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Have you received Ztampfever 80 yet?


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While Studio Ztampf! is on hiatus, you can still get some ztampfilicious dose at the Ztampf!‘s Archive Attic. These are oldies but goodies at special pricing! And now through Monday, Aug 21st 2016, get 20% OFF the already special priced items at Ztampf!‘s Archive Attic with this coupon code: ztampfsbg13

Just a few of what have been made available at the Ztampf!‘s Archive Attic:








Go take a look, you might find something that you missed before!


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Ztampfever No.74 has been sent out to those who subscribed!

 photo Ztampfever-74.jpg

Whaaat? Haven’t subscribed yet? I’ll let you cheat this time! Now, click here to subscribe!

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Already subscribed to Ztampfever Newsletter but couldn’t locate it in your mailbox?

Just click this image below:

Ztampfever No.69

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Some fun new stuff have just been added to Studio Ztampf! Check them out and remember you can use the ZTAMPFDOTW 25% OFF Coupon on these too!

The new Bookmark Calendar Kits make it so easy to create unique, personalized holiday gifts quickly right at your own home! Each is available in both Letter and A4 Size Paper:

The Letter Size Version is here.

The A4 Size Version is here.

This new inspirational and motivational Inspire ARTiculate WordArt Set is especially perfect for end of the year and start of the new year projects. You can use them on the Calendar Kits too – just resize them to fit your needs!

Visit http://tinyurl.com/StudioZtampf! now!

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Yes, Studio Ztampf! is the Designer of the Week at SBG this week.

25% OFF Discount Coupon for Studio Ztampf! - ztampfdotw

Use coupon code ‘ztampfdotw‘ (without the quotes) to receive 25% OFF your next purchase at Studio Ztampf!

The coupon is good for anything there through 14 November 2011. Don’t miss the opportunity to stock up your ztampfilicious stash!

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Sale & Challenge are still on @ Studio Ztampf!
Join the fun Challenge to win $25 Coupon to Studio Ztampf!

Click the image above to get the Free SIXTH ARTiculate Set.

Create your layout using all Ztampf! stuff incorporating either the number or word 6, 6th, six or sixth
– which could be from the
Free SIXTH ARTiculate Set.

Post your layout to Ztampf! Gallery here at SBG and then
post the link to your layout in a comment/reply to this thread:

The deadline to post is 30 September 2011.
The 6 Lucky Winners to receive a $25 Coupon + a Surprise Gift will be announced
on 01 October 2011 here, and also on Ztampf!facebook and twitter.

I hope you’ll enjoy the Free SIXTH ARTiculate Set and play along!
And psssst… the
25% OFF SALE is STILL on right now – use the coupon code ZTAMPF6TH:

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Just click the image below to read it!

Ztampfever No.66

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The Holiday Season is Here!

Here we go again – another year is swiftly flying towards its end. It has been a tough year for most of us, but there were a lot of joy and bright moments too! I hope it has been at least an interesting one – if not a wonderful one for you! Here’s to a joyful and peaceful Holiday Season and for a better, brighter 2011!

Have you been to Studio Ztampf! lately? you’ll love the new Splattering Paint ARTiStrokes – express your various moods ztampfiliciously! It is versatile for sooo… many themes and projects:

If you like cooking, you will be delighted with the latest addition to Studio Ztampf!:

It is a set of 8.5″x11″ QuickPages plus some matching supplies intended for creating beautiful Recipe Pages and Cards effortlessly to be made into photo books for gifting. You may include a little story about the recipe, what makes it special, how you came across it or anything else that you like to share about the recipe. Extensive Category Labels are provided, which includes specific diets such as ‘Low Fat’, ‘Low Cal’, ‘Dairy Free’, ‘Sugar Free’, ‘Gluten Free’, ‘Vegan’ and such – beside the standard ‘Appetizer’, ‘Main’, ‘Meat’, ‘Poultry’, etc.

The themes of the QuickPages are suitable for various holiday from Thanksgiving to Passover to Hanukkah to Christmas to New Year. Some are even neutral enough for any occasions including birthday or simply daily recipes. Like most Ztampf! kits, this set is versatile for other uses too, such as for Holiday Letters, Letters to Santa, Holiday Cards and scrapbooking pages. Find out more about this set and what the Z!Girls have created with it here!

What’s more: when you purchase this Holiday Recipe Set, you will receive a secret link in your download to get “The Best Recipe Organizer” software at an exclusive, super saving deal at only $4.95 instead of the regular $21.95! A set of Ztampfilicious Bonus is yours too when you purchase this software! Now, is this a great deal or not?

And, remember that The Every Little Bit Counts collection will only be available until the last week of December. 100% of the profits will then be donated to the Sick Kids Hospital Foundation. It is is an eclectic collection of unique elements, ranging from classic to quirky and everything in between. For only $5 you will receive 87 unique digital elements. You will also receive your own digital print drawer converted to a 12 x 12 size, with back removed as a separate layer for easy element placement. Plus, as an added bonus you will also receive a really fun Photoshop action that will automatically insert your choice of elements into the print tray drawer. It is such a steal for such a worthy cause! So don’t procastinate: get it now! But don’t forget to come back here for your special discount coupon!

So! Have you purchased the The Every Little Bit Counts collection now? Thank you very much and Welcome Back! Just in case you missed hearing about the fantastic SBG Santa Brings Goodies Blog Train, head over to the Twelfth Day Goodies from me for you and to hop into the train to collect more goodies from the amazingly talented Studio Girls! It’s something that you wouldn’t want to miss ever, trust me!

Oh and we have more than 500 fans at Ztampf! Facebook now thanks to you all! This means every one of you will receive an exclusive mini kit soon! Just be patient :). But of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to stop spreading the word about it either ;). Thank you!

Yes, yes, yes, the promised Discount Coupon! Here it is: Take 25% OFF your next purchase at Studio Ztampf! with coupon code dezemberist. Valid for anything in my studio through end of this year!

Wait! I have another thing for you! A free gift, yes! Download it from this hidden page HERE. Enjoy!

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Brilliant New Year to you and yours!

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Hop into Studio Ztampf! now!

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Exactly 5 years ago I sent out Ztampfever Newsletter No.2, introducing my first ever digital scrapbooking kits and the opening of Ztampf!Shop, where I first started offering my digital scrapbooking products for sale. I was a total newbie then, and the digital scrapbooking world was still very young. There was no place to announce the opening of Ztampf! and so it went without fanfare. I still remember the giddy excitement and wonderment when I got my first order! I had no idea how this person found my shop! So… if you are reading this, please check your mailbox shortly for a $50 Gift Certificate good for any Ztampf! goodies at Studio Ztampf! as a token of my gratitude.

I would also like to thank all my customers whose continuous support and patronage keep Ztampf! in business all these years! Please enjoy this 50% OFF Coupon, valid on anything at Studio Ztampf! for 25 hours only – starting NOW: ztampfifthbd. Have fun with it! But wait before you jump into the shop! We have so many fun planned to celebrate Ztampf! 5th Anniversary!

To start with, I have revamped and re-released my first ever digikits, the Floralique Classic and Floralique Autumnz as the Floralique Package! The Package includes both Floralique Classic and Floralique Autumnz with some new papers and elements added, plus the Ruzty AlphaSets (Ruzty, Ruzty Ovals and Ruzty Tiles) and newly created Floralique Ensembles Set and QuickPage Album. All of this for just $2.99 from now through September 30th! A truly ztampfantastic deal as Floralique is timeless and versatile!

Are you ready for the party now? Join us for the Ztampf! 5th Anniversary Chat at SBG Chat Room:

You wouldn’t want to miss this chat: there will be fun games hosted by our very own Kate with special prizes for 5 lucky winners: a unique necklace with ceramic and silver beads and leather string handmade by me + 25% Discount Coupon for 2 winners and a $5 Coupon for 3 winners. So mark the date now: Thursday, September 16th at 9 PM US EST (in different time zone? Just use Time Zone Converter!).

Love challenges? Well, this one provides you with a template created by the wonderful Z!Girl, Lynn Zant! The Prizes are really ztampfuntastic too – plus, all participants will get a Posting Bonus Pack! Surely you wouldn’t want to miss any of these! The exact URL for the Challenge will be announced through Ztampf! Facebook, Twitter and Blog as soon as it is posted. Hint: it will be in SBG Challenges Forum.

We also have a fun game at SBG Contests Forum where a lot of people can get a lot of chances to win. The exact URL for the post will be announced through Ztampf! Facebook, Twitter and Blog as soon as it goes live.

Now please welcome the brand new magical ztampfuntabulous dreamy Nocturn Delights Series:

Luscious, opulent and gorgeous, this dreamy series is filled with imaginative luminous things you will find to be versatile for various themes from fantasy to summer garden parties to autumn evening gatherings to celebrations, birthdays and romance. Take a closer look and get your creative sparks ignited!

Also available as separate packs:
Nocturn Delights Kit, Nocturn Delights Ensembles Set and Nocturn Delights QuickPage Album.

Don’t forget your 50% OFF Coupon, valid on anything at Studio Ztampf! for 25 hours only – starting NOW: ztampfifthbd. Make good use of it!

Aaand… Remember to tell all your fellow Ztampf! lovers to join Ztampf!@ Facebook. When we reach 500 fans, every single member of Ztampf! @Facebook will receive an Exclusive Mini Kit not available anywhere else! We are getting closer so go on and invite your fellow Ztampf!lovers to hit this Like Button   and bring them all to Ztampf! @Facebook.

Hope to see you all at the Ztampf! 5th Anniversary Chat at SBG Chat Room this Thursday, September 16th at 9 PM US EST (in different time zone? Just use Time Zone Converter!). Don’t miss it!

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Yes, you got that right! 40% OFF with the coupon code m2mflyangelbundl through July 30th which is ending soon! So hurry up!

Take a closer look:

And here are just a couple of layouts done with it! There are more in the Gallery!

Now make good use of the 40% OFF Promotional Period and get the Fly Angel Fly Bundle now !

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Enjoy this second serving of Ztampfever #53:

Ztampf! AdventouristeCollection

Adventouriste = Adventure + Tourist + Artiste.
Adventure: an exciting or remarkable experience, an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks.
Tourist: one that makes a tour for pleasure or culture.
Artiste: an artistic or creative person.

It all started out with wings. I wanted to create an accents pack filled with various kinds of wings. I have always loved wings. Some people said I am obsessed with wings. They could be right. After all, I did created many wings for my many art projects, started with flight and continued on to my latest, the ‘Dream Archives Projects’. The wings got me thinking about time and so I created the ‘Pieces Of Time’. Then I thought why not creating some papers to go with them? Next it got me thinking about steampunk – which I have always had an affinity with, and then I was thinking about travels too as I’m going on a 6-week trip very soon – and finally, about adventure! To close down Ztampf!Shop and go totally exclusive at SBG is definitely a new adventure to me! So, it is more than appropriate that this Adventouriste Collection should be debuting at Studio Ztampf! along with my exclusive debut at SBG.

And let me tell you that I am truly excited about this massive Collection! It has taken me countless intensive hours to complete it. I honestly think this is a truly ztampfilicious collection! It is super versatile for various projects, filled with scrumptiously unique elements you won’t find anywhere else which you will find yourself reaching for – time and again.

The Adventouriste Collection – Package Saving is now available at Studio Ztampf!. Individual packs from the collection will be released over the next following days. Save a huge $40.65 when you purchase the Adventouriste Collection – Package Saving. Remember that you can also use the special coupon given in the Part 1 of Ztampfever No.53 to get this ztampfabulous Adventouriste Collection to get an ever bigger saving if you wish!

Here are a few layouts done by the fabulous Z!Girls with the Adventouriste Collection – more will be posted in the next following days in Ztampfilicious Blog:

by Tracy

by Tracy

by Lynn

by Lynn

by Amson

by Amson

Now, to celebrate the Grand Opening of Studio Ztampf! @ SBG, I have a Free Gift with any purchase! You will get this delicate nano kit when you make any purchase at Studio Ztampf! between Mon, March 1st – Wed, March 3rd 2010 (US EST). So act fast!
Ztampf! NOW Exclusively @ SBG
Within 2 x 24 hours of completing your order, you will receive an email with the special coupon code to get the “Exclusive @ SBG” nano kit for free. So please make sure to add [email protected] and [email protected] to your address book/white list to prevent the email with the coupon code from being dumped into your junk mail folder.

And then of course you can also use the 20% OFF Discount Coupon given to the wider public.
This coupon is valid through Friday, March 5th (US EST).

That’s not all! I have a little gift for you right now – just click on the preview image below to download it. It is a 12″x12″ QuickPage created with the Adventouriste Collection:
ZtampfGift Adventouriste

Watch out for more behind-the-scenes stories on the Adventouriste Collection at Ztampfilicious Blog in the next following days. I will be posting previews of individual packs of the Adventouriste Collection as they are made available at Studio Ztampf! @ SBG.

That’s all for now, folks! Enjoy all the coupons and goodies!
Until next Ztampfever!

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