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Woohooo… You hear it first!

Storewide SALE – most items are at 20% – 35% OFF
from Friday, 23 November through Monday, 26 November 2012.

But for you, Ztampfilicious subscribers: the SALE starts RIGHT NOW!
Yes!!! Go ahead and enjoy it!


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Some fun new stuff have just been added to Studio Ztampf! Check them out and remember you can use the ZTAMPFDOTW 25% OFF Coupon on these too!

The new Bookmark Calendar Kits make it so easy to create unique, personalized holiday gifts quickly right at your own home! Each is available in both Letter and A4 Size Paper:

The Letter Size Version is here.

The A4 Size Version is here.

This new inspirational and motivational Inspire ARTiculate WordArt Set is especially perfect for end of the year and start of the new year projects. You can use them on the Calendar Kits too – just resize them to fit your needs!

Visit! now!

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Yes, Studio Ztampf! is the Designer of the Week at SBG this week.

25% OFF Discount Coupon for Studio Ztampf! - ztampfdotw

Use coupon code ‘ztampfdotw‘ (without the quotes) to receive 25% OFF your next purchase at Studio Ztampf!

The coupon is good for anything there through 14 November 2011. Don’t miss the opportunity to stock up your ztampfilicious stash!

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In a perfect world, I would be unveiling the new CraftyCalendar 2011 Kit here today! Alas, time flies faster than I expected it to so you’ll have to wait until the Part 2 of the Ztampfever #58 for it (and for the Special Coupon for it!). Most probably by next weekend! Meanwhile…

Have you heard about the GOLDEN OLDIES Sale at SBG running from Aug. 13th to Aug. 19th? I have released the revamped and improved Antiquest Series at 70% OFF and the mega bundle Tiny Ensembles Galore at 65% OFF – and put together a special FabulousFour Bundle at 50% OFF for you there! These are Super Saving Offers you wouldn’t want to miss:

Be sure to check them out now while the Super Saving Offer is still valid. The FabulousFOUR Bundle comes with a gift of 20% OFF Discount Coupon too! What a deal eh! Enjoy!

Do you love challenges? Have fun mix’n matching stuff from various designers with this new fun Challenge at SBG – and get a ztampfilicious Posting Bonus while at it too:

Have you seen the cool new product – Fly Rebel Fly Mini Kit?
You will get a 20% OFF coupon for the matching Template Set from Studio Dutchie with this Kit!

If you haven’t visited Ztampfilicious Blog lately, you might want to drop by to this post where I have a free QuickPage for you done with the Fly Rebel Fly Mini Kit!

Get inspired by these gorgeous layouts done by the Z!Girls – they never cease to amaze me with their creativity! Do you have layouts done exclusively with Ztampf! products that you particularly love? I would love to see them! Email me and I’ll feature them in the Ztampfilicious Blog!

Visit SBG Blog on Monday, August 16th (US Time) – it is Studio Ztampf! Play Day over there and you will get to play with a little something I have prepared for you! So be sure to visit it and enjoy the small but ztampfilicious gift :).

Aaand… Remember to tell all your fellow Ztampf! lovers to join Ztampf!@ Facebook. When we reach 500 fans, every single member of Ztampf! @Facebook will receive an Exclusive Mini Kit not available anywhere else! We are getting closer so go on and invite your fellow Ztampf!lovers to Ztampf! @Facebook.

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Have you heard? As part of SBG 7th Anniversary Celebration, the Studio Girls are offering irresistible Golden Oldies that you wouldn’t want to miss! You will really get a lot for your precious bucks! Come and see what I have put together for you in Studio Ztampf!

The timeless Antiquest has been revamped and improved to give you even more goodies and options: The Antiquest Add-On Kit is now included in the Antiquest Kit which has been revamped and improved. The popular Antiquest AlphaSet now has separate 5 various stitches so you can use the alpha with and without the stitches. Plus, you can combine or mix’n match the stitches for an even more varied looks! This Package Saving also includes newly composed Ensembles and QuickPage Album Sets.

The Antiquest is great for various themes including spring, babies, romance, weddings, anniversaries, heritage and more! You will have a lot of fun and pleasant surprises in using this sort of DIY kit! 17 of the 22 papers are ‘solid’ with the subtle fabric-like texture. With the 10 unique overlays provided, you can create many ‘patterned’ papers. Mix’n match them, play with the transparency levels, get creative – you’ll be rewarded with uniquely yours patterned papers! Likewise, you can put together your own unique elements by dressing them up with the crystal and pearl jewels provided, or combine two or more elements together. Take a look at the Ensembles and QuickPage to see some samples.

And now it is on SUPER SPECIAL 70% OFF for the Golden Oldies through 19.08.2010 only! So don’t miss it!

But wait… I have two more SUPER SPECIAL OFFERS for the Golden Oldies:

These Tiny Ensembles and QuickPages are versatile with timeless designs to use for card-making, mini albums, hybrid crafts and even 12″x12″ layouts too! So here they are – made available for everyone who wants these versatile little gems in one huge bundled saving! And yes, just for the Golden Oldies it is now 65% OFF! It’s a fabulous steal that you will find many uses for!

Finally, for those new to Ztampf! who wanted a taste before jumping in, here is the FabulousFour Bundle – another fantastic steal at 50% OFF (PLUS a gift of 20% OFF Discount Coupon!) which is available ONLY during the Golden Oldies, that is from now through August 19th. So make sure to check it out!

These ever popular kits happened to be some of my all time favorites too. There are ample of unique and versatile beautiful things in these kits that you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again:

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody Kit
  2. Phrench Phoebe Kit
  3. China Blue Kit
  4. Ghostown Page Overlays Set

Complementing products for each kit are also available: AlphaSets, Ensembles, QuickPage Albums – plus Accents Pack and Paper Pack for Ghostown.

OK, NOW you can go Ztampf!Shopping ;)





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Yes, you got that right! 40% OFF with the coupon code m2mflyangelbundl through July 30th which is ending soon! So hurry up!

Take a closer look:

And here are just a couple of layouts done with it! There are more in the Gallery!

Now make good use of the 40% OFF Promotional Period and get the Fly Angel Fly Bundle now !

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What’s New? that is!

Ztampf-Dutchie Made2Match Bundle

I am very excited to introduce the new collaborative line with Mendy of Studio Dutchie! She makes fabulous imaginative layered templates that are innovative and versatile. If you haven’t checked out her works, you should! So! Our new line is called . Every month we’ll release a couple of matching products: a mini kit from me and a set of templates from Mendy. First of all, both products will have matching themes. The elements in the mini kit are made to match with the templates provided by Mendy so it will be very quick, easy and fun to jumpstart your projects! Of course, the kit and the templates can still be used on their own independently with another kits or templates. Remember: versatility has always been high in my book!

Please welcome our first pair, “Fly Angel Fly“!
From now through July 30th, it is available as a Bundle Saving at 40% OFF!

Yup, you read that right: 40% OFF for the Bundle! But hurry up and get it now because this sweet deal only lasts through July 30th. After that, each pack will be available at regular pricing of $5 each. So act fast before you miss the chance! Don’t forget to use this coupon code to get the 40% OFF Discount: m2mflyangelbundl

Look at these gorgeous layouts done with the Fly Angel Fly Bundle:

Watch out for the next product around August 6th! Yes, we plan to release a new one on the First Friday of every month! We hope you are as excited about this new line as we are!

I also have a few brand new products, one of them is part of the Ztampforms line that has been made available to Studio Ztampf! recently. Flourishology 2 is the newest of the bunch, created just a few days ago! I must admit that drawing these flourishes is quite addicting – it’s somehow has a relaxing effect for me. So don’t be surprised if I come up with more of these in the near future!

And these three was inspired by the gulf oil disaster, but also very effective for other themes such as teenagers angst, depression, deep contemplative thoughts, dangerous adventures, life adversaries and challenges, even rock music! Check them out closer at the shop:

And guess what! My Creative Fusion – Once Upon A Time is now available as a Bundle Saving too! You’ll save $3.10 when you get the Bundle:

Previously released products that recently have been made available at Studio Ztampf!:

If you haven’t done so, you might want to browse Ztampf! Gallery at SBG for some inspirations. Don’t forget to check out the Ztampf! CT Gallery there too. The talented Z!Girls have been putting out many fabulous pages recently!

In closing, here is a 20% OFF Discount Coupon that you can use with anything at Studio Ztampf! EXCEPT for collab products including the new “Fly Angel Fly” Bundle. The code is: hotjulyziscount and it is good through Tuesday, July 20th. Have fun with it!

Remember to tell all your fellow Ztampf! lovers to join Ztampf!@ Facebook. When we reach 500 fans, every single member of Ztampf! @Facebook will receive an Exclusive Mini Kit not available anywhere else! So go on and invite your fellow Ztampf!lovers to Ztampf! @Facebook.

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Ztampfever #48 has been released – with a Gift included ;). Check it out now!

And guess what! The QUADRUPLE SHOPPING SPREE is being extended through Friday, Sep. 18th! So it’s not too late to benefit from this super rare chance to get your Ztampf! at an incredible saving rate! ENJOY!

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Ztampf! is turning four this Sep. 15th and the celebration begins right now with the QUADRUPLE SHOPPING SPREE! Spend just $25 for $100 worth of ztampfilicious goodness of your choice! Four times the fun! Do not miss this very rare chance:


Enjoy the QUADRUPLE SHOPPING SPREE from NOW through  September 15th 2009. Here’s how:

  1. Purchase the Quadruple Shopping Spree Coupon for $25 (you cannot use any discount coupon for this purchase).
  2. Type in QUAD in the message box upon checking out.
  3. Within 24 hours, an “Order Update” email will be sent to you with your very own personal coupon code with $100 value. Contact me if you still haven’t received it after the 24 hours has passed.
  4. The coupon is valid for 1 (one) use only. Once it’s used, it can’t be re-issued so do keep your own coupon code safely.
  5. The coupon is good for any downloadable products in the shop except for Licenses and Gift Certificates.
  6. You have 2 (two) weeks from the date of Quadruple Shopping Spree Coupon purchase to make your selection and download them.
  7. Use up all your coupon value at once within one order because any remaining portion of unused coupon value will become obsolete afterwards.
  8. Upon downloading your order, please check and verify that all files are working and do not forget to back up the files properly.
  9. Enjoy and Happy Scrapping!