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Want this Brand New Happy Birthday QuickCards Set for FREE?
plus a chance to win one of the six $6 Coupons?

SBG Chat Room :

Join Ztampf! 6th Birthday Chat tonight
Thursday, 15 Sep. 2011 at 9 p.m. US EST
at SBG Chat Room
(to find out what time it is in your part of the world, just visit here)


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It’s International Scrapbooking Day!
It’s time to clean up your Wish List!
Use Coupon Code: ZiNSD30 to get 30% OFF
your next purchase at Studio Ztampf!
valid through 8 May 2011
30% OFF @Studio Ztampf! with Coupon Code ZiNSD30


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Today I want to share with you about Baby Ella! I first heard about her from a fellow SBG Designer, Wendy who is organizing a super special Life is Precious grab bag to help. Many of SBG Designers – including me – are contributing something into this super special grab bag: there are mini kits, quickpages, clusters, bits and pieces and coupons! My contribution consists of a little something that is new and not available yet in the store, plus two coupons! This is such a good deal for a worthy cause!

Here’s the details from Wendy:

Ella Hollingsworth is a very special girl, with a very special family. You can read about her family, their journey and their needs on the Hollingsworth blog. A few of my designer friends were touched by Ella’s story and wanted to help, so we got together and created a small grab bag of products and coupons. It’s not much, but it’s free to anyone who donates ANY AMOUNT directly to Ella’s fund at Your contribution will be tax-deductible since you are donating directly.

Just send me (wendy at scrapbookgraphics { dot } com) a copy of your receipt (minus any private information) by FEBRUARY 28th, 2011, and I will send you a direct download link to the Life is Precious grab bag on MARCH 1st. The grab bag is still receiving contributions, but will include AT LEAST 5 minikits, 1 paper collection, 7 QPs, 1 mini album, templates & coupons to a variety of designers.
Thank you for supporting Baby Ella and her family!

Go ahead and do something good today :)

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wish yours is filled with love and everything lovely!
I have a little something for you… It is not much, but I hope you will like it and enjoy using it too!

Click To Download Ztampf! Smitten with SBG
Ztampf! Smitten with SBG

That’s not all! Type in SMITTENWITHSBG in the search field of the shop and you will find more items on special discounted pricing! This is an extra ‘Hidden Sale‘ :)

You knew that there is also a Hot Valentine Sale going on right now under the Valentine’s Day Section of Studio Ztampf! don’t you? Well, on top of that, you will find more items on sale by typing SMITTENWITHSBG in the search field at the shop. Enjoy!

And our next stop is Studio Baers Garten! Click this:

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HOT VALENTINE SALE at Studio Ztampf!
February 11-15, 2011

Are you subscribed to Ztampfever Newsletter? Check out your mailbox if you haven’t done so ;)

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Hop into Studio Ztampf! now!

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Yes… Finally! The day that you have been waiting for is here: Digital Scrapbooking Day is upon us…
To celebrate it, take 35% OFF when you spend $10 or more at Studio Ztampf! from now through Mon, Nov. 8th:



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Time really does not wait for anyone! Halloween is just around the corner – are you ready for it? What do you plan for it? I plan to make a set of wings from copper wire-mesh together with my elder step-daughter once I’m back in Hong Kong! I’ll be sure to take pictures to share with you later :).

Meanwhile… have you checked Studio Ztampf! for Halloween goodies? Host a Halloween party? Need a quick and easy and yet unique and beautiful costume for it? Well, check out the Masqueradia Print’N Cut! It is a set of 6 printable masks that are great for children and adults alike:

See them in action on me:

The Ghostown Series is perfect to scrap your Halloween photos with its luscious gothic flavour for spooky and yet elegant Halloween – combined with the fun ghost overlays:

Also available as Separate Packs:

Talking about overlays, have you got the popular Lumoz Overlay Set? It provides you with no less than 16 full-page overlays to add that fun and cool, luminous ghostly creatures to your projects with timeless, eerie appeal. Check it out now:

Love the glow-in-the-dark look of Lumoz? Well, take a look at Nocturn Delights… it is full of luminous delights in an atmosphere of magic and mystery, wonderful for non-scary Halloween photos:

Nocturn Delights Package Saving is also available which consists of the Nocturn Delights Kit, Nocturn Delights Ensembles and Nocturn Delights Album:

Looking for something cute for children? Just get this Appliquettes No.2:

And this versatile and artsy Gothikology ARTiStrokes has just been made available to Studio Ztampf! For this weekend only (through October 31st), this set is available at 33% off, that is only $1.99 for 12 unique ARTiStrokes, each is provided in 3 different finishes – that is 36 pieces total! What a great deal! Don’t miss it:

And finally… if you haven’t seen my latest Halloween offering… please say hello to the Haunting Pirates – not for the faint of heart though! Your teenagers and the young spirited would love this series with the cool looking skeletons and cutlass and cobweb and all… Ready?

Now, this Haunting Pirates Package Saving is the best deal: not only you’ll get the whole series at a Discounted Price, you’ll also get an exclusive Bonus Pack filled with versatile goodies:

Separate Packs are also available:

Well, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab your loot from the Halloween Section of Studio Ztampf! now!


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Ztampf! 5th Anniversary Template Challenge is now live at SBG Forum! Check it out now:

And head over here for the Ztampfav Posting Game at SBG Forum:

And don’t forget the fun with prizes Chat on Thu, Sep. 16th at 9 PM US EST:

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Exactly 5 years ago I sent out Ztampfever Newsletter No.2, introducing my first ever digital scrapbooking kits and the opening of Ztampf!Shop, where I first started offering my digital scrapbooking products for sale. I was a total newbie then, and the digital scrapbooking world was still very young. There was no place to announce the opening of Ztampf! and so it went without fanfare. I still remember the giddy excitement and wonderment when I got my first order! I had no idea how this person found my shop! So… if you are reading this, please check your mailbox shortly for a $50 Gift Certificate good for any Ztampf! goodies at Studio Ztampf! as a token of my gratitude.

I would also like to thank all my customers whose continuous support and patronage keep Ztampf! in business all these years! Please enjoy this 50% OFF Coupon, valid on anything at Studio Ztampf! for 25 hours only – starting NOW: ztampfifthbd. Have fun with it! But wait before you jump into the shop! We have so many fun planned to celebrate Ztampf! 5th Anniversary!

To start with, I have revamped and re-released my first ever digikits, the Floralique Classic and Floralique Autumnz as the Floralique Package! The Package includes both Floralique Classic and Floralique Autumnz with some new papers and elements added, plus the Ruzty AlphaSets (Ruzty, Ruzty Ovals and Ruzty Tiles) and newly created Floralique Ensembles Set and QuickPage Album. All of this for just $2.99 from now through September 30th! A truly ztampfantastic deal as Floralique is timeless and versatile!

Are you ready for the party now? Join us for the Ztampf! 5th Anniversary Chat at SBG Chat Room:

You wouldn’t want to miss this chat: there will be fun games hosted by our very own Kate with special prizes for 5 lucky winners: a unique necklace with ceramic and silver beads and leather string handmade by me + 25% Discount Coupon for 2 winners and a $5 Coupon for 3 winners. So mark the date now: Thursday, September 16th at 9 PM US EST (in different time zone? Just use Time Zone Converter!).

Love challenges? Well, this one provides you with a template created by the wonderful Z!Girl, Lynn Zant! The Prizes are really ztampfuntastic too – plus, all participants will get a Posting Bonus Pack! Surely you wouldn’t want to miss any of these! The exact URL for the Challenge will be announced through Ztampf! Facebook, Twitter and Blog as soon as it is posted. Hint: it will be in SBG Challenges Forum.

We also have a fun game at SBG Contests Forum where a lot of people can get a lot of chances to win. The exact URL for the post will be announced through Ztampf! Facebook, Twitter and Blog as soon as it goes live.

Now please welcome the brand new magical ztampfuntabulous dreamy Nocturn Delights Series:

Luscious, opulent and gorgeous, this dreamy series is filled with imaginative luminous things you will find to be versatile for various themes from fantasy to summer garden parties to autumn evening gatherings to celebrations, birthdays and romance. Take a closer look and get your creative sparks ignited!

Also available as separate packs:
Nocturn Delights Kit, Nocturn Delights Ensembles Set and Nocturn Delights QuickPage Album.

Don’t forget your 50% OFF Coupon, valid on anything at Studio Ztampf! for 25 hours only – starting NOW: ztampfifthbd. Make good use of it!

Aaand… Remember to tell all your fellow Ztampf! lovers to join Ztampf!@ Facebook. When we reach 500 fans, every single member of Ztampf! @Facebook will receive an Exclusive Mini Kit not available anywhere else! We are getting closer so go on and invite your fellow Ztampf!lovers to hit this Like Button   and bring them all to Ztampf! @Facebook.

Hope to see you all at the Ztampf! 5th Anniversary Chat at SBG Chat Room this Thursday, September 16th at 9 PM US EST (in different time zone? Just use Time Zone Converter!). Don’t miss it!

Ztampfest | Ztampfever | Ztampfaqs | Behind The Scenes | Studio Ztampf! | Facebook | Twitter | Blog


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In a perfect world, I would be unveiling the new CraftyCalendar 2011 Kit here today! Alas, time flies faster than I expected it to so you’ll have to wait until the Part 2 of the Ztampfever #58 for it (and for the Special Coupon for it!). Most probably by next weekend! Meanwhile…

Have you heard about the GOLDEN OLDIES Sale at SBG running from Aug. 13th to Aug. 19th? I have released the revamped and improved Antiquest Series at 70% OFF and the mega bundle Tiny Ensembles Galore at 65% OFF – and put together a special FabulousFour Bundle at 50% OFF for you there! These are Super Saving Offers you wouldn’t want to miss:

Be sure to check them out now while the Super Saving Offer is still valid. The FabulousFOUR Bundle comes with a gift of 20% OFF Discount Coupon too! What a deal eh! Enjoy!

Do you love challenges? Have fun mix’n matching stuff from various designers with this new fun Challenge at SBG – and get a ztampfilicious Posting Bonus while at it too:

Have you seen the cool new product – Fly Rebel Fly Mini Kit?
You will get a 20% OFF coupon for the matching Template Set from Studio Dutchie with this Kit!

If you haven’t visited Ztampfilicious Blog lately, you might want to drop by to this post where I have a free QuickPage for you done with the Fly Rebel Fly Mini Kit!

Get inspired by these gorgeous layouts done by the Z!Girls – they never cease to amaze me with their creativity! Do you have layouts done exclusively with Ztampf! products that you particularly love? I would love to see them! Email me and I’ll feature them in the Ztampfilicious Blog!

Visit SBG Blog on Monday, August 16th (US Time) – it is Studio Ztampf! Play Day over there and you will get to play with a little something I have prepared for you! So be sure to visit it and enjoy the small but ztampfilicious gift :).

Aaand… Remember to tell all your fellow Ztampf! lovers to join Ztampf!@ Facebook. When we reach 500 fans, every single member of Ztampf! @Facebook will receive an Exclusive Mini Kit not available anywhere else! We are getting closer so go on and invite your fellow Ztampf!lovers to Ztampf! @Facebook.

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Have you heard? As part of SBG 7th Anniversary Celebration, the Studio Girls are offering irresistible Golden Oldies that you wouldn’t want to miss! You will really get a lot for your precious bucks! Come and see what I have put together for you in Studio Ztampf!

The timeless Antiquest has been revamped and improved to give you even more goodies and options: The Antiquest Add-On Kit is now included in the Antiquest Kit which has been revamped and improved. The popular Antiquest AlphaSet now has separate 5 various stitches so you can use the alpha with and without the stitches. Plus, you can combine or mix’n match the stitches for an even more varied looks! This Package Saving also includes newly composed Ensembles and QuickPage Album Sets.

The Antiquest is great for various themes including spring, babies, romance, weddings, anniversaries, heritage and more! You will have a lot of fun and pleasant surprises in using this sort of DIY kit! 17 of the 22 papers are ‘solid’ with the subtle fabric-like texture. With the 10 unique overlays provided, you can create many ‘patterned’ papers. Mix’n match them, play with the transparency levels, get creative – you’ll be rewarded with uniquely yours patterned papers! Likewise, you can put together your own unique elements by dressing them up with the crystal and pearl jewels provided, or combine two or more elements together. Take a look at the Ensembles and QuickPage to see some samples.

And now it is on SUPER SPECIAL 70% OFF for the Golden Oldies through 19.08.2010 only! So don’t miss it!

But wait… I have two more SUPER SPECIAL OFFERS for the Golden Oldies:

These Tiny Ensembles and QuickPages are versatile with timeless designs to use for card-making, mini albums, hybrid crafts and even 12″x12″ layouts too! So here they are – made available for everyone who wants these versatile little gems in one huge bundled saving! And yes, just for the Golden Oldies it is now 65% OFF! It’s a fabulous steal that you will find many uses for!

Finally, for those new to Ztampf! who wanted a taste before jumping in, here is the FabulousFour Bundle – another fantastic steal at 50% OFF (PLUS a gift of 20% OFF Discount Coupon!) which is available ONLY during the Golden Oldies, that is from now through August 19th. So make sure to check it out!

These ever popular kits happened to be some of my all time favorites too. There are ample of unique and versatile beautiful things in these kits that you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again:

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody Kit
  2. Phrench Phoebe Kit
  3. China Blue Kit
  4. Ghostown Page Overlays Set

Complementing products for each kit are also available: AlphaSets, Ensembles, QuickPage Albums – plus Accents Pack and Paper Pack for Ghostown.

OK, NOW you can go Ztampf!Shopping ;)