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Did you know that this weekend is International Scrapbooking Day?

iNSD SALE @ Ztampf!

Don’t miss this special sale where all products are at at least 30% OFF.
From Friday, 3 May through Monday, 6 May 2013 only.
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Ztampfever No.74 has been sent out to those who subscribed!

 photo Ztampfever-74.jpg

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The Black Water Snake is lurking, ready to glide over to you – are you ready?

Have you seen this Charming Snake HongBao set to create your very own personalized hong bao AKA lai see AKA red pockets this Chinese New Year? Well, take a look:

 photo ZtampfEnvelopes_CharmingSnakeHB.jpg

Need to scrap your Chinese New Year events or your trips to China?
Well, the Charming Snake Kit is here to help you!

Charming Snake Kit at

Or just get the Charming Snake Package Saving for the best deal:

Save 39% OFF when you get the Charming Snake Package Saving.
Head over to now!

See some layouts done with it:

 photo Amson_CharmingSnake02_CNYS.jpg

by Carolyn

 photo Lynn_CharmingSnake_Slither.jpg

by Lynn

 photo Tracy_CharmingSnake_ChineseNY.jpg

by Tracy

 photo Fhung_ZtampfQP_CharmingSnake09_PM01_zps890ca945.jpg

by Fhung

 photo Fhung_ZtampfQP_CharmingSnake02_Fam01_zps264da44d.jpg

by Fhung

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Porcelain Feathers... Fresh from the kiln.

paper-thin porcelain feathers

A Flash Back: Paper-thin porcelain feathers… Fresh from the kiln on 11.11.2012 in my JCCAC art studio.



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Have you received it?

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Ztampfever No.73

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Woohooo… You hear it first!

Storewide SALE – most items are at 20% – 35% OFF
from Friday, 23 November through Monday, 26 November 2012.

But for you, Ztampfilicious subscribers: the SALE starts RIGHT NOW!
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I really like how Kate The Amazing One used my Another Day Kit to create this wonderful reminder:

Another Day

For those in the path of storms – literally or metaphorically, be still in the center; stay safe and come out stronger another day!

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Lookie here – a Discount Coupon for you!

20% OFF Discount Coupon @ Studio Ztampf! -

Use Coupon Code ZTAMPFRIGHT20 to receive 20% OFF Discount on your next purchase at Studio Ztampf! from now through October 29th, 2012. Valid for anything there! Do not miss this ;)

Just in time for Halloween, here comes Hipstagramix Halloween!

Hipstagramix Halloween at
Hipstagramix Halloween at
Hipstagramix Halloween at

Here comes the fourth set in the Hipstagramix Series! Just in time for a ztampfrightastic Halloween, now in larger size at 9 x 9 inches! A perfect companion to the Hipstagramix Grunge, Hipstagramix Dreamy and Hipstagramix Painted, makes creating artistic, painterly looking photos so quick and easy.

My dear brother gifted me an iPhone and two of the apps that I most often use are Hipstamatic and Instagram. They make taking cool looking photos very easy and fun with their arrays of photo edges and filters. This has inspired me to create this set that I named Hipstagramix in homage to the source of the inspiration. Your photos will look instantly hip with Hipstagramix!

This Hipstagramix provides you with 6 photo-edges/frames + 6 photo overlays + 6 drop shadows + a square clipping mask for the photo (9″x9″). Mix and match these elements and you will get a variety of awesome ‘filters’. Combine two or more overlays with two or more borders, you’ll get even more! Play with the opacity levels and layer blending mode – the possibilities are endless! You’ll have fun using this set and you’ll love how it transform your photos!

See how it’s being used in layouts – mostly done with Haunting Pirates and Ghostown Series:

Find more ztampfrightastic Halloween stuff here at

Now don’t forget to make use of your Discount Coupon above ;). Have a wonderful weekend!

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So I have been away for two weeks visiting my old folks back in Jakarta, Indonesia. Back to Hong Kong late last night and this is what happened when I turned on my beloved-4-year-11-month iMac (runs OS 10.6.8):

The start-up chime sounded, then a blank white screen appeared. Eventually, a dark grey folder with question mark appeared at the center of the screen, flashing. Nothing else happened. Nothing I could do except to turn it off using the power button.

I cannot run any diagnostic tool because the optical drive has died about a year ago. So I went to the Apple Support Forum to find out how to fix this issue:

I have followed some of the steps described here:

First, I disconnected my mouse and Wacom Tablet. Restarted. The problem persisted: white screen, followed with a flashing folder with question mark. So I turned it off with the power button.

Then I turned on my iMac again. Upon pressing the Option key, a cursor appeared. I connected my Apple mouse, and I am able to move the cursor around. But there is nothing there to click, the screen is a blank white, unresponsive screen (the folder with question mark did not appear).

Next I tried resetting the NVRAM/PRAM since I cannot reboot from the installation CD. After the second chime, the computer restarted but the only change happened was the speaker volume became much louder, which indicates that the PRAM has been reset. The screen stay blank white until the folder with question mark appeared and flashing again…

 What to do now?

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Yes, the Sweet Bookmark Calendar 2013 Kit is here – available in Letter and A4 Size Paper:

Make unique, personalized holiday gifts at home quickly and easily with the Bookmark Calendar 2013 Kits!

Go to Ztampf!Shop now to see more detailed views of the Bookmark Calendars!

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Freshly brewed – still steaming hot :)

Ztampf! COOL Bookmark Calendar 2013 – Letter Paper Size
Ztampf! COOL Bookmark Calendar 2013 - LetterZtampf! COOL Bookmark Calendar 2013 - Letter

Ztampf! COOL Bookmark Calendar 2013 – A4 Paper Size
Ztampf! COOL Bookmark Calendar 2013 - A4Ztampf! COOL Bookmark Calendar 2013 - A4

And yes, if you haven’t used it, you can use the ZTAMPF7TH Coupon Code to enjoy 30% OFF Discount of your purchase at Studio Ztampf! through Sep. 30th 2012. Enjoy!

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It’s the end of September and autumn is coming in some parts of the world! 30th of September is the expiry date of the ZTAMPF7TH 30% OFF Discount Coupon! Have you used yours yet? If not, here are some suggestions on what to use it for! Some of my personal favorites for autumn:

The Floralique Collection is a timeless series filled with unique elements, great for autumn projects and beyond. Also available as separate packs, but you will save big with the Collection – especially when combined with the ZTAMPF7TH 30% OFF Discount Coupon!

The Nocturn Delights Series evokes magical atmosphere filled with imaginative joyful things, wonderful for various projects. I was thinking of dreamy mid-summer night parties with dancing children and fairies…

And now, for the excitingly spookilicious selection for your Halloween projects!

I created this Ghostown Series back in 2008 and it remains one of my most favorite kits I ever made. I still remember the moment I got the inspiration to create the luminous, wispy ghost overlays and how it then developed into a full grown kit filled with ztampfilicious gothic decadence crafted in fine details. The Ghostown proved to be a versatile series too – great for projects beyond Halloween!

Ghostown Package Saving

If you’re into pirates… Well, this one is just for you! I vividly recall the joyful thrill I felt when working on this Haunting Pirates Series… drawing the wispy cobweb strands one by one, painting in details unto the gleaming skulls, putting together the floating, ghostly skeletons, forging the swords, dabbing the blood stains… Well… see them for yourself:

The Masqueradia Set is just awesome for costume parties, it is easy to make with fabulous results! I’ve used them myself for a few Halloween parties :)

There are more to choose from, just don’t forget to make use of your 30% Discount Coupon which valid through September 30th only! Hurry Up!

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Have you heard?

Ztampf! is celebrating 7 years in the digiscrapping world and here is for you, valid through Sep. 30th:

Start Ztampf!Shopping :)