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Recently I have been spending more time in my studio which is very good for my mental health :). No, I haven’t been working on any of my art projects just yet. I’ve been crafting. I’m just glad to have some opportunities to use my own Ztampf! Clear-Stamps to prettify stuff we use daily.

Here I used the Floralique Series to customize my Black CIAK Sketch Book. I also inserted a length of gross grain ribbon stitched with a pretty button to make a shoulder-length strap. A pretty cool and practical way of carrying a sketch book, don’t you think :).

And yesterday I improved an old cushion cover that I made a few years ago. Yes, using yet another piece of leftover IKEA curtain! It was hand-sewn and the color is a bit faded now. I have been using a couple of big safety pins for the closure – and now finally it got proper buttons!  I stamped the front side with Ztampf! Clear-Stamps (Floralique #2) using pigment ink (Inkredible!). Since the stamps are modular based, you can build your own patterns by combining them. The possibilities are endless! And because they are clear, you can see them as you creating the pattern. I didn’t make any sketch for this project – just stamp it along. Next I should try colorful ink on light colored fabric!

Closer looks:

Ztampf! Clear-Stamps are available from ScrapSupply.com.

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