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Click To Download Fhung's Roman Teal Paris ClockFace

Inspired by a couple of Pinterest finds:
1. Use an embroidery hoop to make a clock. This is such a brilliant idea!
2. The right look and colors for a clock face.

So I combined those two ideas and went on designing my own clock face, printed it on a canvas (with my Canon Pro9500 Mark II printer at home), coated it with acrylic medium for protection, and then mounted in on a 10 inches diam. embroidery hoop. The pretty clock hands are from Etsy. This clock (the large pic on the right above) is now hanging on the wall in my computer room!

Then I just to make some more… I happened to have these little circle canvases stretch over a wooden frame: one is 10 cm diam., the other is 8 cm. So they are pretty small. For these two, I used copper sheets to create the rim, held in place with several nails. The 10 cm diam. can be displayed just as is, or perched on a candle holder like a mini clock tower. It is now sitting on a shelf in our dining/living room while the 8 cm diam. one is hung on a cabinet door in my art studio.

I can’t wait to get more embroidery hoops and to design some new clock faces!

You can download the clock faces pictured above to make your own clocks if you want: just click the image above! The zipped folder contains the clock face in 8 cm diam., 10 cm diam. and 10 inches diam. – all in high resolution JPG format. Enjoy!

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Yeah! I’ve finally got this done and now it’s sitting pretty in my CafePress Boutique :). I had this idea for months but it’s not until recently that I managed to work on it and yesterday, I’ve uploaded it! What is it?

Well, it’s an actual, physical Wall Calendar that you can order from my CafePress Boutique. So… what so special about it? Well, it IS customizable! How? The concept is similar to that of QuickPages. The top part of the calendar which is usually a finished image/photo is instead a QuickPage! But of course there is not ‘transparent window’ to insert your photo as in the digital version. This paper version provides a Photo Space instead: a framed matting in a scrapbook layout setting. When you received your calendar, you can then add your own photographs on it by gluing (or using double-sticky tape or glue-tape runner) them on the provided Photo Spaces. Because of the beautiful matting, it doesn’t matter if the size or the proportion of your photos is not exactly the same with the provided space. It’s designed to even allow you to be playful by tilting your photos inside the Photo Space if you wish! There are spaces around the Photo Space to add your title or notes i.e. date and occasion or even a short journaling in some cases.

This provides a super quick and easy way to create personalized gifts for your friends and family! You can even send them blank without photos for them to put their own too! And of course, you can always added more actual embellishment if you wish! I think this will come in handy when you are pressed for time or simply don’t like to do any paper crafting and yet wanting something with a more personal touch. What do you think?

Ztampfabulous Customizable Wall Calendar

Ztampfabulous Customizable Wall Calendar specs:

  • Each page measures 11″ x 8.5″
  • Measures 11″ x 17″ when hung on wall
  • Full bleed dynamic color
  • 100 lb cover weight high gloss paper, wire-o bound
  • January 2008 – December 2008, 2009 preview, US holidays marked

Oh! And my own CafePress order came in the post today! Yay! A customer who placed an order a while go also got hers today! And she told me how she loved everything she got – mostly apparel. And as for me, I got the Black Pondering T-Shirt and the two A Perfect Blend Mugs, plus the Vintage Clock! Love them all! Now that I have the ‘Seize The Day… and digiscrap it!’ Collection, I want them too! Ha! I’m rushing out now – leaving for Jakarta the day after tomorrow. But I’ll try to get some pics taken with them and post them!

Pondering A Perfect Blend A Perfect BlendVintage Clock

Some previews of the new designs uploaded yesterday:

Seize The Day...

Seize The Day...

What do you think? There are more there… just take a look :).

I still have to finish one Mini Crafty Calendar and one Half-Legal Size Crafty Calendar by tomorrow, my last day in Hong Kong before going to Jakarta to see my folks for 2 weeks. I’ve printed all the pages – will trim, make the covers and bind them tomorrow. Oh and I still have to wrap some Christmas presents too… and the cards to be mailed… among other things! And now it’s already 3 a.m.! Where have all the time gone?

Oh before I forget… The posting period for Ztampfans Challenge #4 is through Dec. 13th. Post away and who knows… win the prizes :).