry Up!

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Yes, Studio Ztampf! is the Designer of the Week at SBG this week.

25% OFF Discount Coupon for Studio Ztampf! - ztampfdotw

Use coupon code ‘ztampfdotw‘ (without the quotes) to receive 25% OFF your next purchase at Studio Ztampf!

The coupon is good for anything there through 14 November 2011. Don’t miss the opportunity to stock up your ztampfilicious stash!

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Yes, there is finally a brand new kit in Studio Ztampf!
And guess what? With coupon code koleksosial you can get this Collect Kit at 20% OFF!
But don’t wait too long, this coupon is good through Fri, Aug. 12th only. You’ve been warned ;)

Don’t forget:
20% OFF for Collect Kit through this Friday only with coupon code koleksosial

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                    What’s The News?

Wow, 2010 is almost half-way through! How time flies! I hope it’s been a good first half-year for you all! And I wish you an even better half.

These days everybody seems to be on Facebook. Are you? Have you been to Ztampf!@ Facebook lately? Please help spread the word to have all Ztampf!lovers to join there! When we reach 500 fans, every single member of Ztampf! @Facebook will receive an Exclusive Mini Kit not available anywhere else! So go on and invite your fellow Ztampf!lovers to Ztampf! @Facebook. The Exclusive Mini Kit itself will be revealed next month!

I have been participating in quite a few collaboration projects recently. One of them is a very exciting project that will be revealed on June 21st – if everything goes according to schedule. Some elements used in this newsletter are taken from this project. Can you guess which one? You will get to hear all about it in the Part 2 of this newsletter which I will publish as soon as possible. I also have a couple of BRAND NEW products in the store! More on this below.

Another collab project that I’m participating in will also be revealed later around that week. Depending on when exactly it is revealed, I will update you through Twitter and Facebook. So stay tuned!

And then there is the “Bring On The Music” – organized by Studio Mgl to help raising some fund to gift a keyboard to her best friend who is a talented and struggling musician, badly in need of a decent keyboard to be able to continue with his work. I love music, I love working while listening to music. As an artist who often struggling myself, I am more than happy to support the cause. Why don’t you check out the kit – it is a great kit packed with cool music-related stuff with many designers participating! This kit will be retired at the end of the June, so grab it now while you can!

Finally, I’m also participating in the “Exotic Bali” Kit at TDS. It is a rich kit created by many Asian digiscrap designer. My part of the kit works wonderfully well with my “Balinesia” Series, which recently has been made available at Studio Ztampf! Don’t miss the article I wrote on Bali there too , especially if you are planning to visit!

These following previously released products have also been made available at Studio Ztampf! recently. “Syrin Seamstress” Kit has been revamped with some new elements added and minor tweaking on some of the papers and elements. The “Frayed Folds Layered Templates” and “Pink’n Frayed Layered Templates” are both available in Layered PSD, Layered TIFF and PNG formats.

So I’ve been busy, but that’s not all! I have a couple of BRAND NEW products too! They are something to add to your essential arsenal as you’ll be sure to reach for them often for their versatility and of course, timeless beauty *smile*. I hope you like them:

If you haven’t done so, you might want to browse Ztampf! Gallery at SBG for some inspirations. Don’t forget to check out the Ztampf! CT Gallery there too. The talented Z!Girls have been putting out many fabulous pages recently!

Remember: to get immediate updates on anything Ztampf! you can also follow Ztampf! on Twitter. Besides tweeting about anything related to Ztampf!, I sometimes tweet about some stuff that I came across online that I found very interesting or inspiring – which I hope you will enjoy too.

In closing, here is a 20% OFF Discount Coupon that you can use with anything at Studio Ztampf! when you spend $8 or more there. The code is: naturallydainty and it is good through Sunday, June 20th. Valid for products under Studio Ztampf! only (collab products are not eligible). Have fun with it!

Don’t forget to check back for the Part 2 of Ztampf!ever #56! If you’re subscribed already, you’ll be notified as usual! Until then!

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                    Look who’s here!

It’s Lil’Lance! He is my nephew from my youngest brother who lives in Jakarta. He was born last year on the first of September and oh boy, he is such an adorable cheerful baby! And so I created this brand new Lil’Lance Series for him! True to his cheery personality, this series is bursting with happy bright colors and fun cute pals in the form of floppy animals fashioned from finest digital materials crafted by his proud auntie *smile*. I’m tellin’ ya, this kit took way longer time to complete than I thought! I hope you’ll like it:

As usual, a matching Lil’Lance Ensembles and Lil’Lance QuickPage Album is also available as well as Lil’Lance Package Saving! With the Lil’Lance Package Saving, you will save as much as $7.00! Awesome eh! Oh and you can see pictures of cheery Lil’ Lance himself in my layouts here.

Now have you been browsing Ztampf! Gallery at SBG lately? Take a look for some inspirations. Don’t forget to check out the Ztampf!Ztampf! CT Gallery there too – the Z!Girls have been putting out quite a few amazingly gorgeous pages recently *smile*.

While we’re on the topic, please vote for Lynn’s Heritage Page created with Ztampf! Adventouriste Collection HERE! It is a very beautiful layout – it’s one of my favorites of hers! Thanks in advance *smile*.

Any of you on Twitter? I have finally joined in and still learning how to use it. You are more than welcome to follow Ztampf! on Twitter! I plan to tweet any updates pertaining to Ztampf! so if you’d like to get immediate updates, just follow @Ztampf. I promise not to tweet too often though! *laugh*

Did you know that I’ll be sponsoring the chat over at SBG this Tuesday, May 18th? Well, I’ll be there to join the fun for sure! Yes, there will be fun games and prizes and pssst… I’m preparing a little something for those attending too! So be sure to be there: Tuesday, May 18th – 9 PM EST at Studio Chat. I’ve been told that the chats there are hilariously fun! Hope to see you all there!

In closing, here is a 20% OFF Discount Coupon that you can use with anything at Studio Ztampf! The code is: happyztampfing and it is good through Sunday, May 23rd. Have fun with it!

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Have an especially lovely one! Enjoy 20% Off Discount @ StudioZtampf! from now thru Wed, May 12th with this coupon code: happymommaz. Have fun with it!

Share your ztampfilicious mother-related layouts with us at Ztampf! on Facebook to win a $15 StudioZtampf! Coupon! The layout could be about anything related to motherhood: about your mother, about being a mother, thoughts about motherhood, a mother’s wishes, anything at all that has anything to do with mother as long as they are created mostly with Ztampf! products. Post them here to the Fans Photos Section before Sat, May 15th 2010. Good luck!

Some layouts I did about my own mother:

I look forward to see yours :)

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Enjoy this second serving of Ztampfever #53:

Ztampf! AdventouristeCollection

Adventouriste = Adventure + Tourist + Artiste.
Adventure: an exciting or remarkable experience, an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks.
Tourist: one that makes a tour for pleasure or culture.
Artiste: an artistic or creative person.

It all started out with wings. I wanted to create an accents pack filled with various kinds of wings. I have always loved wings. Some people said I am obsessed with wings. They could be right. After all, I did created many wings for my many art projects, started with flight and continued on to my latest, the ‘Dream Archives Projects’. The wings got me thinking about time and so I created the ‘Pieces Of Time’. Then I thought why not creating some papers to go with them? Next it got me thinking about steampunk – which I have always had an affinity with, and then I was thinking about travels too as I’m going on a 6-week trip very soon – and finally, about adventure! To close down Ztampf!Shop and go totally exclusive at SBG is definitely a new adventure to me! So, it is more than appropriate that this Adventouriste Collection should be debuting at Studio Ztampf! along with my exclusive debut at SBG.

And let me tell you that I am truly excited about this massive Collection! It has taken me countless intensive hours to complete it. I honestly think this is a truly ztampfilicious collection! It is super versatile for various projects, filled with scrumptiously unique elements you won’t find anywhere else which you will find yourself reaching for – time and again.

The Adventouriste Collection – Package Saving is now available at Studio Ztampf!. Individual packs from the collection will be released over the next following days. Save a huge $40.65 when you purchase the Adventouriste Collection – Package Saving. Remember that you can also use the special coupon given in the Part 1 of Ztampfever No.53 to get this ztampfabulous Adventouriste Collection to get an ever bigger saving if you wish!

Here are a few layouts done by the fabulous Z!Girls with the Adventouriste Collection – more will be posted in the next following days in Ztampfilicious Blog:

by Tracy

by Tracy

by Lynn

by Lynn

by Amson

by Amson

Now, to celebrate the Grand Opening of Studio Ztampf! @ SBG, I have a Free Gift with any purchase! You will get this delicate nano kit when you make any purchase at Studio Ztampf! between Mon, March 1st – Wed, March 3rd 2010 (US EST). So act fast!
Ztampf! NOW Exclusively @ SBG
Within 2 x 24 hours of completing your order, you will receive an email with the special coupon code to get the “Exclusive @ SBG” nano kit for free. So please make sure to add [email protected] and [email protected] to your address book/white list to prevent the email with the coupon code from being dumped into your junk mail folder.

And then of course you can also use the 20% OFF Discount Coupon given to the wider public.
This coupon is valid through Friday, March 5th (US EST).

That’s not all! I have a little gift for you right now – just click on the preview image below to download it. It is a 12″x12″ QuickPage created with the Adventouriste Collection:
ZtampfGift Adventouriste

Watch out for more behind-the-scenes stories on the Adventouriste Collection at Ztampfilicious Blog in the next following days. I will be posting previews of individual packs of the Adventouriste Collection as they are made available at Studio Ztampf! @ SBG.

That’s all for now, folks! Enjoy all the coupons and goodies!
Until next Ztampfever!

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This is Part 1 of Ztampfever No.53. Part 2 will be released next weekend (either Sat, 27 Feb.. or Sun. 28 Feb.). Enjoy!

Life is A Constant Change…

Yes, changes are afoot and a major one is coming soon at Ztampf!Shop
But, before we go into details on that, let’s see what’s new there, shall we?

If you like the Tressa ARTiStrokes, you might like the brand new Tressa2 ARTiStrokes:

The Antique Gold and Rainbow versions here are lighter and slightly brighter than in Tressa ARTiStrokes. Tressa2 ARTiStrokes sure is a wonderful addition to your elegant flourishes and swirls collection!

Now let’s get to the changes mentioned above!
As of Monday, March 1st 2010 onwards, Ztampf! products will be exclusively available only from Studio Ztampf! at ScrapbookGraphics here: You might want to bookmark this link now. Use coupon code ZtampfWelcomeU to receive 30% Off Discount for your first Ztampf! purchase at Studio Ztampf! there.

You will still be able to access your account and download your previous purchases at Ztampf!Shop and also to continue browsing there. But, as of March 1st 2010, Ztampf! products will only be available for purchase at Studio Ztampf!. Ztampf!Shop will serve more like a ‘showroom’ or a product catalog where you can see the products but in order to purchase them, you will have to go to the shop – which is Studio Ztampf!. Although you might still be able to add products into your cart at Ztampf!Shop after February 28th 2010, you won’t be able to checkout any new orders because all the products would have been set to “For Display Purpose Only” (except for the ‘Samplers & Gifts’ category). So, from March 1st 2010 onwards, just visit Studio Ztampf! to get your usual dose of ztampfiliciousness!

And how about the new collection that I mentioned last time? Well, this newsletter is done with just a few bits and pieces from it and now I can tell you the name! It is called “Adventouriste Collection” : Adventure + Tourist + Artiste! So Jenna has guessed the word ‘Adventure’ right! Congrats! She will get to get the collection at 50% OFF when the collection is debuting at Studio Ztampf! on March 1st 2010! Watch out for the Part 2 of Ztampfever #53 next weekend when the “Adventouriste Collection” will be unveiled with a little give away for all of you. Don’t miss it!

It’s been quite a while since the last time we talked about the Z!Girls! There are two active Z!Girls at the moment, they are both very talented scrappers and such nice persons too: Tracy and Lynn. Let’s get to know them closer through a series of interviews starting this Tuesday, Feb. 23rd 2010 at Ztampfilicious Blog. You can take a look at Z!Girls Gallery now for some inspirations!

Oh and I do have a coupon for you to use at Ztampf!Shop for the last time!
This 20% OFF Discount coupon: ZtampfThxU100220krc is good for any downloadables at Ztampf!Shop except for Gift Certificates and Licenses. It is valid through Sunday, February 28th 2010.
Make good use of it!

Don’t forget to visit Ztampfilicious Blog to read about the fabulous Z!Girls this coming Tuesday, Feb. 23rd and Thursday, Feb. 25th!

That’s all for now, folks! Until next weekend :)

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What – another ztampfever already? Well, since I haven’t released a brand new series in quite a while I think it deserves a Ztampfever to announce it – don’t you agree? So here it is complete with a coupon and a name-guessing game with a prize – just scroll down and enjoy!

The Tiger is Rising!

Unleash the Year of the Tiger 2010 with the brand new Tiger Rising Series
Just in time for the Lunar New Year which this year will fall on February 14th (yup, exactly on Valentine’s Day!), I have created this rich and intense Tiger Rising Series, consisting of Tiger Rising Kit, Tiger Rising Ensembles and Tiger Rising QuickPage Album. Get all three of these in the Tiger Rising Package Saving and you will automatically save $4.00!

Those of you celebrating the Lunar New Year will love these sets to create unique, personalized Chinese New Year Greeting Cards and Hong Bao (Red Pockets/Lai See) created mostly with the Tiger Rising Kit:

And I do have a coupon for you too! This 20% OFF Discount coupon: z5210013020 is good for any downloadables at Ztampf!Shop and Studio Ztampf!, valid through Wednesday, February 3rd 2010.
Go ahead and make good use of it!

In case you’re wondering about the brand new series in the work that I mentioned last time, no, it’s not finished yet! It’s evolving into this big collection, you see! What is it, you asked. Some hints: the name of this collection is a made-up word – mashed up from 3 words. It starts with an ‘A’. The collection has something to do with travel and it has a lot of wings in it!

Now, the first person who could guess at least two words (from the three mashed up words) will receive the entire collection for free! And the first three persons who could guess just one word, will receive the collection at 50% OFF (and remember, the collection itself as Package Saving is already at a discounted pricing!). Just type in your guesses under ‘Leave a Reply’ in this entry before midnight of Feb. 7th 2010 US Eastern Time (so, you have the chance to post your guess up to 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 6th).
Have fun guessing!

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My apology that Ztampfever #50 comes in a very simple form of an email sent to subscribers which I copied here for the rest of you (or those who missed the email). This is because I have been crazy busy with the preparation for my upcoming solo art exhibition ‘Corporeal Dream‘ which was plagued with various kinds of complications and problems. Now finally all the works are ready to be displayed in the gallery and I am here in Jakarta where the exhibition will run. If you are on Facebook, you can RSVP here, otherwise you can follow the progress here.

Now, Ztampf-wise, I’ve only managed to release the CD Calendar Plus 2010 Kit in this period. Available in US English (weeks start on Sunday) and Global English (weeks start on Monday). Check them out!

And yes, I have a special coupon for you! Just use this coupon code “enjoyfall” (without the quotes) to receive 25% OFF DISCOUNT when you spend $10 or more at ZtampfShop between today through 30 Nov. 2009. This coupon code is valid for one time use per person. Valid on any downloadable products except for Gift Certificates and Licenses.

That’s it for now! I promise that I’ll get back creating more ztampfilicious products as soon as I can :). Have a wonderful week ahead,

Ztampfiliciously Yours,


{ ~ digiscraptistry at its finest }

Ztampfilicious digital elements for scrapbooking,
card-making, journaling and other crafthings!

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Ztampf! is turning four this Sep. 15th and the celebration begins right now with the QUADRUPLE SHOPPING SPREE! Spend just $25 for $100 worth of ztampfilicious goodness of your choice! Four times the fun! Do not miss this very rare chance:


Enjoy the QUADRUPLE SHOPPING SPREE from NOW through  September 15th 2009. Here’s how:

  1. Purchase the Quadruple Shopping Spree Coupon for $25 (you cannot use any discount coupon for this purchase).
  2. Type in QUAD in the message box upon checking out.
  3. Within 24 hours, an “Order Update” email will be sent to you with your very own personal coupon code with $100 value. Contact me if you still haven’t received it after the 24 hours has passed.
  4. The coupon is valid for 1 (one) use only. Once it’s used, it can’t be re-issued so do keep your own coupon code safely.
  5. The coupon is good for any downloadable products in the shop except for Licenses and Gift Certificates.
  6. You have 2 (two) weeks from the date of Quadruple Shopping Spree Coupon purchase to make your selection and download them.
  7. Use up all your coupon value at once within one order because any remaining portion of unused coupon value will become obsolete afterwards.
  8. Upon downloading your order, please check and verify that all files are working and do not forget to back up the files properly.
  9. Enjoy and Happy Scrapping!