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Have you seen the latest set in the popular Hipstagramix Line? Well, take a look now, if you haven’t!

Here comes Hipstagramix Painted, the third set in the Hipstagramix Series! A perfect companion to the Hipstagramix Grunge and Hipstagramix Dreamy, makes creating artistic, painterly looking photos so quick and easy.

This Hipstagramix provides you with 6 photo-edges/frames + 6 photo overlays + 6 drop shadows + a square clipping mask for the photo (6″x6″). Mix and match these elements and you will get a variety of awesome ‘filters’. Combine two or more overlays with two or more borders, you’ll get even more! Play with the opacity levels and layer blending mode – the possibilities are endless! You’ll have fun using this set and you’ll love how it transform your photos!

Let’s see at how the Z! Girls and SBG Crew are using the Hipstagramix Painted in their awesome layouts done with various Ztampf! stuff:

by Melinda

by Anna

by Lynn

by Flor

by Ann

And I got to play too… with photos I took during my trip to Bali with my youngest brother and his cute family back in February this year:

Besides the Hipstagramix Painted, I also used Balinesia Series, with the water overlay from Liquid Kit

Besides Hipstagramix Painted,I also used Treasures Accents Pack, with Water Babies background paper

Besides Hipstagramix Painted, I also used Balinesia Series

All the layouts above are done with various Ztampf! stuff available from Studio Ztampf!

In case you missed them, here are the first two sets from the Hipstagramix Line:

Hipstagramix Dreamy

Hipstagramix Grunge

See more ztampfilicious things at Studio Ztampf! now!

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We hear all sorts of sound almost every moment of our waking life – sometimes even when we’re asleep. How does sound affect you? What kind of sounds speak to you the most? What kind of sounds you find unbearable? I found the sound of birds chirping and toddlers chattering to be most delightful – always makes me smile, while sound of people shouting in anger to be very unpleasant. I also enjoy listening to the hum of daily life, the sound of neighborhood – distant and yet close. It is familiar and comforting.

The word ‘Sound’ also has another meaning, which has a positive value as in ‘sound health’, ‘sleeping soundly’, ‘sound argument’, and so on. I wonder how this came to be! Do any of you know?

Now, how is it for you? What kind of sounds you find most pleasing? What kind of sound you find disturbing? What does the word ‘sound’ invoke in you?

All these thoughts came to mind when I picked the word ‘Sound’ from a list of words provided by Tangie as the theme for my contribution for her Art Journal Caravan Parcel #34. It is so inspiring, I had to create these ‘Sound PaperPack‘ to add to it :). Of course, these papers are also versatile to be used with any of Ztampf! kits.

Just take a closer look… The delicate details are truly wonderful even if it’s I who say so :).

See these amazing layouts that the talented Z!Girls have made with them
(Notes: Items from Parcel #34 Art Journal Caravan at Studio Tangie are used in most of the layouts featured here. The rest are from various other Ztampf! kits):

by Lynn, with Sound Paper Pack and elements from Parcel #34 Art Journal Caravan


by Carolyn, with Sound Paper Pack and elements from Parcel #34 Art Journal Caravan


by Tracy, with Sound Paper Pack and elements from Parcel #34 Art Journal Caravan, stitching is from Adventouriste ARTiStitches


by Tracy, with Sound Paper Pack and elements from Liquid Kit and Seashore Kit

 Get ‘Sound PaperPack‘ and Parcel #34 Art Journal Caravan now!


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This HongBao Rabbit Envelopes Set contains 6 designs/templates for ‘Hong Bao’ (‘Red Pockets’ or ‘Lai See’ for Chinese New Year) to help you create beautiful and totally unique ‘Hong Bao’ this coming Chinese New Year! This set is created mostly with the new Year of The Rabbit Kit (coming soon!). The preview just doesn’t do justice to the rich fine details and colors of the actual files. You can see the larger, Zoomify preview at Studio Ztampf! to better glimpse how ztampfilicious they are! And I’ve decided to run the Early Birds Special a bit longer – so go ahead at grab this set now at 20% OFF!

The finished size of each pocket is 3.5″ wide x 6.5″ tall. Just insert your photos/add your own greetings, then print, trim and glue together (or use double-sided sticky tape or tape gun) – quick and easy with gorgeous results that sure to impress everyone who receive them! Simple Instruction is provided with the kit. Tips: You can also crop the front part and use it as a mini card/pages!

Warning: the actual set shows so much more ztampfilicious details than the preview images shown above!

The Chinese Greetings on the pockets read:
– “Gong Xi Fat Chai” means: “Congratulations and be prosperous” the most common greetings used for Chinese New Year (also known as Spring Festival).
– “Xinnian Kuaile” means: “Happy New Year”

All PNG format created at 300dpi for optimum print out quality.
Comments? Questions? Just contact me anytime!

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With the arrival of ROBOKIT @ Scrapbookgraphics, it is only fitting to base my blog post around it.   Hello, I am Tracy one of Fhungs Z!Girls.

ROBOKIT is the perfect kit for those boys in your lives, I should know I have four of them!   I played with the kit when Fhung first released it at Ztampf and created these layouts…

but today I found I wanted more,  I wanted to show you the versatility of this kit and that it isn’t all masculine..

so I created this art with a couple of pictures of my daughter.

Then I got to thinking,  one of my favourite things about Ztampf products is how perfect the papers are for blending photos onto them.   I love to be able to utilise those not so fantastic photos and the best way I have found to do this is through blending.   Here is how I created the above art using the Hard Light Blending mode which was perfect for this picture.

In Photoshop CS4,  After opening a new 12 x 12 document,   I selected my paper, then dragged my photo onto it.

With My Photo Layer highlighted in the layers palette, I then went into Image – Adjustments  and clicked on Black & White.  ( I find it easier to blend when my photo is Black and White).  A pop up will appear Click OK.

Go to your Layers Palette and highlight the photo layer,  I selected Hard Light as I am blending into a dark background.

Using a large soft eraser – erase the areas not required from the photo

then continue and finish your art.  Once you have erased the unnecessary bits,  Try duplicating the photo layer and using different blending modes on each layer, try using dark and light background or even blending in a couple of photos,   you can get some amazing effects and have lots of fun.

Have A Great Day!

((HUGS)) Tracy

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Look who’s being featured at Shutterfly Digiscrap Blog :). More articles will be revealed there over time so stay tuned!

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