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So yes, I’ve been crazy busy for the past few weeks working non-stop on various art-related stuff… From fitting out my new studio space to setting up art exhibitions and helping with the art gallery! All these left me exhausted with no time nor energy to work on anything else. Hence Ztampf! has been hibernating. But worry not, comes summer… Ztampf! will wake up with new zing!

Here are some pics to get a glimpse! More, better pics will hopefully come up soon :)

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In case you have been wondering why I have been very quiet lately, well… I am participating in a group exhibition put together as an accompaniment show for the ARTHK12, featuring works by contemporary Indonesian artists: Earthly Evocations. My interactive art installation “Freedom Is A Collaborative Effort” is part of this show which opens in about 30 minutes from now! Exciting!

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Here’s what I have been doing recently: making some changes to our small dining/lounge room! I have been wanting to do this for quite some time but there was always something else that were deemed more important to get done first. But finally I got to do it!

I painted the wall and did something different with it; creating a kind of wall installation featuring my artworks and a Tillandsia airplant with the swirly motif subtly hinted at the background. The swirly motif was designed to incorporate pre-existing screws on the wall where some pictures used to be hung. I plan to change up the artworks from time to time as I have several in the storage from my previous exhibitions.

We finally gave away the old IKEA single-sofabed after holding on to it for a while. We had to admit that we will no longer be able to use it anyway. We also moved the IKEA’s Klippan sofa around and change the old worn out black cover with a new one in natural color (very cheap at only HK$200!). Then we got a recycled chest of drawers to replace the ad-hoc bookshelf – a leftover from my studio that I can no longer afford to keep, and added a couple of Hemnes shelves from IKEA. I love that this way I can easily and quickly change the display too – no mess with drilling wall!

The end result is a more spacious and airy feel of the room… at an extremely economical budget :)

What do you think of it?



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Freedom is a Collaborative Effort.
Yes, that’s what I believe. This is the title (and the theme) of my latest artwork, currently showing at a group art exhibition in my hometown Jakarta, Indonesia: “Motion/Sensation” Kinetic Art in Indonesia. August 4 – 21 2011, Mon – Sun 10:00 – 21:30 at the Exhibition Hall, Lower Ground Floor, East Mall, Grand Indonesia.

It is an interactive kinetic art installation. Pull the thread and the wings will flap away. The more people participate, the more vigorous the wings will flap! Freedom is not a static state, you have to continue working on it to keep it. Click the photo below to see the wings flapping in a little clip I made with my iPhone!

You can go to to see more of my artworks.

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This has been an unusually cold winter for Hong Kong and I long for warmth!

As some of you might knew already, I make ceramics. My main medium is porcelain which is fired to 1280ºC (2,336ºF) and the firing typically runs for 18 hours. It started out pretty dark, with faintly glowing embers which then burst forth with bright orange light, bringing with it the warmth. As the temperature rises, the light became paler and paler until it’s almost white when the temperature reaches 1000ºC (1,832ºF).Firing ceramic is perfect during winter: it gets the work done while warms up the surrounding space :). Recently I did a firing and it’s resulting not only in fired porcelain, but also in a set of Paper Pack!

So let’s cuddle up in the warmth of this Furnace Paper Pack! The papers are inspired by the progress of both warmth and light inside a kiln or a furnace. These papers are wonderful to scrap a variety of subjects/themes, from contemplative to festive, from thoughtful journaling-rich pages to passionate Valentine’s love expressions.

Available now at Studio Ztampf!:

And here are some pictures from the firing session:

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My stay as an Artist in Residence at Vermont Studio Center back in 2008 is still one of the most exciting, most memorable time in my life so far. Here are two photographs that always make me smile and transport me back to the unforgettable Open Studio Night… My new Fly Rebel Fly is just perfect to scrap them with!

VSC is situated in a charming small town on Johnson in Vermont. It was such an elating experience, so different from my life in metropolis Hong Kong…

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I made this a while ago as a mascot for my Dream Archives art project out of copper and aluminum sheets. It is now perched on our door. Everytime I see it, it seems to beckon me to take a peek through its single eye – which is the door’s security spy hole. What do you think?

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A while ago, KOLO USA asked me to use their albums as a way to show some creative uses of KOLO versatile albums. I have four albums shown in a KOLO event at C!ty’Super, Hong Kong in October 2008. I really enjoyed working with KOLO Albums – creating mixed-media and hybrid pages. What I love most about it is how versatile KOLO Albums are. Their post-bound system enables me to rearrange my pages quickly. Also, I can easily add more pages as I created more.

And these albums have been featured in KOLOIST, the KOLO official blog! Check them out:

I have also uploaded photos of the albums’ content to the Ztampfest Gallery here where you can browse most of the pages I did. I try to give as detailed supply info when possible, along with some technical notes. While ordering photobooks online is fast and easy, creating your own hybrid albums is so much more fun and personal, I think! Plus, you have the flexibility to re-arrange your pages and let your album grow as you created more pages. Oh and I personally think they will make gorgeous holiday gifts ;).

– “Childhood Memories” – a Hybrid album in KOLO Newbury with Chartreuse cover

– “Soar” – another Hybrid album in KOLO Noci with Cobalt cover

– “Artisting” – a mixed-media art album in KOLO Noci with Mango cover

– “Flight” – a straight forward printed digital layouts in KOLO Newport with Chocolate cover

Enjoy! Hope they will inspire you to create your own!

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September 3rd, 2008 | 1 Comment »

Yay! Look it here… got my copy of Life is A Verb by Patti Digh with three of my art in it :).

And the wonderful cover is done by no other than Donna B. Miller – one of my  Ztampfilicious Girls! I’m so proud of her! In fact, it was through her that I heard about Patti Digh’s super inspiring blog: 37days and about the invitation to participating for the book. Donna created an Artist Trading Card based on one of Patti’s essays for herself as a reminder and she sent one to Patti. This in turn inspired Patti to include artwork from her blog readers in her book. The overwhelming response to her artwork request made the publisher decided to publish the book in full colors! Isn’t it great how one good thing lead to another greater thing :).

Now go check Patti’s blog, get the book and, if you haven’t been doing so, start living your life to the fullest! Have a wonderful day!

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So on Monday, 21 July 2008 we were working on the exhibition display. I got there to early – and the others were late so I ended up waiting for quite some time. Fortunately the gallery is situated near a lot of restaurants and supermarket so I could hang out somewhere munching some snack :).

Guess what! I met a fellow digiscrapper in person for the first time ever! Yup! Who is she then, you might ask. Well, it’s none other than my dear former Z!Girl, Matisha! She happened to be in Jakarta with her family for a vacation so we decided to meet up and she offered to document the process of me setting up my work for this exhibition. I happily accepted her offer and boy, look at the photos she took… they’re just amazing. I love her angles – she’s a great photographer! And she’s such a nice person too – I immediately felt familiar with her like we’ve met before. Well, we met online and been in touch for a few years of course – but still, meeting in person is different. I’m so glad we met :).

Here are some of the photos she took:

She had to leave before we finish setting up so unfortunately there’s no wonderful documentation for the rest of the works but I am very happy with what we have now. Thanks for your great photos, Matisha :). I really appreciate them!

We finished setting up for the day by around 10:30 p.m. There were still some minor adjustments to be made. My new painting was yet to be stretched on a frame too.

The last photo here was taken by Hendro Wiyanto, the curator.

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Oh boy… the last few weeks flew by so fast! Lo and behold… today is my last day at VSC! All the residents are leaving tomorrow morning! It feels so weird… especially for those of us who have been here for almost 2 months. We’ve made wonderful friendship with many and we’ll miss each other’s company. It’s all good though – we are ready to get back to the ‘real world’ out there. VSC is an ‘alternate world’, an ‘all-positive bubble’ where everything and everyone is good – a truly great place to be, but we can’t stay here forever.

So I have posted all my art supplies and tools in 2 heavy boxes back to Hong Kong by post yesterday. 1 box filled with my canvas and small copper wings was also posted to Hong Kong. I won’t need them for the rest of my trip. My paintings and the big copper wings will be shipped by UPS to Jakarta – for a group show I’ll be in in late June there. Right now, I’m in the laundromat – doing my last laundry here. Later today, I will have to pack the rest and the clean up my studio…

There are so many things I would like to share with you all! Where to begin…
Last previous Saturday, April 12th was a very special day! First, me and Thu, another Freeman Fellow artist are having a work-in-progress show and the opening was on the evening of April 12th, right after dinner. It was exciting! We both dressed up a bit to appear a bit different than our daily shabby-artist-look. Dessert and wine along with some fruity snacks were provided and everyone seemed to enjoy both the show and the food :).

Here are some photos from the opening – there are more in my Facebook Photo Albums:

Red Mill Show
Red Mill Show

Red Mill Show

Oh, my laundry is done now… I gotta run – will try to post more later today!

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It’s been two weeks ago but the heart-warming memories remain. Coming down to the Dining Hall, we’re greeted with a wonderful view; the place was transformed over night: the VSC staff laid out a beautiful Easter Sunday Dinner for us. There were wine and cheese with olives, various desserts and all. There were guests visiting too! Among others, there was a group of musician from Rajashtani, India: the MERASI, brought by a New York NGO, They were going to perform at the Lowe Lecture Hall later that afternoon and we were all so excited about it. Their bright colored costumes were very eye-catching!

But for the moment, we were enjoying the sumptuous Easter Dinner! Lots of people were dressed up too – adding to the beauty of the whole setting. I particularly loved the many little flower arrangements that Louise (one of the VSC founders) has tastefully placed on each table – she put several small, obviously handmade objects with them. They’re very charming and cute!

And then in the afternoon we went to see the MERASI performed. It was a wonderful experience! They exudes so much joy and warmth with their music and in the soulful way they performed it. The music was so dynamic I thought everyone should just get up and dance!

Here are some clips that I took with my pocket camera to give you a glimpse of their soulful music. Visit their website, to learn more about them, purchase tickets for their shows, buy their CD, etc.:

Enjoy :). And now I have to get back to work in my studio. I will post more soon enough – hopefully tonight!

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Wow, it’s been quite a while since my last post eh! There are too many things to do with so little time! The unsteady internet connection here is not helping either. But here I am! There are many things I’d like to share with you. I will divide them into several posts – so watch out for a stream of posts soon (that is, if things go according to plan!).

But first, I want to show you this:

The snow has started to melt away! I took this picture yesterday afternoon – it was such a beautiful sunny Sunday!

And now, in my last post I told you about the Bread and Puppet Theater who came to town and that I was volunteering to help with their show here. So here’s the story:

Me and my two friends were among the first VSC volunteers who arrived at the Lowe Lecture Hall. They were unloading – so we helped them a bit. There were a few old leather suitcases, musical instruments, a sewing machine, a few head masks, etc. Peter Schumann himself is a very unique, interesting old man in his 70’s. He’s so full of energy and ideas. His warmth and unpretentious manners are wonderfully embracing. There were only a handful of his crew there and you can tell from their appearance that they’re some sort of artists – they’re beautiful in unusual ways and they dressed in their very own unique way. Interesting people.

So, after all the volunteers have arrived – there were 12 of us – Peter gave a short introduction about his troupe and what we were there for. Turned out they were there not as Bread & Puppet Theatre, but as Lubberland National Dance Company! And guess who were to be the dancers? Peter himself with his 6 people and … the rest of us: the VSC volunteers!

It was extraordinarily fun and inspiring! The show consisted of 6 dances; and Peter explained the theme/meaning of each. The overall theme is basically political critic on the election… although it’s not always obvious. Then we started rehearsal right away… he gave instructions and showed examples of the kind of movements we expected to do, and we followed. It sounds impossible but we did rehearse for about 2 hours only and that’s it! There were a lot of freedom for us in term of how we ‘dance’ – although of course there were some directions that we had to follow, i.e. point your finger and move around, move your body gently as the followers of the Goddess of Sleep, prance about – run as if you were being chased, roll on the ground, freeze the moment the cymbals bang, etc. etc. I really enjoyed it! The atmosphere was so relaxed and playful and fun. It’s so liberating to move and dance like that! I loved it!

The first dance depicted the battle between the Money People and us, the people. We’re riding ‘horses’ – which were brooms held upside down. The brooms were made from sticks and branches like witches brooms. This first dance was really hard on my left injured knee and on my breath. I was relieved that the rest of the 5 dances weren’t that vigorous although still involved a lot of movements. There were very little props and there weren’t any costumes except for a few puppet masks.

After the 2 hours rehearsal, we all went to have dinner at the VSC’s Red Mill – this includes the whole Lubberland National Dance Company crew! Afterwards we went straight back to the venue to do a brief overview… refreshing our memories about which dance follows which. So exciting! By 8 p.m. the Lowe Lecture Hall has filled up and it’s show time! It’s opened with a unique performance by Claire of the Bread & Puppet Theater; she’s telling a story with a kind of sing song way – with a help of a hand-painted story board. It was hilarious! And of course political. Then it was the dance show: ours. I had a marvelous time! I surprised myself that I was not nervous at all! I enjoyed every moment of it! It was a success too!

(yes, the photos are blurry – I’m still waiting for the official documentation…)

I felt so happy! And I received unexpected high praises on my dance… For the next few days afterwards people kept on telling me how beautiful and graceful my movements were; how their eyes were just drawn to watch me amongst the rest. How I was so into it, how my face and eyes were so expressive. Many even asked me if I was a professional dancer! One of the newer writer residents who is a trained, professional dancer even asked me that. When I told him that I’m not, he said that my movements looked like a pro and that I definitely have it in me – that I should perhaps consider developing that, adding that to my work or something. I wasn’t expecting such responses… of course I was pleased but also a bit embarrassed at the same time. I’m especially pleased because the movements are mostly my own too! My mother would be very happy and proud when I tell her – she, the real dancer!

After the show they served warm home-made bread with garlic spread. So yummy! It warmed both our belly and our heart! At the foyer, they had postcards, posters and mini publications of the Bread & Puppet Theater and I got a couple of booklets for my step-daughters: How to Make Junk Instruments and How to Make Puppets – I hope they’ll like it!

Then… we rushed back to the Dance Party! Yes, the residents were hosting a Dance Party at the Kahn Barn Drawing Studio that night! It was so fun and exciting! The girls were all dressed up and made up their face – we felt so preeety :). I felt like I’m back in college years – with my art school friends preparing for the Fancy Nights… Oh good ole’ wild days! Jason who brought his iMac to the residency use it for the sound system – playing a dance mix from his iTunes. Such eclectic music to dance to… it was great fun! What a super wonderful Saturday it was!

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