Creative Team

Meet the talented Z!Girls…

Tracy Little
Lynn Zant
Carolyn Stewart

Do you want to be a Z!Girl?

How did one become a Z!Girl, you might wonder. Well, I often discovered the next Z!Girl by browsing public forums and galleries. When I noticed a scrapper who are actively involved in the digital scrapbooking communities, who is also posting interesting and beautiful layouts created mostly with Ztampf! products, I might send the person an email offering her a spot in the team! So, remember to always include the word ‘Ztampf’ in your credit line whenever you post layouts done using any Ztampf! products. I might discover you ;).

What are the qualities I am looking for in a Z!Girl?
1. Personable and sociable – she is naturally friendly and helpful, actively involved in digital scrapbooking communities.
2. Creative and enthusiastic – she loves to create and genuinely loves to work with, and to promote, Ztampf! products.
3. Reliable and responsive – she handles her responsibility well and she responds to the team in timely manner.
4. Great sense of humor – she is open minded and doesn’t take offense easily.
5. Artistic and adventurous – she has a flair for beauty and she isn’t afraid of trying out new things, new styles or techniques.

If you think the above describes you well enough, don’t be shy to send me an email :). A spot might be available for you!

Thank you!