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I think at one point or another in our lives, we all like to collect something. It is human nature to want to gather and keep things that capture our fancy. Some people eventually outgrow their tendency to collect things. But some of us continue to collect things. Among us, there are some seriously dedicated collector who would pursue new addition to their collection. They keep and take care of their collection with greatest care.

I am more of what I would call a Casual Collector. I don’t make very special effort to add to my collection of various things. When I come across something that I like, I would keep them whenever possible. Along the way, I found myself collecting rocks and seashells that I often just picked from the ground during my various travels. I also collect buttons, and pieces of ribbons and strings – some are bought, some are part of gift wrapping given to me. I love tins, especially small ones – usually they are containers of candies or small trinkets. I would keep them and re-use them to store small things. I also collect nuts, screws and bolts of various sizes and finishes – these often come in handy when I need some for my art projects! I collect boxes too. Yes: packaging boxes, mailing boxes, display boxes… I just love them! I am interested in their constructions and materials, but I also just love the idea of boxes as containers of things. So I collect them, and I re-use them whenever I can. Being an artist, I tend to collect junks – things that others might think as useless, but in which I see beauty and potentials. Some of these have proven to be useful in some of my artworks while admittedly, a whole lot of them are still waiting for their eventual transformation!

So… how about you? What do you collect?

Today I want to share with you some layouts done with my new Collect Kit:

by Carolyn - who loves to collect all things Camel


by Carin - showcasing her son's guitar collection


by Lynn - who loves to collect rocks


by me - I also used items from Art Journal Caravan Parcel #32 that I am contributing for Tangie

That’s my super cute nephew, Lance – who at 22 months already knows how to use an iPhone! I spent a lot of time with him during my Jakarta trip recently, and yeah… I collect photos of him :).