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Ztampfever #76

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Oh boy, this summer certainly is very hot here! Is it hot where you are too? Well, cool off with the brand new Aquatica, a refreshing Studio Mix collaboration!

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We hear all sorts of sound almost every moment of our waking life – sometimes even when we’re asleep. How does sound affect you? What kind of sounds speak to you the most? What kind of sounds you find unbearable? I found the sound of birds chirping and toddlers chattering to be most delightful – always makes me smile, while sound of people shouting in anger to be very unpleasant. I also enjoy listening to the hum of daily life, the sound of neighborhood – distant and yet close. It is familiar and comforting.

The word ‘Sound’ also has another meaning, which has a positive value as in ‘sound health’, ‘sleeping soundly’, ‘sound argument’, and so on. I wonder how this came to be! Do any of you know?

Now, how is it for you? What kind of sounds you find most pleasing? What kind of sound you find disturbing? What does the word ‘sound’ invoke in you?

All these thoughts came to mind when I picked the word ‘Sound’ from a list of words provided by Tangie as the theme for my contribution for her Art Journal Caravan Parcel #34. It is so inspiring, I had to create these ‘Sound PaperPack‘ to add to it :). Of course, these papers are also versatile to be used with any of Ztampf! kits.

Just take a closer look… The delicate details are truly wonderful even if it’s I who say so :).

See these amazing layouts that the talented Z!Girls have made with them
(Notes: Items from Parcel #34 Art Journal Caravan at Studio Tangie are used in most of the layouts featured here. The rest are from various other Ztampf! kits):

by Lynn, with Sound Paper Pack and elements from Parcel #34 Art Journal Caravan


by Carolyn, with Sound Paper Pack and elements from Parcel #34 Art Journal Caravan


by Tracy, with Sound Paper Pack and elements from Parcel #34 Art Journal Caravan, stitching is from Adventouriste ARTiStitches


by Tracy, with Sound Paper Pack and elements from Liquid Kit and Seashore Kit

 Get ‘Sound PaperPack‘ and Parcel #34 Art Journal Caravan now!


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This HongBao Rabbit Envelopes Set contains 6 designs/templates for ‘Hong Bao’ (‘Red Pockets’ or ‘Lai See’ for Chinese New Year) to help you create beautiful and totally unique ‘Hong Bao’ this coming Chinese New Year! This set is created mostly with the new Year of The Rabbit Kit (coming soon!). The preview just doesn’t do justice to the rich fine details and colors of the actual files. You can see the larger, Zoomify preview at Studio Ztampf! to better glimpse how ztampfilicious they are! And I’ve decided to run the Early Birds Special a bit longer – so go ahead at grab this set now at 20% OFF!

The finished size of each pocket is 3.5″ wide x 6.5″ tall. Just insert your photos/add your own greetings, then print, trim and glue together (or use double-sided sticky tape or tape gun) – quick and easy with gorgeous results that sure to impress everyone who receive them! Simple Instruction is provided with the kit. Tips: You can also crop the front part and use it as a mini card/pages!

Warning: the actual set shows so much more ztampfilicious details than the preview images shown above!

The Chinese Greetings on the pockets read:
– “Gong Xi Fat Chai” means: “Congratulations and be prosperous” the most common greetings used for Chinese New Year (also known as Spring Festival).
– “Xinnian Kuaile” means: “Happy New Year”

All PNG format created at 300dpi for optimum print out quality.
Comments? Questions? Just contact me anytime!

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Finally the Ztampfever #51 is here for your perusal! There have been a lot of changes at Ztampf! recently, which I will reveal to you one by one… Let’s begin with the Ztampfever Newsletter: I’m experimenting with a new format, displayed on Ztampfilicious Blog. This is just a start – I will continue to improve it along the way.

One of the main reasons for this format change is because there are too many subscribers who didn’t receive their Ztampfever and this appears to be random. With the blog format, you can choose to subscribe via RSS. You can choose just Ztampfever under the Categories, or you can also choose other categories that interest you. Please let me know how do you like this new format by commenting on the blog under the Ztampfever #51 posting. Thanks in advance!

Thank you very much for your continuing support which enables Ztampf! to continue to grow. And now… the Ztampfever #51:


Let’s welcome the New Year 2010 with a Shuffle Sale!
15 – 18 January 2010

For those of you who are not familiar with Shuffle Sale, it is a Sale when various random products are randomly marked down. The products that are marked down are changing too – so come back often to see if the products you’ve been coveting are in the Shuffle at any given time! But wait before you jump into the shop…

I have a Special Offer just for you – pick one:

  • • Spend a total of $8 or more in one order,
    you will get this new Soul Searching Ensembles for free!
    That is a $4.50 value.
  • • Spend a total of $15 or more in one order,
    you will get the new Soul Searching QuickPage Album for free!
    A sweet $7 value!
  • • Spend a total of $20 or more in one order,
    you will get BOTH the new Soul Searching Ensembles AND
    the Soul Searching QuickPage Album for free! A sweeping $12.50 value!
  • Just shop the Shuffle Sale – you will receive a coupon code for your free deal accordingly by e-mail within 1 x 24 hours of upon your order completion.

    FYI, the Soul Searching Kit and Soul Searching ARTiculate Set are also available at Ztampf!Shop.

    In case you’re wondering, yes, I do have a brand new series in the work – which I am quite excited about! But. It’s not ready yet because it’s evolving into a collection so I simply can’t finish it this weekend. Watch out for it though – hopefully I will be able to release it next weekend!

    For this weekend, please enjoy the Shuffle Sale!
    Until next weekend!

    Ztampfest | Ztampfever | Ztampfaqs | Behind The Scenes | ZtampfShop

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    Ztampfever #48 has been released – with a Gift included ;). Check it out now!

    And guess what! The QUADRUPLE SHOPPING SPREE is being extended through Friday, Sep. 18th! So it’s not too late to benefit from this super rare chance to get your Ztampf! at an incredible saving rate! ENJOY!

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    Ztampf! is turning four this Sep. 15th and the celebration begins right now with the QUADRUPLE SHOPPING SPREE! Spend just $25 for $100 worth of ztampfilicious goodness of your choice! Four times the fun! Do not miss this very rare chance:


    Enjoy the QUADRUPLE SHOPPING SPREE from NOW through  September 15th 2009. Here’s how:

    1. Purchase the Quadruple Shopping Spree Coupon for $25 (you cannot use any discount coupon for this purchase).
    2. Type in QUAD in the message box upon checking out.
    3. Within 24 hours, an “Order Update” email will be sent to you with your very own personal coupon code with $100 value. Contact me if you still haven’t received it after the 24 hours has passed.
    4. The coupon is valid for 1 (one) use only. Once it’s used, it can’t be re-issued so do keep your own coupon code safely.
    5. The coupon is good for any downloadable products in the shop except for Licenses and Gift Certificates.
    6. You have 2 (two) weeks from the date of Quadruple Shopping Spree Coupon purchase to make your selection and download them.
    7. Use up all your coupon value at once within one order because any remaining portion of unused coupon value will become obsolete afterwards.
    8. Upon downloading your order, please check and verify that all files are working and do not forget to back up the files properly.
    9. Enjoy and Happy Scrapping!
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    of Ztampf! CraftyCalendar 2010 Kit is now available:


    13-Month Ztampf! CraftyCalendar Kit 2010Deutsche Version with Weeks start on Monday!

    The original collapsible desk-calendar great for super special gifts that last the whole year and then some! Create fully customized keepsakes to give for Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Days, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Just Because…

    Created using various recent ztampfilicious kits, the Ztampf! CraftyCalendar Kit 2010 comes with so much goodies to give you a greater flexibility in creating your very own unique calendars.

    • A 13-Month desktop calendar that is collapsible to a portable, flat ‘book’ – perfect for mailing and traveling!
    • The finished, display size is Half-Legal Paper Size (approx. 8.5 x 7 inches).
    • The Magnetic Snaps closure is not only cool: it is sturdy, practical and compact – available from many local/online scrapbooking supplies shops .
    • Individual Monthly Date Overlays in PNG format are provided; you can use them in various ways for various types of calendar.
    • Tabbed Calendar Page Templates are provided so you can create your calendar using any paper you wish!
    • All the Weeks start on Monday.

    Content of the kit:
    • 28 hyper-realistic Tiny Ensembles ready to ‘drop’ to your Calendar Pages. They can be used for many other purposes as well.
    • 27 fun and unique Date Markers for those important dates!
    • 13 Months PreMade Calendar Pages (complete with background and the dates) – Deutsch.
    • 12 Blank Calendar Pages (with background, without the dates).
    • 3 Background Overlays for use with the blank pages and date overlays.
    • 2 x 13 Months Date Overlays in PNG format (Dark and Light versions) – Deutsch.
    • 3 Reversible Tabbed Calendar Page Templates in PNG format.
    • 3 Sets of Designer Cover Pages.
    • 9 Seasonal Charms to further embellish your calendar pages accordingly.
    • 4 Sets of Title for the PullOut Note Cards – each provided in 3 colors.
    • Template and 3 Overlays for the PullOut Note Cards.
    • Illustrated Step-by-Step Instructions Booklet in PDF format with Tips’n Tricks Section – in English.
    • Diagram for the collapsible Stand/Folder.

    US English Version (Weeks start on Sunday)
    Global English Version (Weeks start on Monday)
    • Version Française (Weeks start on Monday) – coming up!
    E-mail me should you wish a version in your language (Only the name of days and months are in specific languages. The Instructions Booklet is all in English only).

    Get your Ztampf! CraftyCalendar Kit 2010Deutsche Version here!

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    Have you seen it?

    Start creating your extra special and unique Christmas/New Year gifts now! Ztampf! CraftyCalendars make fabulous gifts that last for a whole year and then some! I know many customers whose loved ones have came to expect a Ztampf! CraftyCalendars every year now! Just like my own family members :). Fully customizable with your very own photographs, date markers, notes and more, Ztampf! CraftyCalendars are made with loving attention to be collect, cherished and treasured year after year.

    Currently Ztampf! CraftyCalendars is available in US English (weeks start on Sunday) and Global English (weeks start on Monday). Deutsche Version and Version Française are coming up next! Don’t forget to make use of the coupons in the Ztampfever #47 before you go purchasing the Ztampf! CraftyCalendars!


    ZtampfCraftyCal2010L_DemoZtampfCraftyCal2010L_ContentEnjoy creating your super special Ztampf! CraftyCalendars! Email me should you need any help with it :). Happy scrafting!

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    It is here!

    In case you’re wondering why I’m making it available here:

    Looks like sometimes some subscribers didn’t receive the Ztampfever in their inbox although they have subscribed, have had my email address in their White List and Address Book and they even have been receiving many issues of Ztampfever before! As this seems to happen at random and caused by too many possible factors beyond my control, I decided to always post the direct link to the new Ztampfever on my Ztampfilicious Blog and on the Ztampf!Shop front so those who missed it could just get it anytime. Those who subscribed and been receiving it can keep enjoying it.

    So what are you waiting for? Go enjoy all the ztampfiliciousness in Ztampfever #47 now!

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    If you haven’t subscribed yet, it’s not too late to subscribe now as I will requeque the newsletter several times in the next few days so you can enjoy the benefit straight away :).

    So what new ztampfilicious stuff have been added to the shop just hours ago? Do you like them? Wait for the newsletter before purchase them ;). I’m just sayin’.

    And of course, Seashore Package Saving is also available! But yeah, I’d definitely wait for Ztampfever #46 first ;).

    Happy Scrapping!

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    Now available at Ztampf!Shop and soon at my SBB Store as well:

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    Made with the new Paper Park Series!
    The first layout is by the talented Z!Girl, LynnZant – the rest are mine.