January 20th, 2012

Yes, I know it’s getting so late – but it’s better late than never!
I have been plagued with some serious computer problems which has really slowed things down a lot for me. Hence the late arrival of the Dragon! But yes, there is still time yet!

Let’s start with the Enter The Dragon HongBao Set first:

There is still time to make some really gorgeous and unique personalized Hong Bao for this Chinese New Year! Get it now!

The Enter The Dragon Kit, QuickPage Album and Ensemble Set will be released A.S.A.P. So watch out!

Enjoy and Happy New Year! May the benevolent year of the Dragon will bring you and your loved ones much joy and success!


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2 Responses to “Enter The Dragon Hong Bao”

susan aka suslyn Says:

wonderful! I still haven’t mailed my xmas cards (dated 2011, of course!), so I think I’d better forgo this. I sure hope the Chinese greetings are in the kit (hint hint LOL)

Fhung Says:

Yes, Susan – the greetings in Chinese are included as indicated on the preview :) And thanks, glad that you like it :)

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