January 24th, 2011

So… As you see now, I have just made some changes to Ztampfilicious Blog :). The design has never been changed from the day this blog went live in 2007. It’s about time for a new look, don’t you think? Well, here it is!

I’d like to keep the free-flowing feel from the previous look, so I decided to use is as the base and then changed the color scheme, images and tweaked some details and coding as well. Tell me how do you like this new look!

New to Ztampfilicious Blog? Here’s how the old one looked like – which one do you like better?

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5 Responses to “Fresh New Look”

susan aka suslyn Says:

Like ’em both. I was just playing with the kit with the beads in it last night LOL

like the addition of the dancers here

but like your photo on the other page too

Carolyn (Amson) Says:

This looks wonderful Fhung!

Lynn Says:

Love the new look! And in your favorite color, right? It really captures your artistic flair.

Karlene Says:

Love the new look! My favorite color & kit! I do like the ribbons & charms from the other one, too.

Tracy Anne Little Says:

Absolutely love it Fhung, it looks fabulous fresh and fantastic!!!

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