May 17th, 2012

In case you have been wondering why I have been very quiet lately, well… I am participating in a group exhibition put together as an accompaniment show for the ARTHK12, featuring works by contemporary Indonesian artists: Earthly Evocations. My interactive art installation “Freedom Is A Collaborative Effort” is part of this show which opens in about 30 minutes from now! Exciting!


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6 Responses to “Opening Tonight!”

Susan aka suslyn Says:

Fabulous!! Oh I hope you have a great time. Hope you have a ton of folks come too.


Susan aka suslyn Says:

“To set freedom in motion, all one has to do is make the effort to reach out and pull.” I love it.

You know, that’s quotable! :)

Thanks for sharing

Lynn Says:

Fantastic, Fhung! I hope that the night was all that you wanted.

Fhung Says:

Thanks so much, Susan :) The opening was a blast! I shall post some photos when I have the chance later!

Fhung Says:

Glad you like it, Susan! Thanks to the curator, Ms. Valerie C. Doran who wrote about it so beautifully :)

Fhung Says:

Thanks, Lynn – the opening night was fantastic! Will post some photos when I have the chance!

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