October 13th, 2011

I relocated to Hong Kong in January 2001 and in March 2001, I moved to a studio apartment in North Point. It’s a tiny apartment with awkward nooks but I love it! I furnished it 99% with stuff from IKEA – some of which I am still using in my current home in Discovery Bay, a decade later. This is how my studio apartment looked like on March 12th 2001. If you are an IKEA fan, you would recognize most of the things here:

The Wilma Curtains from IKEA was used to divide the bedroom from the rest of the apartment. March 2001.

I packed the Wilma Curtains and kept it in the storage when I moved in to a bigger apartment with my then fiancé (now belovedst husband). Recently, we decided that we need a curtain in our living room to provide more privacy. We wanted something light and airy and my thoughts went to the Wilma Curtains. I took them out from the storage and washed them. Then I went to Sham Shui Po to get a selection of pretty lace. And here’s what I did with them:

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The ‘new’ Belaced Wilma on our window now:

Sewn with different colored threads. I need to practise more to sew in perfect straight lines...


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6 Responses to “Belaced Wilma”

Jenna Says:

Ohhh those are beautiful, love how you were able to reuse something and make it new again.

Fhung Says:

Thanks, Jenna! I dislike wasting things – so I always try to find way to reuse and up-cycle things :). Glad that you think they’re beautiful :).

Sandy_in_MD Says:

They are so pretty – light & airy – love them!

Fhung Says:

Thanks, Sandy :). I’m now thinking of making a long summer skirt with similar look!

Carolyn Says:

They look lovely Fhung. And the sewing looks straight to me!

Fhung Says:

Thanks, Carolyn! The sewing looks straight in the photo because the worse part is near the top before I realized how wonky they have gotten! :). Well, in person it doesn’t readily visible indeed – especially when the wind is actually blowing ;).

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